Why Choose TurnKey Internet Hosting?

Why is Choose TurnKey Internet Hosting in 2024? It’s a very good question especially when there are tons of web hosting options in the market. That’s why we got this complete and most comprehensive Turnkey Internet Hosting Review 2024.

Web Hosting is a must if you want your website to be found on the internet. But choosing the right web host could be a tricker when there are a lot of hosting providers in the market. Turnkey Internet Web hosting is the right option for you in 2024. 

It is not that popular of a name when it comes to web hosting but the hosting services that TurnKey provides are impressive. 

TurnKey Internet uses new SSD disk systems with 24 plus CPUs per server with Gigabyte fast networks for better web hosting. And moreover, it provides green web hosting services

It is one of the top-notch hosting provider based in Latham, New York. Turnkey Internet has been a top player in the web hosting business for 10+ years.

Turnkey Internet offers various types of web hosting services. When we talk about features it has some of the best features for making your hosting experience better than ever. Moreover, it gives a 100% uptime guarantee

 In this article, we are going to discuss key features, types of web hosting and their prices and features, benefits and downsides of TurnKey Internet Hosting, and more. 

Types Of Hosting TurnKey Internet Offers

Best webhosting in 2020 Turnkey Internet

cPanel/Linux Hosting

Linux cPanel Hosting has two plans, C10 cPanel Hosting and Unlimited cPanel Hosting. The former starts at $ 2.49 per month and comes with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited SSD storage, 10 Domains, Free SSL, etc. And the latter starts at $ 4.99 per month. It also comes with unlimited bandwidth and SSD Storage. The only difference is that this plan comes with unlimited domains. 

Plesk/Windows Hosting

Windows Plesk Hosting has three plans, Professional, Business, and E-Commerce. The Professional and E-Commerce plan comes with 20 GB storage and the Business plan offers 50 GB storage. The professional plan starts at $ 7.99, the Business plan starts at $ 14.99, and the E-Commerce plan starts at $ 29.99. 

All the plans come with unlimited bandwidth. The professional plan offers 5 domains, the Business plan offers 10 domains, and the E-commerce plan offers unlimited domains. 

Plesk Reseller Hosting

Windows Plesk Reseller Hosting comes with three plans, Bronze, Silver, and Platinum

The Bronze plan starts at $ 24.99 per month. It comes with 20 GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, and many more features. 

The Silver plan starts at $ 29.99 per month. It comes with 40 GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, MS SQL Database 50, and many more features. 

The Platinum Plan starts at $ 39.99 per month. It comes with 60 GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, MS SQL Database 100, and many more features. 

SEO Hosting

SEO Hosting comes with three plans, SEO Hosting 1, SEO Hosting 2, and SEO Hosting 3. All of these three plans start at respectively, $ 14.99, $ 24.99, and $ 32.99. 

All the plans come with unlimited SSD storage, bandwidth, and domains. This web hosting is especially for increasing the visibility of your website in search engines. All the plans are perfect with some quality features. 

Key Features (Why Choose TurnKey Internet Hosting?)

Turnkey Internet review

Application Installer

TurnKey Internet has this very good feature that installs your favorite application with a few clicks without any fuss. Now with this parallel application installer, you can install WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc. 


With this Plesk feature, you can easily control and set up your website account. And also you can use this feature for creating websites, databases, web applications, etc. 

GlobalSign SSL

You get free SSL for one year with most of the plans of TurnKey Internet. GlobalSign SSL keeps your website super secure with a 256-bit SSL certificate. If your website is secure then all the visitors and their information are also safe. This is what makes you trusted and reliable. 

24/7 Customer Support

TurnKey Internet provides you full 24/7 technical support from the TurnKey Internet support team. Here you get one of the best customer assistance if you face any issues regarding your hosting plan then you contact the support team and your problem will be solved. 

Cloud Flare CDN

CloudFare helps you make fast global content delivery or distribution of content worldwide. It helps to increase the speed and performance of your website.  It is a very good feature for website optimization and more security. 

R1 Soft Backups

This is one of the most advanced data protection software. With this, your data is safe and fully secure always. One technical glitch or any other issues you can lose your valuable data. But R1 Soft Backup software protects your data because here you can store your data. Backup is not a problem at TurnKey Internet. 


TurnKey Internet provides full support for ASP, ASP.Net 2.0, 3.5, & 4.0, PHP 5, MySQL 5, IIS 8, MS SQL Server, etc. This feature is very impressive at Turnkey Internet Web Hosting. This is what ensures the performance of your hosting service. 

Attracta SEO Tools

You get various free SEO tools with SEO Hosting plan and Linux Hosting plan at TurnKey Internet. These tools help you increase the visibility of your website in search engine results pages. And also the traffic to your site will skyrocket. 

Windows IIS 8

IIS 8 is a very secure and flexible server for web hosting. This feature makes easier media streaming, all the web applications and many more. This is what ensures your website never stops giving you the best experience. 

SQL Server 

This feature offers full-text database searches, multiple database users, database backup from the control panel, Remote access, etc. This feature makes sure that your data is safe and secure and your website’s performance is never compromised.  

One-Click Installation 

TurnKey Internet has a one-click installation of Blogs, Forums, Files, MicroBlogs, Polls, Database Tools, CMS, Framework, etc. You can install all this software and applications in no time. All you need to do is one click and you’re done. With these one-click installations, you can download your favorite applications and software like WordPress, Joomla, etc. 

Pros (Why Choose TurnKey Internet Hosting?)

why choose Turnkey Internet Hosting

Good customer support

Before getting a web hosting service you must always check the kind of customer support that web host provides you. Sometimes you will be finding solutions with chatbots or a person who doesn’t speak your language. Customer support is one of the key aspects of TurnKey Internet Hosting Review 2024. 

However, at TurnKey Internet you not only get 24/7 technical support but you can call and talk with a real person who speaks your language and based nearby you. 

Besides the phone, you get a help desk, email support, live chats, online tutorials, etc. And the person you talk with is some of the best experts in web hosting in order to solve your problems in a jiffy. When it comes to customer assistance Turkey Internet will never let you down. 

30 Days Money-back Guarantee

TurnKey Internet gives you 30 days money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the plan you can get back your money. No questions will be asked and there will be no persuasions. 

They offer this money-back guarantee in writing. This is what makes them a reliable web hosting provider in 2024. 

100 % Uptime Guarantee (TurnKey Internet Hosting Review)

Uptime percentage is one of the key features when it comes to reviewing any web host. Uptime is what gives you an ultimate performance so your website never stops. 

TurnKey Intenet offers a 100 % network and uptime guarantee in writing in their Service Level Agreement. And it is not just words but they also prove it. 

You can see that most of the top web hosting providers don’t even give you this type of uptime guarantee with such confidence. That’s why we got this Turnkey Internet Hosting Review 2024 for you to know the truth. 

Green Web Hosting 

Besides all the positive features, TurnKey Internet uses only Green Clean Renewably Energy to power. The Green Datacenter Design of TurnKey Internet is one of the best in the world for advanced cooling techniques and technologies in order to keep the environment safe and clean. 

So we can say the web hosting services are top-class here plus they take care of the environment also for a better future.

Fast Speed

When it comes to speed you don’t have to worry about TurnKey Internet. They use some of the new advanced features and technologies to provide you ultimate speed.

Speed is everything when it comes to your high traffic website and better user experience. If your web pages do not load faster then you could lose a lot of visitors and thus revenue. 

TurnKey Internet gives you the latest SSD storage and unlimited gigabyte bandwidth and many more advanced features. The bottom line is your website will never slow down with TurnKey Internet.  

Free Migration

TurnKey Internet Hosting provides you free migration service so you could safely migrate your account. TurnKey Internet has a fully automated do-it-yourself system that makes it easy for you to migrate your account from your old hosting.  You can migrate up to 20 accounts free of charge at TurnKey Internet. You get free migration assistance at TurnKey Internet. And this is very impressive. What more you need.

Final Thoughts – (Why Choose TurnKey Internet Hosting?)

TurnKey Internet has up-to-date Hardware and Softwares in order to provide you the best possible web hosting service in the world. And we have already talked about that it is a green web hosting provider. Which makes it environment friendly also. 

We discussed all the key plans, features, and benefits of TurnKey Internet web hosting in this Turnkey Internet Hosting Review. 

And we also discussed all major types of web hosting services that Turnkey Internet provides. And we also discussed excellent uptime and customer support of it.  

Now you know why choose TurnKey Internet Hosting in 2024?