One smart way for traders to participate in the financial market is to trade penny stocks. Penny stocks, also referred to as small-cap stocks, nano-cap stocks, micro-cap stocks, or OTC stocks, are common shares of small companies and they trade generally below $5 per share. For those who have a bit longer in the stock industry, at some points you may have heard about Tim Sykes, a force to be reckoned with. Asides from Tim being an excellent trader and mentor, he strongly believes in showing proofs via actions. Hence, he lives an ostentatious life. Most of his pictures on Instagram features him in flashy cars, luxury houses, global tour, wads of cash, and many more. Alongside with this, Tim coaches people on how to successfully analyze and trade penny stocks. In return, a lot of his students have also become millionaire traders.

Due to his flamboyant lifestyle on social media, some critics tend to assume that he does that to lure students to his training programs to make profits and then leave them hanging. However, Tim has claimed such statements to be false, which in the real sense of it, he had always been trading since his college days at Tulane University. In a span of 20 years, Tim has built a giant financial empire for himself, all from trading penny stocks. His students are testimonies to his years of hard work and experience.

Who Is Tim Sykes?

Tim Sykes is a self-made millionaire, whose current net worth is a result of his long years of penny stock trading. Tim’s rise to financial success all started from the money that was given to him by his parents – $12,415 in Bar Mitzvah money. The aim of their actions was to teach Tim a valuable lesson on being financially prudent. However, Tim had a different view of it. He saw it as an opportunity to trade the stock market. He began with the regular stocks but after a period of being financially unproductive, he switched to trading penny stocks. This was where his journey to financial freedom began. Via penny stocks, Tim capitalized on the short burst of momentum generated by trending penny stocks. He found out more efficient and effective ways to trade penny stocks and turned $12,415 into $1.65 million. Currently, Tim’s trading profits generated stands at over $5 million. As time progressed Tim Sykes developed a training program that teaches traders how to successfully trade penny stocks.

Tim Sykes’s Trading Strategy

Surprisingly, Tim Sykes’s trading strategy is quite simple than most people imagine. However, a great deal of self-discipline is needed to execute such a strategy. His strategy is developed mainly from technical analysis. However, he also keeps in mind, the fundamental factors that can affect the stock market like economic news. Most of the time, Tim is not concerned with the underlying business of the stock he is dealing with. He has more of a trader’s approach to the penny stock market than an investor’s approach. An investor will take into account the business behind the assets and how valuable both would be in the long run, then purchase with the hope that such asset would increase in value over time. Tim’s approach to trading penny stocks is quite different. He is able to spot stocks that are already in motion, buys them as soon as the momentum is generated, and short-sells them prior to the momentum falling. That being stated, Tim doesn’t hold a position for a long period of time – at most, it could be a couple of hours.

In as much as this is simple to understand, many traders get attached to their winning stocks and hold on to them, till the momentum drops and the value of their stocks crash, causing them to lose their profits. With Tim’s tough-love mentoring style, one becomes unemotional to market reactions – which is really beneficial to those who truly want to succeed as stock traders. Factors such as fear and greed are well curtailed. With Tim, short-selling penny stocks is a walk in the park, despite claims from other traders on how impossible it is to short-sell penny stocks.

Training Programs And Price Plans

Tim’s comprehensive programs and training content show how passionate he is towards imparting knowledge to other traders on how to profit as a penny stock trader. His is keen on traders becoming financially independent, which makes him go all the way out to make it happen. Definitely, his courses are structured based on the levels of trading expertise and budget. However, you can access his YouTube channel if you want free trading content. But if you are keen on a more mapped-out learning experience, there are three educational levels you can take advantage of. They include Tim’s Alerts, PennyStocking Silver, and Tim’s Challenge, otherwise known as Millionaire Challenge.

Tim’s Alert is the basic training level that is available on Tim Sykes’s educational platform. It has a price plan of $74.95 per month, but you can get a 24% discount if you subscribe to the annual plan. This training program provides the following features:

Access to chatroom
A watchlist containing up to 10 stocks
Real-time Email, SMS, and Trade Alerts

The PennyStocking Silver plan is ideal for new traders who need to understand how the stock market works and how a trader can effectively trade such a market. With this training program, you have access to over 6000 video library and weekly video lessons from Tim Syke. In addition to this, you have access to all the features embedded in Tim’s Alert. PennyStocking Silver comes with a price plan of $149.95 per month. However, by subscribing to the annual plan, you get 28% discount.

Finally, there’s the Tim Challenge. Just as the name implies, this educational plan is geared towards providing members with immersive training on how to trade the stock market. This program is not available to everyone. Only those who are fully committed to increasing their learning curves and sharpen their trading skills can be members of this program. It requires an application and interview process, which will be used to ascertain one’s willingness and motives for joining this program. The Millionaire Challenge is pegged at $5,000 a year. A lot of students on this program have gone ahead to generating outstanding trading profits, with some even surpassing Tim in the process. If you are willing to boost your trading career, then this program is ideal for you. If you to learn more about how you can be a part of any of the programs, please visit this link: foundersguide.com/timothy-sykes-review