Virtual Machine For Mac 2023 – 5 Best Mac VM Software

A virtual machine is software that allows us to run any other operating system on your mac devices. There are many applications and games of different operating systems that cannot be accessed while using your mac device. 

But a virtual machine for mac helps you run any other operating system according to your need. Moreover, with its help, you can take advantage of two operating systems in one mac device.

Best Virtual Machine On Mac 2023

Plenty of Virtual Machines are there in the market that will help you run Windows or any other operating system on your Mac. However, we have analyzed and selected some of the best virtual Machines on Mac.

Here are the top 5 virtual machines for Mac:

  • Parallels Desktop For Mac- #1 virtual machine for mac
  • VMware Fusion 13-  Best VM for Intel-Based Mac
  • Windows365- virtual machines for mac to run windows
  • Cross Over For Mac- cheap Mac virtual machine
  • Apple Boot Camp-  Mac’s own virtual machine

Further, we have discussed in detail these top virtual Machines for Mac. Before moving to that section let’s understand the need for a virtual Machine for Mac to run windows, Linux, and other operating systems. 

Why Do We Need A Virtual Machine For Mac?

A virtual Machine enables you to run any other operating system alongside of MacOS. It offers many other advantages alongside. Here are some of the benefits that suggest the need for a Mac virtual Machine:

  • Virtual Machines can run multiple operating systems on your Mac. 
  • It allows you to save time and management costs. 
  • With the help of virtual Machines, sharing, backup, and recovery of data become much easier on Mac.
  • Virtual Machines also provide disaster recovery. 
  • The virtual Machine on Mac increases application performance. 
  • It even saves physical space.

5 Best Mac Virtual Machine 2023

In the article further, we have discussed in detail the 5 best virtual Machines for Mac. Read them out and analyze their pros to get an overview of the best virtual Machine for Mac in 2023.

Parallels Desktop 18 For Mac:

Parallels Desktop 18 for Mac helps you to run Windows and MacOS simultaneously on a Mac. It gives you access to the following operating systems such as Windows 11, 10, 8.1, and 7, Linux, MacOS, and more. Parallels give you the ability to download the ARM version of Windows 11.

You can easily share files and folders and contents between your Mac and Windows applications with the help of it. With Parallels, it is very easy to set up a virtual Machine for Mac. With the help of parallels, you can run Windows applications smoothly on your Mac without the fear of slowing down.

Parallels can extend battery life when not connected to a charger. It also gives you 128GB of virtual RAM. MacOS Ventura, MacOS Monterey, MacOS Big Sur 11, and many more are supported by Parallels Desktop. 

Let’s look into some more features of Parallels Desktop that make it one of the best virtual Machines on Mac:

  • Price- $99.99/year after using Parallel discount code
  • 24/7 live email and phone support. 
  • Advanced virtual networking tools. 
  • Virtual CPUs for each VM- 32vCPUs
  • Use the game controller in Windows with no setup.

VMware Fusion 13

VMware Fusion 13 is one of the best virtual Machines for Mac. It always stays in competition with Parallels Desktop in Mac virtualization. However, it is best for intel-based and Apple silicon Macs. If you have decided to buy the VMWare software for Mac devices then, you can use the VMWare Fusion coupon code to reduce the price that you saw before purchasing it. Save much money in your wallet as you can by applying the code with it.

VMware Fusion 12 To 13 upgrade on Mac is free of cost for students, personal and home use. In addition, it has added support for 8 eGPUs- which increases your graphic performance on a Mac virtual Machine. It also connects and secures apps and the cloud on Mac.

Moreover, VMware on Mac allows you to get access to Windows games. It has also developed many advanced tools that would help modern application developers and IT professionals. Along with it, you can also check out the virtualization software for Linux devices to make it easier to work as well.

  • Price- $79.99 per one-time payment. 
  • 24/7 support option. 
  • Support for external GPU. 
  • 128 GB virtual memory.
  • Can connect to vSphere 7.0.

All these features make VMware fusion one of the best Mac Virtual Machines. 


Windows365 is a cloud-based service and is arising as the best virtual Machine on Mac. It gives tough competition to both Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion 13. Windows365 creates a Windows virtual Machine on Mac. 

Windows365 easily helps you get access to premium versions of all Windows applications on your Mac. It is not only a virtual Machine for Mac but also it runs on iPad or iPhones. 

Windows365 focuses more on larger organizations than on personal use. However, it is quite expensive than other virtual Machines for mac to run windows. Here are some more key features of Windows365:

  • Price- $ 41/mo for a standard plan.
  • Additional feature- 1TB cloud storage.
  • Has a 24/7 chat support option. 
  • Protection against viruses and malware.
  • Share a subscription with upto 5 people. 

CrossOver For Mac

CrossOver Mac is a completely separate part of CodeWeavers that deals with a Virtual Machine for Mac. Basically, it runs on intel and apple silicon based Mac but can not run on iPads or iPhones. 

Without purchasing a Windows license you can use it in schools, homes, or offices on your Mac with the help of CrossOver. It offers a 14-day free trial for its first users. Moreover, the new updated version of it has added some of the games such as Cube World and Path of Exile. 

CrossOver runs most Windows applications without rebooting or installing the Windows operating system. Let’s look into some of the other features of CrossOver Mac:

  • Price- $24.00 USD
  • With 12 months of technical support. 
  • Additional feature- No lagging. 
  • Automated installation scripts. 

Apple Boot Camp

Apple Boot Camp works on dual-boot technology rather than virtualization used by another virtual Machine for Mac to run Linux or windows. Where it does not allow you to run both operating systems at the same time. But by using apple boot camp you can start your Mac either with Windows or the native Mac operating system. It allows only to run ARM-based Windows. 

Boot camp runs only for intel-based Macs and not on Apple silicon Macs, M1 or M2 Macs. It is completely free of cost for its users. Moreover, it is completely safe to use boot camp as it’s an Apple program. You need at least 64 GB of free storage to run Windows on Mac. 

Using a cloud service on apple boot camp you can share files between Windows and Mac. You can also easily run all your Windows games on Mac. Some of the other features of boot camp:

  • Price- free of cost
  • Technical support. 
  • Access to Windows software and games.
  • Provides you security
  • Provides stable performance. 


In the article above we have discussed the best 5 virtual Machines on Mac. Virtual Machine for Mac is a necessity as it allows a user to run the Windows operating system in MacOS. It gives access to Windows applications and games. 

Parallels Desktop 18 has all the key features that make it the best Mac Virtual Machine. Apple boot camp and VMware Fusion 13 provide virtual Machines free of cost for their users. While among the top 5 virtual Machines, CrossOver is the most expensive one. Windows365 provides 1 TB of free cloud storage to Mac users.

Is Virtual Machine Available For Macs?

Yes, there are many virtual Machines available in the market for Mac. Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion 13 are examples of Virtual Machine for Mac to run Windows or Linux.

Is Virtual Machine Good For Mac?

Yes, a virtual Machine is good for Mac because it allows users to run other operating systems alongside Mac. It allows you to use the applications of Windows or Linux rather than of Mac. But sometimes it slows down as of the running of two operating systems. 

Are Virtual Machines For Free?

No, you certainly have to pay an amount to get Mac Virtual Machine. Almost every virtual machine cost an amount but there are certain virtual Machines that provide free service.

Like VMware Fusion provides free service for personal, home, and student use or any other non-commercial use. 

How Much RAM Does A Mac Virtual Machine Need?

You should always have enough memory to run another operating system alongside Mac. A 8GB of free space is needed for a virtual Machine for Mac.