Roku Won’t Connect To Internet But Other Devices Will In 2023

Are you facing the problem Roku won’t connect to internet but other devices will? It is really frustrating when other devices are working normally. 

Roku needs a high-quality internet connection and Wi-Fi. If your Wi-Fi lacking in high-quality signal and speed. It will become difficult to stream with Roku. Apart from Wi-Fi, you can face other problems associated with Roku will not connect to Wi-Fi. 

So, read this article thoroughly to know the fixes when Roku is not working. 

Why Roku Won’t Connect To Internet But Other Devices Will 2023? 

There can be various reasons behind Roku won’t connect to Wi-Fi or the Internet like Wi-Fi, poor internet, or a defect in the device. Here, are some solutions listed below that you can use for solving connectivity issues related to Roku. 

  • Reboot Your Router 
  • Check the strength of the Wi-Fi signal 
  • Review network setting 
  • Use the latest firmware and Updates 
  • Reset Your Roku Device
  • Disable VPN
  • Contact Internet Service Provider 
  • Choose a wired ethernet connection 

Reboot Your Router 

Your router often causes issues if it is connected to too many devices or too much traffic. At this point in time when Roku won’t connect to Wi-Fi. Do one thing restart your router? 

Steps To Restart Your Router 

  • First, unplug your router from the power source 
  • Wait for a few minutes 
  • Plug in your router again 
  • Now wait till the router fully reboot 
  • Connect Roku with Router again
  • It will work 

Check The Strength Of The Wi-Fi Signal 

Roku needs high-quality Wi-Fi to connect with stability. If your Wi-Fi signal is too weak and unstable then Roku will connect to internet but other devices will. To fix this issue do one thing either move your Wi-Fi near to the Roku or put Roku closer to Wi-Fi. It will improve signal strength which stabilizes the connection between Roku and the internet. 

Review Network Setting 

Always make sure that your Roku is connected to the right network with high speed. other wise, your roku won’t connect to internet but other devices will. So, check whether your Roku is not connected to another network. If this happens connect your Roku with the right network with the right ID and -password. 

Use The Latest Firmware And Updates: 

It is really important to use the latest version of the Roku won’t connect to internet but other will for this checking the latest firmware update is necessary. 

Simple and easy steps to check the latest firmware updates if Roku will not connect to Wi-Fi. 

  • Go to the Roku setting menu
  • Now select the system
  • Select system update 
  • If an update is available 
  • Follow the prompts and download the latest version 

Reset Your Roku Device To Default Setting 

Sometimes all the problems resolved relate to Roku if we set Roku to its default setting. It can also fix the connectivity issue. 

Steps To Reset The Roku Device 

  • Go to the setting menu 
  • After selecting the setting menu select the system 
  • Select the advanced setting system 
  • Select factory reset 
  • Here follow the prompts for resetting the Roku device to its default setting 

Disable VPN 

Sometimes your VPN cause connectivity issue between Roku and the internet. It is found that VPN reduces the internet so it is necessary to use a premium VPN like Surfshark vpn that shows less reduction of speed than a free VPN with security and multiple device connection.

If you want to clear this issue do one thing disable your VPN network and see if the issue is solved or not. But if you don’t to disable VPN you can use a premium VPN like Surfshark VPN and NordVPN that reduces the speed limit a bit as compared to a free VPN. You can use the Surfshark Kara and Nate code for getting 83% discount on plan.

Contact Internet Service Provider 

Even after following each above-mentioned steps if your roku still not working and connectivity still persists. Contact your internet provider and tell them about the internet issue you are facing. Because now only they can solve the troublesome issue related to the internet. 

Choose A Wired Ethernet Connection 

Using a wired ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi it can solve the problem of connectivity issues related to Roku. But remember that Roku devices do not come with an ethernet port or adapter so you have to buy the adapter separately. You can buy it from Amazon on other sites. 

How Do I Fix It When My Roku Tv Is Not Finding Antenna Channels In 2023?

Try to Update and restart your Roku device if it is unable to find antenna channels. After restarting rescan channel. If this issue persists even after updation and restart put your TV closer to the window. 

Why Roku Express Won’t Connect To Internet or Wi-Fi?

why roku won't connect to internet or wifi


If your  Express Roku won’t connect to the Internet or Wi-Fi check your router whether it is off or on also check if the router cable is loose or not. Next step put your and Roku at closer distance. It will solve the problem. 

Why Roku Won’t Connect To Internet After Factory Reset? 

If your Roku won’t connect to internet after factory reset, go and disable network pings it will help you solve this problem. 

Steps To Disable Network Ping

  • Go to Setting 
  • Then network
  • Advance setting 
  • disable network 

Why Onn Roku Tv Won T Connect To Wi-Fi? 

If Onn Roku won’t connect to Wi-Fi do one thing power off and on both router and TV simultaneously. If the issue still exists try to restart the router and TV. Don’t forget to check loose cables as well. 

Hisense Roku Tv Won’t Connect To Internet or Wi-Fi? 

If Hisense Roku Tv won’t connect to Wi-Fi reset the system setting. Please go through the steps if you want to connect to Wi-Fi first go to settings> system> advance setting > reset network connection> press ok. You will able to connect with Wi-Fi after following these steps. 

Why Is Philips Roku Tv Not Connecting To Wi-Fi? 

There can be many reasons behind Philips Roku won’t connect to the Internet or Wi-Fi. Some of the solutions to solve this issue are listed below so, go through them. 

  • Put Philips Roku TV closer to Wi-Fi. 
  • Restart your TV and Router 
  • Make sure latest version of Roku

Why Is My Roku Won’t Connecting To Wi-Fi But Everything Else Is?

If your Roku won’t connect to the internet but other devices will go and reset Roku. If all your devices are working well and the internet speed is also good you can try one thing reset Roku. For resetting Roku follow the simple steps 

  • Go to setting 
  • Then go to the system 
  • Click on the advanced system 
  • Factory reset 
  • Roku resetting done 

Why Is My Roku Blinking And Not Connecting To Wi-Fi?

Roku blinking is a clear indication of connectivity issues. To fix this issue disconnect Roku from the internet wait and reconnect again. If the issue is as it was before reconnection try to connect with another network.  

How Do I Fix It When My Roku Won’t Turn On?

If your Roku won’t turn on check all the cables and remember to use the original cable that comes to your Roku device. If the issue still occurs disconnect the roku from the power source then reconnect it again with the power outlet


In simple words, there can be many reasons behind Roku won’t connect to internet but other devices will. So, to fix this connectivity issue you can follow the steps mentioned in this blog. However, if the problem still exists evey you have applied each step for fixing Roku issues. The last thing you can opt for is contact to Roku support and your internet service provider. 

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