A Neon Sign is a fashion decoration in many places.

Whether you’re looking for a classic “Open” sign for your store, a personalized neon sign for your home bar, or a custom design to represent your brand, has your personalized needs covered

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 There are a number of design templates on the website for your reference and use.

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Follow the above steps to enjoy a 50% discount

How long is the discount valid for?

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1. Click to enter the store page. 

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How long is the discount valid for?

Please note that the discount code for this new user subscription is valid for 10 days, and you need to complete the order within 10 days to enjoy the discount.

Other offers on

They also offer free design, free shipping, and 2 years guarantee.

Company Profile is a customized neon sign brand owned by BPS, a professional promotional gift customization company. 

They offer fully custom neon lights as well as semi-custom neon lights. 

Here are the types of neon signs we can choose from: 

1. Business Neon Signs 

Neon lights are the easiest way to attract people and make your brand visible. You can customize the neon lights with your brand name or logo to build the impression of your brand in people’s minds. 

2. Outdoor Neon Signs 

Outdoor neon lights are often used as eye-catching outdoor advertising methods. Neon lights can also be used at outdoor parties or events to create a different atmosphere. 

3. Wedding Neon Signs 

Neon lights are one of the essential tools for creating a romantic atmosphere at a wedding. Whether it is at the wedding sign-in desk or as the background of the wedding ceremony. And neon lights can provide a good photo scene, allowing people to record unfinished memories.

 4. Custom Neon Bar Signs

 Whether it’s a bar or restaurant, the use of lighting can market diners’ dining experience. No matter for a bar or restaurant, you can customize neon lights according to the theme of the restaurant or bar. 

5. Custom Home Neon Signs 

Neon lights are also a good choice for home decoration. They can be wonderful decorations for different rooms. You can also use them when hosting family parties. 

6. Personalized Neon Signs 

Customized neon lights are also great gift options. Depending on the recipient’s interests and hobbies, you can customize your neon lights. For example, for anime lovers, you can customize neon lights based on their favorite anime characters. This will be a very popular personalized gift. 

Features of 

1. Unparalleled Quality 

After decades of development, neon lighting technology has been continuously improved. No matter which type we choose, the quality and functional stability of neon lights are the first things we need to consider. At you can choose waterproof types of neon lights. Each product has a 2-year gurantee. 

2. Professional Design System 

Their website offers a professional and convenient design system. You can use the design tools on the website to create your neon design using different fonts, colors, and designs based on your customized needs. 

3. Convenient Quotation System 

You can get a quote based on your neon design needs. No need to wait to find out the price of the product. In comparison, the price of neon lights on is very affordable, and there are huge discounts available right now. 

4. Professional customer service team provides multi-language services. It is highly appreciated that the customer service is of high quality and the response time is fast.

5. High-scoring customer reviews’s customer reviews are based on ratings from third-party agencies. Ratings are more realistic and has very positive customer reviews with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. [Get 50%Discount]

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