What is Kaspersky Small Office Security? Features & Benefits

Kaspersky Small Office Security is the most suitable product for small offices, which is working so hard to boost their growth. In this way, Kaspersky Small Office Security gives protection to the user and the time, which they might have spent on IT specialists.

If you are really looking forward to getting an affordable and reliable small office security service with no headache then Kaspersky is the one company you can trust on. Also, it has a simple dashboard like home use and some amazing features that helps to save your business.

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Some Amazing Features of Kaspersky Small Office Security

Actually, Kaspersky is specially designed for small commerce and has the full capacity to handle all the security loops that can be harmful to your small office. To serve the amazing protection it is also occupied with some amazing features which you can find below, Also if you want to save money on Kaspersky so you can use the Kaspersky coupon code to get extra money.

Set and Forget Security

Kaspersky Small Office Security- Set & Forget Security

Kaspersky’s small office security has the feature set and forgets security, in which you just have to configure your device at one and Kaspersky will automatically protect your device. There’s no need to make changes time by time into this, which is truly an amazing feature.

Compatibility of Multiple Devices

Kaspersky Small Office Security- Compatible of Multiple Devices

It supports all the different types of devices that are currently used by people mostly. You get the protection on your office’s PC, laptop, Mac, and windows too.

Secure Windows File Server

Kaspersky Small Office Security- Secures Windows File Server

No need to say how important a service plan is in an office. Thus you need a high protection software that never lets you down. Kaspersky Small Office Security secures your small office’s windows file server, so you can grow your business with a piece of mind.

Advance Ransomware Protection & Rollback Feature

Kaspersky Small Office Security- Protection Against Ransomware

The Internet has now become home to some very harmful programs, and Ransomware is one of them. It transmits from one system to another one and can completely destroy your small office security. Kaspersky provides security against all the advanced ransomware and also give you a rollback feature. Because of this feature, if something bad happened to your database then you can rollback your system just as it was back.

Secure Online Payment

Kaspersky Small Office Security- Safe Online payments

To handle clients and parties, almost every day you may have to use online money transactions. But using online money transactions is very unsafe nowadays because of increasing online fraud cases. Small offices are highly dependent on capitals and if an attacker stole a huge amount of your office then it will negatively affect your business. Kaspersky gives protection to your small office daily online money transaction, so it can be secure while sending or receiving money.

File Security

Kaspersky Small Office Security- File Security

Some viruses are designed to manipulate or delete the entire data of a device. Kaspersky’s office security tackles all these offline and online viruses and provides complete file security to your device.

Daily Scans

Kaspersky Small Office Security- Daily Scan

Daily scans are one of the best features of Kaspersky small office security. Because of this feature, you don’t have to scan your device manually and all the time. The software automatically performs the scan and removes harmful viruses and programs that can be dangerous for your office.

Build for Androids

Kaspersky Small Office Security- Build For Android

Because of the increasing a large number of android users, Kaspersky designed the security application that can run on android devices too. Now you can protect your small business on mobile phones too, that will save your time which you can use for your office growth.

4 Benefits of Kaspersky Small Office Security You Can’t Neglect

Don’t Distract You

Kaspersky small office security works automatically, so you don’t have to pay attention to this software. Also, it does not distract the users by notifications or messages so your employees can focus on their work. You can do your work while Small office security does protection for your office.

Protect Your Office From Stupidity of your Employees

Many employees follow the rules and regulations of the office and won’t open suspicious links. But some employees follow malicious links that could contain ransomware or other harmful programs. The software provides a backup and restores features so if something bad happens then you can rollback your device like before.

Avoids all Types of Online Scams

If you are using the internet for a while and handling mail then you also get a winning lottery mail from an unknown person, who claims to be a prince of businessmen. Also, there are many online scams that are trending and the main purpose of these scams is stealing user data. You get kind of protection on both Mac and windows too.

Account Security

Easy passwords are straightforward to break and because of this, we all made complicated passwords. As a result, many of us forget the passwords and sometimes it’s almost impossible to restore it. In the end, you may lose all the data from your office which is definitely a worst-case. Kaspersky Small office protection has a password manager that secures your account in such cases.

System Requirements for Kaspersky Small Office Security

System Requirements for Window Based PC, Laptop and Tablets

Windows file servers – processor and memory requirements

General Requirements To Run Kaspersky Small Office Security

  • You need at least 1.15 Gb of free storage on your systems hard disk
  • A good quality system processor that will support the SSE2 instruction set
  • Internet access while installing the application and after that for activation purposes
  • Internet Browsers for accessing the website for a needful activity, for example, Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or later or Any other latest browser.
  • Need any versions of Microsoft Edge on the device?
  • If you have Mozilla Firefox then its version must be 52. x – 59. x or above
  • If you have Google Chrome than its version must be versions 48.x – 64.x or above
  • Must have Microsoft Windows Installer 3.0 or later for a smooth installation process
  • Require Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or later for supporting the interface or run
  • If you want Webcam access protection then your device must support webcam features.

System Requirements for Mac-based DESKTOPS AND LAPTOPS

  • At least 1.22 GB free storage space on your device hard disk
  • Your System must have at least 2 GB of Memory (RAM) 
  • The environment should be macOS 10.12 – 10.13

If you need more details about Mac-Based System Requirements then you can visit at the official website, which is here: https://www.kaspersky.com/mac-security

System Requirements for Smartphones and tablets

  • The android environment must be 4.2 – 9.x or above
  • The minimum requirement for screen resolution is 320 x 480px

iPhone and iPad

  • iOS interface should be a minimum 9.05 or higher for best support


  • You need active internet access while installing the application and activating the application into the device. To update the device also, you need the internet so please use a high-speed network connection.
  • If you want the webcam protection feature then you can search for its availability at the following links to find a range of compatible cameras: https://support.kaspersky.com
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