What is a transparent proxy & how does it work? 

Technically proxy is a server that acts as a middle man between the internet and user requests. The transparent proxy also does the same thing but without modifying any requests hence the name transparent. In this article, we have explained what is a transparent proxy & how it works and its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s dive into it.

What is a Transparent proxy? 

The transparent proxies act as a mediator between your computer and the web server. It redirects your request and response without changing them. And the proxy server that changes your request is known as a non-transparent proxy. The transparent proxy is also known as inline proxy, intercepting proxy, or forced proxy. It also performs various activities while redirecting the request to a server such as caching and authentication. 

What is a Proxy Server?

Proxy server

A proxy server is a mediator between your computer device and the webserver. It redirects your request to the webserver and hides your IP address plus enables you to browse the blocked websites. 

How does a transparent proxy works?

The transparent proxy act as a middleman between a user and a web server. When the user connects to any web service, then the transparent proxy server catches the request before passing it to the webserver. It is known as transparent because it does not modify any requests. On the other hand, the server hosting service identifies that the user traffic coming from a proxy and not directly from the user. 

It is mainly used in libraries, restaurants, and public wifi places. 

Example of a transparent proxy

A person in a library wants to connect to the library wifi network. When the person or the user opens his browser then he is connected to the proxy server that manages all of the networks and communications. Seeing that it is a new user, the proxy shows a webpage in the browser taking permission to certain terms and conditions. If he accepts then the proxy takes the user’s request to the actual station.

What is transparent proxy squid?

Squid as a transparent proxy behaves as an entrance between the internet and the user. It redirects all the internet traffic from port 80 to squid proxy port.

How do I set up a transparent proxy?

It is very easy to set-up a transparent proxy by following the below step you can set up the transparent proxy.

  1. Go to the transparent mode
  2. Go to service 2 Web proxy > Administration.
  3. Click on transparent HTTP proxy and apply

What are the uses of transparent proxies?

The transparent proxies are all-rounder. We will tell you how transparent proxies are used:

  • Proxy Cache– It makes copies of the data that you have a request for on the server. And provides information even faster. 
  • Filtering Proxies- This blocks access to the webserver or websites. These are mostly used by the organization to prevent employees or users from accessing content that is unrelated to the organization. 
  • Gateway Proxies- It changes or blocks network traffic based on some specific rules. The places that offer public wi-fi usually implement gateways that require users to register or accept an agreement before they can use the services.

Advantages of a transparent proxy 

Pros of transparent proxy

There are so many benefits of a transparent proxy such as:

  • It provides high bandwidth to the users and reduces the latency.
  • Transparent proxy user does not need to go for any kind of network setting or configuration of the HTTP traffic. 
  • It makes the cache of each redirected information or traffic data. 
  • A transparent proxy hides your IP address and keeps you anonymous. 
  • It increases speed.
  • It provides you activity logging
  • Gives parental control
  • Provides security and prevents you from hacking.
  • Unlocks the blocked websites for browsing. 
  • Provides enterprises experience control over how their customer interacts with their service by routing and changing request as they come in. 
  • It makes user interaction with web services easily 

Disadvantages of transparent proxy

Cons of transparent proxy
  • Lack of authentication
  • The proxy server keeps all your details and information
  • Sometimes it provides unencrypted services.


The transparent proxy increases the efficiency and the way we interact with the web. They serve data faster through caching, filters out the unwanted content. It provides more control to business over the networks. Because of the specific advantages, it offers it is often used by Hotels/ Cafes and many other businesses. Also many people asked about what is the difference between VPN and proxy? That’s why we mentioned above about the proxy.

Hopefully, we have explained to you well what is a transparent proxy & how does it work. Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


Here are the top queries related to a transparent proxy that is asked by many users.

Q Is a transparent proxy good?

A transparent proxy is good for those users who want full privacy while accessing the internet. It offers some of the best identity protection possible. 

Q what is a non-transparent proxy?

A non-transparent proxy is a proxy that changes the request or response so as to add services to the user agent like media type transformation, protocol reduction, etc.

Q How do you know if a proxy is transparent?

It is very simple to know whether a proxy is transparent or not. Try to connect to a server you know does not exist if there is no proxy you will get to see the ordinary message in your web browser that this site can’t be reached because the IP address can not be found.