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In 2023, a software solution for server virtualization will emerge as a new requirement. It is used to divide physical servers into many virtual segments that can be managed independently. The best virtualization software for servers makes them more adaptable and reliable to manage.

Products of server virtualization software are commonly known as “hypervisors.” So, they are basically used by organizations to split up dedicated servers into small, independent segments called “virtual private servers” (VPS). By using VPS created by virtualization server software, you can use different operating systems on each host.

So, here we will tell you about some of the best software used for server virtualization in 2023. To analyze them thoroughly, we will analyze the various aspects of these programs.

Best Virtualization Software For Servers In 2023

With so many options for server virtualization software on the market, it can be difficult to select the best one. We’ve chosen the five best server virtualization software to make your life easier:

  • VMware vSphere- #1 Virtualization Server Software
  • Proxmox VE- Free Server Virtualization Software
  • Microsoft Hyper-V- Best For Enterprise Server Virtualization
  • Oracle VM VirtualBox- Overall Virtualization Software For Servers
  • KVM- Linux-Based Software For Server Virtualization

After testing on different servers, we have found the best software for server virtualization to be used in 2023. Before knowing more details, let’s look into the need for it.

What Is The Need Of Server Virtualization Software In 2023?

Let’s understand the need for virtualization software for servers in 2023 in more detail:

  • It helps you partition the costly dedicated servers into small virtual instances called virtual private server (VPS).
  • The virtualization of servers allows each component to act as one physical server. 
  • The VPS is more cost-friendly, and flexible to use than dedicated or shared servers. 
  • It also helps in resource management. 
  • It reduces the pressure on physically or mentally taxing task. 
  • Server virtualization  server is a great for large organisations. 

However, the best software for server virtualization organises everything virtually and rescues you. 

Best Virtualization Server Software In 2023

By the time you read this, you will know the names of the five best virtualization software for servers to be used in 2023. But how will you decide which one to select based on your requirements? However, we are here to solve your problems by discussing them in detail. So, you get to know more about this software for server virtualization and its features. Let’s read them out in detail:

VMware vSphere

VMware vSphere is the best server virtualization software to be used in 2023. It is used to partition a dedicated server into small virtual private servers (VPS). Therefore, it can be used to provide a more efficient working space, and vSphere also saves money.

VMware vSphere has two core components: ESXI, which runs the virtual machines, and vCenter Server, which manages the duties in vSphere. This is one of the best virtualization software for servers and is also great for small business organizations.

Let’s look into some more features of VMware vSphere:

  • Can perform page sharing and compression
  • Allocates storage effectively more than the actual physical space.  
  • Reliable source- because of it’s partnership with different organisations. 
  • Has built-in Virtual Machine features. 
  • Can run any Operating Systems effectively. 
  • Can access from any device. 
  • Price– starting from $995. 

Proxmox VE

Proxmox VE is open-source software used for server virtualization. It is completely free for its users. Proxmox VE is a server virtualization management system that is based on KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) for VMs and LYX (Linux Containers) for containers.

With this integrated system, you can manage virtual machines and containers easily on your server. Proxmox VE has high availability for clusters and has disaster recovery tools for your virtualized server. 

This virtualization software for servers reduces your time and cost as KVM is able to run Windows and Linux on your VMs. Proxmox VE has additional features to increase its efficiency.

Key Features of Proxmox VE:

  • Has in-built operating systems like Windows and Linux
  • Has in-built integrated graphical user interface (GUI). 
  • You can move running VMs from one Proxmox VE cluster node to another. 
  • Each host can have upto 4904 bridges
  • It offers flexible storage option. 
  • Has in-built Proxmox VE firewall
  • Price FREE

Microsoft Hyper-V

Microsoft Hyper-V is the software for server virtualization that is in-built in Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10, and you can easily download it from the control panel. It is best for enterprisebased server virtualization.

You can use Windows servers and Hyper-V containers to provide better environments for testing and development. With the help of this virtualization software for servers, you can easily create VPS.

Moreover, you would be able to manage your virtualization hosts and storage resources. The price of Hyper-V depends on the number of cores on the host you choose for your server virtualization.

Microsoft Hyper-V’s main features are as follows:

  • Hyper-V supports Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD
  • Has a single memory technique called “Dynamic Memory”. 
  • Has more complex Hyper-V’s Cluster Shared Volume. 
  • Creates a copy of the VMs for disaster recovery
  • Protects against viruses and unauthentic access
  • Additional features- storage migration, import/export, and live migration
  • Price– Depends on the number of cores on the host. 

Oracle VM VirtualBox

Oracle VM VirtualBox is a great server virtualization software that can be used in both businesses and homes. It runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, and other guest operating systems. 

This virtualization software for servers is an open-source platform that is free to use, even by professionals. VirtualBox helps you efficiently partition a dedicated server into small, independent virtual servers. 

VirtualBox also supports guest operating systems and platforms such as DOS, Windows, OS/2, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD.

Oracle VM VirtualBox Key Features:

  • It is a type 2 hypervisor
  • Runs on a 64-bit host OSes. 
  • It supports USB device, Guest multiproccessing, multiscreen resolutions, hardware compatibility and many more. 
  • Runs on operating system like Windows, macOS, Linux and others
  • Enables remote access to any running virtual machines. 
  • PriceFREE  


Kernel-based Virtual Machine is a virtualization software for servers that is built into Linux. It is also an open-source virtualization technology that can be used to create virtual servers. 

More importantly, KVM allows Linux to turn into a hypervisor, which allows it to run multiple VMs. It can convert Linux into a type-1 (bare-metal) hypervisor, which is great for server virtualization. However, it is the preferred hypervisor for enterprises.

Key features of KVM: 

  • It is a type-1 hypervisor. 
  • Has enhanced security features of SELinux sVirt
  • It supports shared file system
  • Uses a wide variety of Linux-supported hardware platforms. 
  • Supports live migration– Can move a running VM between physical hosts with no service interruption. 
  • It enables VM based apps to run with lower latency

In the preceding section, we have discussed the five best software for server virtualization. So, now let’s understand the benefits of using a virtualization server

What Are The Benefits Of Server Virtualization Software?

There are several benefits that you will get after buying the best software used for virtualization. So, here we have shortlisted some important benefits of the best virtualization software for servers:

  • Operating System Efficiency- VPS is able to run different kind of operating systems like Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS or android. Moreover virtualization server software makes VPS more Operating System efficient. 
  • Security- Software used for virtualization should be able to secure your hosting activities. However, one host should not get affected due to another. 
  • Resource Management- Unlike shared servers, they are effective. As after virtualization, VPS creates a wall between two servers and if one servers’ space fills up, it doesnot the effect the other one. 
  • Cost Effective- A VPS is way more cheaper than a dedicated server. However, not more than a shared server but is more secured than it.

What Is Server Virtualization Software?

Server virtualization software is software that divides a physical server into multiple, confined virtual servers. It allows you to run different operating systems independently.

However, one isolated virtual server does not interfere with the other one. A server’s virtualization by software also reduces the cost. 

What Are The Benefits Of Server Virtualization Software?

There are many benefits to using software for server virtualization. Some of the benefits of the best virtualization software for servers are:

  • Overall low cost
  • Less use of physical space
  • More efficient use of servers
  • Versatile platform for Operating Systems
  • Improves server reliability

What Are The Examples Of Software For Server Virtualization?

Certainly, there is much software used for server virtualization, like VMware vSphere, Microsoft HyperV, Oracle VM VirtualBox, Azure Virtual Machines, KVM, Proxmox VE, Citrix Hypervisor, IBM PowerVM, and many more.  

Which Is The Best Virtualization Server Software?

VMware vSphere is the best server virtualization software in terms of overall performance. It can be used for both homes and enterprises. However, it offers great features in terms of security. 

Conclusion- Best Server Virtualization Software

So far in this article, we have learned about the five best virtualization software for servers. Moreover, by now you know all their features in detail, which will help you select the best software for virtualization in 2023

But I would highly recommend you opt for VMware vSphere if you are looking for highquality software. But if you are looking for an open-source platform for your enterprise, then you have many options like Oracle VM VirtualBox, KVM, and Proxmox VE.

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Can Virtualization Be Done On Servers?

Yes, virtualization can be done on servers. By using server virtualization, you can easily run different operating systems on your system smoothly.

Which Software Are Commonly Used For Server Virtualization?

VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Oracle VM VirtualBox are some of the most commonly used software for server virtualization. 

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