Stores That Accept Cash App Payments In 2024

Cash App has become one of the most popular mobile payment apps, allowing users to easily send and receive money. People can easily pay at stores that accept cash app. While it started out as a peer-to-peer payment platform, Cash App can now be used to make purchases at a growing number of retailers. 

Cash App can now be used to conveniently pay for purchases in-store and online. Major stores accepting Cash App payments. With Cash App’s integration across large retailers and smaller local stores, it has become a versatile mobile payment option for shoppers and businesses alike. Here we have mentioned some stores that use cash app and accept payments.

What Stores Accept Cash App Payments?

Any store that accepts Visa cards will accept cash app payments. Here is an overview of major stores that accept Cash App payments.

Walmart: Seamless Shopping At Walmart

Walmart allows customers to use Cash App to pay for purchases in its stores. Through a partnership with Cash App, Walmart integrated the payment platform’s functionality into its mobile app. You can pay or receive payments at the store through the cash app.

Whole Foods: Elevate Your Culinary Experience

Amazon-owned Whole Foods is another major chain that accepts Cash App. Similar to Walmart, you can pay with Cash App through the Whole Foods mobile app during checkout. Whole Foods is a market of grocery stores that accept cash app. You can do quick and easy transactions on Whole Foods through cash apps.

Regal Cinemas: Seamless Entertainment, Instant Payments

For movie-goers, Regal Cinemas has integrated Cash App into its mobile app and website. When purchasing movie tickets online or concessions in-theatre, you can select Cash App as the payment method to instantly complete transactions using your Cash App balance. This is an easy way to skip lines and avoid carrying cash when going to the movies.

Game Stop: Level Up Your Gaming Gear

Gamestops is the largest consumer electronics and gaming merchandise retailer stores that accept cash app. It allows people to pay for the purchase of games and other products. This provides a quick payment option for gamers looking to shop at GameStop without using cards or carrying cash.

7-Eleven: Instant Convenience In Every Transaction

7-Eleven is a chain of convenience stores that uses cash app. By partnering with Cash App, 7-Eleven integrated the mobile payment platform into its stores to provide more checkout options for customers. When you are shopping at 7-Eleven, cash app checkout options are a convenient way to pay for purchases.

Target: Shop Smarter At Target With Seamless Payments

Go to any Target checkout or self-checkout lane and choose Cash App as your payment method. Scan the generated barcode and confirm the amount on your phone’s Cash App to complete the purchase.

Lowe’s: Your Home Improvement Companion!

Add your Cash App card to the Lowe’s App wallet or select Cash App when checking out online. You can then use those funds to pay for home improvement items.

Nordstrom: Where Fashion Meets Convenience!

Nordstrom is known for its fashion retailer stores that accept cash app. Shop online at Nordstrom and select Cash App as the payment option during checkout to use your linked card.

Uber: Your Journey, Your Way, Your Payment Choice!

Within the Uber app, add your Cash App card as a payment option for rideshares. Easily request a ride and pay from your Cash App balance.

Lyft: Rise Easy Pay Effortlessly

Similar to Uber, Lyft customers can add their Cash App as a payment method for rides. Pay conveniently right on the app.

iTunes/App Store: Discover Download Pay With Cash App

Add an Apple gift card purchased via Cash App to your account and use it to make app, music, and other iTunes purchases. You can pay through cash app without a card like you get money off apple pay without card.

Netflix: Your Entertainment, Your Terms!

Cash App users can link their accounts to pay their Netflix monthly subscription. Add Cash App as the payment method and enjoy lots of entertainment without entertainment.

DoorDash: Order In With Seamless Convenience!

DoorDash is a food delivery service that enables users to order meals from local restaurants through a user-friendly mobile app. Load your Cash App card into DoorDash to easily pay for food delivery orders placed on the app.

GrubHub: Delivering Flavours With Effortless Convenience!

GrubHub is another food delivery app that lets you add Cash App as the payment method for meals. Users can easily browse menus and order food for delivery or pickup through Grubhub’s website and app.

Hulu: Stream More, Pay With Ease

You can manage your Hulu account settings and change the payment method to your Cash App in order to stream shows and movies.

Youtube: Where Entertainment Meets Effortless Payment

Cash App can be connected to pay for YouTube Premium subscriptions allowing ad-free viewing. Youtube is considered in online stores that accept cash app.

Spotify: Groove To The Beat, Pay With Ease

Pay for your Spotify Premium membership using Cash App either on the web player or in the Spotify app.

Xbox Store: Powering Your Gaming With Effortless Payments

Xbox allows you to add your Cash App info to purchase games, movies and make in-game transactions.

Steam: Steam Up Your Gaming

Connect your Cash App to Steam to conveniently purchase PC games and in-game items with your balance.

Twitch: Stream, Support Fuel Your Passion

Support streamers by using Cash App subscriptions and tips as well as paid channel access.

Starbucks: Elevating Your Coffee Experience With Seamless Payments

Starbucks is the world’s largest coffeehouse chain known for its speciality coffee drinks, food menu, and comfortable cafe atmosphere. Find QR codes at the store and pay for your coffee and snacks.

Chipotle: Serving Up Taste And Convenience

Add your Cash App card on the Chipotle app or website to pay for burritos and more online or in-store.

Subway: Fresh Subs, Instant Payments

Subway is a fast-food restaurant franchise that primarily serves made-to-order sandwiches and salads. It is one of the stores that accept cash apps Select the Cash App option on a Subway self-order kiosk and scan your app to pay for subs.

Burger King: Satisfy Your Cravings With Effortless Payments

You can use a Cash App card loaded with your balance to order food online or through the BK app.

Tim Hortons: Brewed To Perfection, Paid With Ease

Tim Hortons is a popular Canadian coffee and doughnut chain known for its coffee, baked goods, sandwiches, and other fast food menu items. Tim Hortons allows Cash App payments online or in-store through displayed QR codes linked to the app.

This list covers an extensive range of both large chains and local businesses confirmed to take Cash App payments based on company announcements, first-hand reports, and merchant info.

There are more stores that accept cash app classified in categories. Go through the list mentioned below to explore more stores based on your convenience.

Grocery & Convenience Stores

  • Kroger
  • Safeway
  • Albertsons
  • Traders Joe’s
  • Circle K

Restaurants & Cafes

  • Mcdonald
  • Tacobell
  • Dominos
  • Pizza Hut
  • Baskin Robins

Entertainment & Leisure

  • AMC Theatre
  • Fandango
  • PS Store
  • Sling TV
  • Sound Cloud

Retail & E-commerce

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Lululemon
  • American Eagle
  • Forever 21

Apps & Tech

  • American Airlines
  • Greyhound
  • Airbnb
  • Venmo
  • Paypal


  • 1-800-Flowers
  • Shutterfly
  • Fanatics
  • Poshmark
  • United Way

How To Pay At Stores That Accept Cash App?

Here are easy and simple stages to pay at stores using the cash app. Go through the instructions given below and make your payment convenient.

  • Open the cash app.
  • Create an account on the app.
  • Go to the payment section.
  • Scan the QR code.
  • Enter the amount to pay
  • Approve the payment.

If the payment got successful, congratulation you have learned to pay at stores with the cash app.

Where Can I Add Money To The Cash App?

Where cn i add money to the cash app

If your cash account money has finished then go to the nearest stores that accept cash app. Go to the payment section, and tell the cashier to load funds to your cash app. Show the QR code to the Cashier, he will scan your QR and load funds to your app. After that, you will have to pay the amount to the cashier who deposited the amount in your cash app.

Can I Use Cash App Without Card Or Bank Account?

Yes, you can use the cash app at the store without a card for the transaction. If you don’t have a bank account still you can add money to your cash app and pay through it. Use the app at stores that accept cash app.

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Is It Safe To Pay With Cash App In Stores?

Yes, Cash App has secure encryption technology to protect all transactions and payments. You just visit nearby stores that use cash app and do your shopping securely.

Are There Any Fees To Use Cash App At Businesses?

No, there are no fees for consumers. Only businesses pay a small percentage fee per transaction.

How Can I Find Stores That Take Cash App Near Me?

The Cash App site has a merchant directory. You can also look for the Cash App logo at checkout or on storefront windows.

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