7 Things That Make Apple Computers So Popular

Looking to buy a MacBook and want to switch to macOS? Well, people usually do not change platforms unless they have read or experienced something out-of-the-box. So here are the best 7 things that make Apple computers popular among users. When you move from Windows to macOS or vice-versa, there are several reasons behind that.

So, let’s identify the reasons that compel you to buy a MacBook, despite being heavily priced. 

List Of 7 Best Things That Make Apple Computer So Popular

Here are some things by which Apple computers become popular

  • M1 Chips
  • User Experience
  • App Availability
  • Reliability
  • Portability
  • Durability
  • Battery Life

Let’s describe them one by one and know about them briefly.

M1 Chips

Apple’s proprietary M1 chip is a revolutionary inclusion that delivers powerful performance. MacBooks integrating M1 processors are outperforming some top-notch Windows computers with even higher specifications. 

Not only are the new M1 MacBooks quieter than their rivals, but they are reliable and high-performing while handling multiple apps altogether. So, if you are involved in video editing tasks or a lot of gaming, the M1 MacBook is the ultimate choice. 

User Experience

When you are using your laptop for handling office-related tasks, you would require a device that displays speed, performance, stability, functions, and looks. MacBooks are amazingly sleek devices built using state-of-the-art innovative technology that gives them an edge. 

Apart from the outer appearance of the device, the operating system is self-descriptive and easy to learn even by novice users. Although you may not feel any major difference when switching from Windows, several functions need time to get acquainted. 

App Availability 

Working on a MacBook means having access to plenty of apps developed exclusively by Apple. The sophisticated apps are available to download on macOS, and you can sign in to the Apple Store using your Apple ID. 

Most importantly, the apps and associated data sync seamlessly across devices which simplifies your work. Moreover, you get suitable tools to uninstall apps that leave no residue and remove data and files that are unnecessarily consuming storage. 


When you buy a computer with Windows, the device and the operating system are designed and developed by different manufacturers, which makes several features incompatible. That’s not the case with the MacBooks, as both the hardware and software components are designed by Apple. 

So, when you buy a MacBook, you get access to awesome apps designed exclusively by Apple. No compatibility issues exist as you get the products that are supported by macOS. More to it, you get better performance as the software is developed after analyzing the hardware capabilities. 


MacBooks are portable and easy-to-carry devices, and the credit goes to their design and dimensions. The lightweight MacBooks are highly portable, and you can take them anywhere when working from a remote location. 

With the latest M1 MacBooks, Apple has tried to add versatility to the device so that the users can work right from anywhere. Not only size but battery charging is also another aspect that decides the portability aspects of the device. 


Apple devices demand huge investments when buying any product, but they prove to be durable in the long run. MacBooks are designed entirely with aluminum, due to which they are lighter in weight and long-lasting. 

Durability is not something that applies to all devices. The way each user handles the MacBook decides how long the device can stay in its best shape and function appropriately. So, it’s important to handle digital devices with care to yield long-term functional benefits. 

Battery Life

MacBooks can stay operational for 12 to 14 hours without charging. Isn’t that amazing? Well, the battery life can be improved by tweaking several settings and changing app permissions. Minimizing visual effects such as brightness or color settings can improve the battery. 

If your profession involves travel or you need to attend a lot of meetings with clients, buying a MacBook can make a difference. You are unlikely to run out of battery, provided that you fully charge the computer before leaving for a meeting. 

Tips to Consider When Buying a Laptop 

As we all know that Apple products have changed the world. But when you are spending a considerable amount on purchasing a MacBook or any other Apple computer, make sure you know and understand a few things. 

Macs Are Non-Upgradable

New Apple computers are non-upgradable, so make sure to decide the configuration considering the kind of work you will be using the system for. 

You can buy an optimal computer integrating storage, RAM, processor, and other specifications you want at the time of purchase. Upgrading any hardware component later is either impossible or cost-intensive. 

Do Buy AppleCare+

Buying a MacBook is an expensive affair; repairing any of the components later can shake your budget. Replacing hardware parts without a warranty involves huge costs that can make a hole in your pocket. 

So, consider buying AppleCare+ at the time of purchase for coverage extending to three years. You can purchase AppleCare+ within the first year of purchase.

Gamers Must Opt for Alternatives

If you are an avid gamer and want to buy a laptop specifically for gaming, avoid investing in MacBook or any other Apple product. You might not get as many apps, features, and functions as you will get in Windows. 

The gaming options are limited, and due to limited specs and non-upgradable features, Apple computers are not an optimal choice for gamers.

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