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Webtechcoupons.com welcomes new writers who want to publish guest posts. Write for us “technology” and “business” blogs are recommended to be provided. Doesn’t matter whether you are an SEO company, blogger, content writer, or social media enthusiast. If you believe that you have something valuable that is to be shared with a huge audience, there is a warm welcome on technologywriteforus@gmail.com

Contact For Write For Us Guest Post : technologywriteforus@gmail.com

For technical writers, you can write for us business blogs based on Digital Marketing, Email marketing, Utility Software, Cloud Computers, VPN, Antivirus, Gaming, And Tech News. Our platform can help you in getting high authority that can help in reaching thousands of targeted audiences around the globe.

Why Would You Guest Post With Us?

We always appreciate writers and businesses coming across with good and valuable content to publish their content with us. In return to write for us tech, we will promote your piece of content on our website. 

With Webtechcoupons.com, you can reach out wide audience that is actively and eagerly waiting for your excellent technology-related content. Thus, you can write for us on business, tech, finance, future tech, or gadgets blogs. 

Who Can Post At Webtechcupons For Write For Us Technology?

We know this is an absolute right and legit question indeed that you should ask. So the answer is everyone can use our business write for our platform to publish their guest post. We have categories into three sections, just have a look below:

  • Those who genuinely want to enhance their brand’s reach can write for us.
  • If you are a technology enthusiast, our write for us tech section is just for you.
  • Writers who want to tell business or tech-related stories as well as news and think our audience will best hear them. 

What Type Of Tech Topics We Are Looking For Write For Us Guest Posting?

We appreciate your exploration and interest to write for us technology as a guest blogger. However, there are some specific topics that we are looking for our audience that are listed below:

Topics You Can Pick For Guest Posting Must Include

  • Tech Related News, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain
  • Internet of Things(IoT), Computer Security
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Business Intelligence, Data Analytics
  • Social Media Tools, Earn Money Online
  • eCommerce Marketing, Internet Marketing
  • App development companies, Native apps, hybrid apps, web apps
  • Blogging: Tips, tools, Link building, Marketing
  • WordPress Themes, Latest Plugins
  • Tech-Related product reviews, tutorials, 
  • Strategies-Trends, Guides, Benefits, Tips & Tricks, How-tos, and so on
  • Mobile Technology
  • Digital Marketing SEO & Social Media Optimisation
  • All types of Softwares

Some Rules And Tips To Submit Your Write For Us + Technology Guest Post

To maintain the authenticity of the website, there are some important rules that you might pursue before submitting tech or business write for us blogs. However, webtechcoupons.com is the right place if you are looking to target the world. 

Terms And Conditions For Guest Blogs/Article Approval

  • There is a big NO to duplicate content. Plagiarised content is restricted. We only appreciate original content. 
  • Your write-ups must be fresh and have not been published on the sites. We will not accept your content in that case.
  • Post must be valuable and written with high-quality language.
  • If you are putting any link in the content, make sure it will be valid and relevant.
  • We high accept the original, well-written, unique content.
  • Try to optimize your post with relevant headings and titles
  • Guest Article/Blog length must be a minimum of 1000 words.
  • How-tos, Guides, Reviews, and Tutorial Are favorably accepted.
  • Once your Guest Post is accepted, we will fix errors if any required
  • Along with your post, it is mandatory to attach at least two pictures including a featured image.
  • Once your Guest article or blog has been approved, you will be notified via email.
There are some terms related to tech and business that you should know while making write for our posts.

How To Find Write For Us Technology Related Sites?

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  • How to search for Tech sites New on 30/10/2020
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The reason we are sharing is that you can identify the right keywords on which you can pitch your content for Guest posting. 

How Our Selection Process Be Done For Tech “Write For Us”?

We will last on the terms and conditions that we have mentioned above. Your article will be reviewed and responded to within 72 hours. You should keep this mind that we only accept genuine content without paraphrasing that strictly meets our guidelines and criteria.

When your article is selected, you will be asked for further revisions that might include related links, images, information, and so on. 

Somehow, your article will not be selected then which means it is simply not fit for our mentioned guidelines. Therefore, is no option to appeal for rejection but thus, you can submit a new fresh piece of content. 

How To Submit Your Post For Write For Us Tech Blog?

There is a very simple procedure to guest post to write for us. But before you make a content idea to write for us, please read our guidelines. Though, it will be easy for you to select the right topic. 

However, we will be grateful if you contribute your content to webtechcoupons.com with high quality. You can contact us at “technologywriteforus@gmail.com”. 

One can also sign-up with webtechcoupons, and fill in all the details in the form mentioned. After the verification process, you can click on the live link to confirm your identity.

Still, if you have any other related queries, then let us know via our Content us form. Our team will revert you as soon as possible with the right solution.

When you submit your article or post to our platform, our moderation system will identify it and allow our team to check the entire page. Therefore, you should follow the entire terms and conditions that are mentioned above on this page. It will be our responsibility to answer your query as soon as possible when you get it and review your post thoroughly. 

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