Quicken Vs QuickBooks- Which One Is Best For You?

When it comes to the best business accounting software, these two names quicken and QuickBooks have a very good name in the market. So if you are confused that which financial management software is good for your business. We are here to help you by providing a detailed comparison of Quicken vs QuickBooks

Who Will Win The Battle Quickbooks Or Quicken In Terms Of Providing Better Services?

What Is QuickBooks?

It is the most popular software for managing small business accounting. It is used for managing income and expenses and to keep track of the financial health of a business. This software is used for invoicing customers, generating reports, paying bills, and preparing taxes. 

What Is Quicken?

Quicken is financial software that tracks your account balances, personal budgeting, transactions investments, loans, and any other thing which is related to your personal finance. This software was developed in 1982 and has built a name in the market for managing personal finances.

Brief Introduction About Quicken  

  • According to this Quicken review, it is suitable for managing your own finances and for family. 
  • Good for new & small businesses which have only requirement of one tool to track personal and business finances. 
  • A person who owns rental property and wants to manage leases and collect rent online. 

Brief Introduction About QuickBooks 

  • This software is best for those who want to keep their books separate from personal finances. 
  • A person who needs advanced financial reporting in terms of sales, inventory, etc.

Quick Comparison Between QuickBooks And Quicken 

Basis of comparison Quickbooks Quicken
Best ForBest for book-keeping activities and quarterly tax estimation Quicken is suitable for planning, budgeting, and investment tracking 
Year OF Establishment 19981983
Pricing Structure Self-employed – $15 per
Simple Start – $25 per month Essentials – $50 per month
plus – $80 per month
Advanced – $180 per month
Starter – $35.99 per yearDeluxe –  $46.79 per yearPremier – $70.19 per yearHome & Business – $93.59 per yea
Trial Period 30 days trial period 30 days free trial 
Free VersionNot available Not available 
Deployment Type mac, windows, desktop, Linux, iPhone, Android, iPad mobile, cloud SaaSMac, windows, desktop, android, iPhone, iPad, web 
Supported Languages English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese English 
Good For Small and medium-sized businesses Individuals and small scale investors 
User- Interface Not as much comfortable to operate as quicken User-friendly interface and easy to use 

Quickbooks Is Best For:-

  • Small Scale Business Owners- you can get flexible plans in Quickbooks for small business owners. It is best suitable for those who need assistance with bookkeeping and wants to focus on managing a small business. 
  • Customer Invoicing– as we know it offers full-featured double-entry bookkeeping in addition to this, QuickBooks offers excellent invoice creation and management systems. 
  • Bill management for your business– you can easily manage bills by using QuickBooks. It is easy for managing inventory purchases, and for keeping track of vendors billing and accounts to credit memos.  

Quicken Is Best For:-

  • Small Property Owners – Quicken is one of the best software for managing personal finance for small property owners. Quicken is suitable for managing five or fewer rental properties. 
  • Budgeting And Tracking Personal Expenses – It is not a double-entry software program to manage finances but it offers some features like budgeting, expense tracking, and income tracking to its users.  
  • Retirement Assets Tracking – Quicken is the best software in case your investments are intended for retirement. It provides you monthly to yearly projections which can help you to make a better investment outcome. 

Pricing Structure Of Quicken Vs QuickBooks 

Quicken offers four products to manage your finances. To understand the difference between quicken and QuickBooks, Let’s discuss all the plans for different products respectively which help you to find which one is the best one according to your need. 

Quicken’s pricing plan
Quicken Deluxe Price Structure 
It is one of the best and most demandable products of quicken in the market. It costs you $46.79 per year with an extra 10 % off. it is one o the demandable product because it professionally manages your money. 

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Quicken premier price structure 
By using quicken premier you can professionally maximize your finances & investments. If we are talking about its price structure it will cost you $70.19 per year. It offers extensive features to manage personal finances. 

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Quicken Home & Businesses 
The price of quicken home and business costs you $ 93.59 per year which is quite less in comparison to other budgeting management software. Quicken also provides you 30 days free trial period on its products. It is most suitable for individuals and small businesses to manage finances. 

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Quicken Starter Price Structure 
Quicken starter plan costs you $35.99 and you can access all the amazing features just by paying this little amount. It is suitable for professionally organizing your finance.
Quickbooks Price Structure 
Simple start
By buying this pack you can start your business by spending only $142 per year. you will also get 30 days free trial and features like tracking income & expenses, sending custom invoices & quotes. You will also get a chance of connecting with the bank and track VAT. It can be used by one user plus your accountant.
It will cost you $224 per year to smooth the running of your business. Also, you will get 30 days trial in this package. You can also access the features like tracking income & expenses, sending custom invoices & quotes. Even you can connect to your bank and track VAT, insights & reports, multi-currency, management of employees. It comes for three users plus your accountant.
This plan is suitable for growing your business and it will cost you $ 304 per year. It offers 30 days free trial in between you can explore the features. You can track income& expenses, send custom invoices & quotes.

Connect your bank, track VAT. Even you can also manage employees, make insights and reports, multi-currency, track inventory, projects, and locations, manage a budget. It comes for five users plus your accountant.

Advantages And Disadvantages Comparison Between Quicken And QuickBooks

Advantages Of Quicken
  • Single tool to control budgeting and investment– It offers many tools compared to others like mint and personal capital. If you are choosing the right version of quicken you can take advantage of the robust management option. 
  • Bill-tracking and remainder– You will get generally bill reminders from many of the credit card and utility companies. Here you can get one benefit is this, you can move all in the same interface by using quicken. 
  • Built-in debt reduction tools – Quicken has built-in tools which will help to reduce your debt. It will help you to project out the impact of extra debt payments which includes your savings in interest as well.
Disadvantages Of Quicken
  • Single tool to control budgeting and investment– It offers many tools compared to others like mint and personal capital. If you are choosing the right version of quicken you can take advantage of the robust management option. 
  • Not smooth interfaces– when we are talking about quicken interface, it is not as intuitive as some budget tools interfaces are. 
Advantages Of QuickBooks
  • Large support network- QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software. This means if you don’t want, you may not have to contact to manufacture directly. In addition to this, you can establish a network with other users via QuickBooks forums. 
  • Low cost- it is less expensive than hiring a bookkeeper or accountant. The cost of using QuickBooks is not as much, even it gives you better results. 
  • Security- suppose if you are using the online version of QuickBooks in place of using a premise software program, in this case, you are running the risk of exposing important financial information to hackers. 
Disadvantages Of QuickBooks
  • Need to upgrade– you may notice that you outgrow the basic version of this software over time. In case you need an upgrade, you need to spend more money on it. 
  • Not available in-app- QuickBooks is not coming in the form of an application to use. This is one of the major cons of QuickBooks as many of the users are not able to use this software just because of this issue. 

Customer Reviews On Quicken vs QuickBooks 

Customer reviews are one of the important factors while comparing two software. We jotted down these reviews from the daily users of accounting software. 

Quicken review 

According to customer reviews, quicken is rated one of the highly demandable platforms. While picking up accounting software, this is a very important factor to consider. Due to its reasonable prices, and extensive features many people like it. Some of the users also said negative review creates issues sometimes while connecting with these- party apps. 

Quickbooks reviews

When we are considering QuickBooks, the customer says that it comes with a lot of features that automate their most complex accounting tasks. It also offers integration of third-party apps to streamline the process and make take easy. If we consider QuickBooks negative reviews, its prices are too high which makes it inaccessible to many users. 

After comparing both the financial software, we found that customers are more likely inclined towards quicken in comparison to QuickBooks.

Features comparison between QuickBooks vs Quicken 


Features Simplifi by quicken Starter DeluxePremier Home & business
Connect With Accounts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 
Tracking Of Categorizing Spending Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 
Availability Of Mobile Application Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 
Unpaid Bills Tracking Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 
Freephone Support NoYes Yes Yes Yes 
Loans And Investment Tracking Yes NoYes Yes Yes 
Tools To Make Investment Decisions Yes NoNoYes Yes 


Self-employedSimple start EssentialsPlusAdvanced 
Double-entry bookkeeping NoYesYesYesYes
Payroll add on NoYesYesYesYes
Manage sales tax NoYesYesYesYes
Tracking of unpaid bills NoNoYesYesYes
Tracking of inventory NoNoNoYes Yes
Advanced reports NoNoNoNoYes 
Separate business & personal expenses Yes NoNoNoNo

Final Conclusion

After studying all the important factors of comparison of quicken vs QuickBooks, we found that many people like quicken to use as compared to QuickBooks as it is more affordable and offers extensive features as well. 

On the other side, some people also like QuickBooks. So it depends upon you that identify what is your need, then choose according to that which software is best suits you.