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Reveal Coupon
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About OVHcloud

OVHcloud is a French cloud computing company that was founded in 1999. The company offers different types of web hosting services including shared hosting, VPS Hosting, dedicated servers, etc.

With more than 1.5 million customers around the world, the company’s services are being used in 138 countries. OVHcloud has more than 300k physical servers and 200k Private Cloud VMs running servers. With around 28 data centers in 8 countries, OVHcloud is the largest hosting provider in Europe. By applying the OVH promo codes, you can get the services of this WebHost at a very low price.

What Are OVH Coupons & Promo Codes 2022?

OVHcloud Promo Codes

OVH coupons or discount codes are a way to reduce the actual cost by providing an extra discount on your purchase. By using the OVHcloud promo code you can get their web hosting services at a lower cost.

Up to 50% Off With OVH Coupon Code 2022

Coupons for OVH are the best way to grab the latest OVH deals. At present, all the users can save up to 50% on all the hosting servers offered by OVHcloud. For this, they just need to use the latest OVH discount coupons at the time of making the purchase. This is a limited-time offer, so it is suggested to grab it at the earliest for making maximum savings.

 How To Use OVHcloud Promo Code 2022?

OVHcloud Coupon Code - Steps to apply coupon code

It is very easy to make a purchase by using the OVH discount code. You just need to follow the below-mentioned steps carefully for applying the coupon.

  1. Click on the deals from this page you may have seen all over this article.
  2. After clicking on it you will automatically be redirected to the official OVHcloud website.
  3. Now select the web hosting services that you would like to have.
  4. Don’t forget to apply OVH discount coupons at the time of checkout.
  5. Congratulations you have to save the maximum on your purchase.

So, these are the simple steps that you need to follow to apply our latest code promo OVHcloud with the least effort.

Advantages of Using OPV Promo Code While Shopping

OVHcloud promo Code - Advatages of using OVHcloud promo code

Everyone wants to save as much as they can, so that’s people use OVH coupons and discount codes. In this section, we will give you some of the great benefits and advantages of using the OVH discount code.

  1. Avail Your Dream Services: By applying any coupons you can get a discount by which you can buy a higher plan at a lower cost.
  2. Special Discount: OVH promo code will help you by providing a great discount on your purchase. This will let you save more money.
  3. Buy More Products and Services: As your cost will be reduced so you can also go for other services that you would like to add.

How Often Does OVHcloud Promo Codes New Release?

Usually, OVHcloud provides 1 promo code OVHcloud per month so that customers can avail of big discounts each time. So get this OVH coupon as soon as possible because it may expire at any time.

OVHcloud Services, Features With OVH Promo Codes

OVHcloud Discount Code - Services offered by OVHcloud

OVHcloud is a web hosting services provider that provides VPS hosting and game Dedicated servers. It also provides other web-related services like Cloud related services to the customers.

We have mentioned below the services that the company deals in. If you are a gamer and looking for gaming servers then OVH aslo provides them. You can save a good amount of money on gaming servers by applying OVH game server discount code.

  • Dedicated Server
  • VPS Hosting
  • Hosted Private Cloud
  • Managed Bare Metal
  • Public Cloud Services
  • Network and Security Solutions

These are the services on which you can easily apply the OVH coupons and OVH discount coupons to enjoy great savings.

Dedicated Servers - OVH Promo Code

The top web hosting services' dedicated servers are mainly for bigger websites with huge traffic and data. The company provides you with the Dedicated server within 120 seconds after assembling it as you want to customize it.

The servers are highly secure and provide greater performance. OVHcloud dedicated server has many plans that are listed below:

  1. Rise Dedicated Servers
  2. Advance Servers
  3. Storage Dedicated Servers
  4. Game Dedicated Servers
  5. Infrastructure Dedicated Server
  6. HG Dedicated Server

You can avail of these plans with a great discount using the OVH vouchers. The company’s dedicated server provides some of these benefits which are available with all dedicated server plans.

  • Higher Performance: The private server of OVHcloud is managed by the team of the company that aims to provide you with maximum performance.
  • Availability: You can deploy your dedicated server within 120 seconds from anywhere in the world.
  • Scalability: With OVHcloud dedicated servers you can be enhanced by the ability to interconnect your servers with other OVHcloud solutions such as Hosted Private Cloud and Public Cloud.
  • Durability: You can get benefit from innovative and unique solutions of OVHcloud across your entire server. Some of these like water-cooling for energy efficiency, and anti-DDoS solutions.

Features Of OVHcloud Dedicated Servers With OVH Discount Coupons

OVHcloud Promo Code - Features of OVHcloud Dedicated Server

You will get the following features with OVHcloud dedicated servers.

  1. Bandwidth and Unlimited Traffic: With every OVH dedicated server you will get a minimum of 500 Mbps of bandwidth as well as a burst function to handle immediate high traffic.
  2. 500 GB Storage Space: Each of the dedicated servers has a storage space of 500 GB which is fully independent and you can store your files or data.
  3. Distributions: A wide range of operating systems can be installed automatically through OVHcloud Control Panel. It includes various operating systems namely Windows Server, Debian, Ubuntu, or CentOS. Virtualization solutions are also available like VMware, CoreOS, and Windows Hyper-V.
  4. Anti-DDoS Protection: Anti-DDoS with all dedicated servers to provide maximum security for the server.
  5. Support: The company is always there to help you with any technical issues you have. You can call, chat or email them who are ready to provide solutions for you

Virtual Private Server

OVHcloud Promo Code - Features of OVHcloud VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is generally used by eCommerce websites, multimedia websites, and software application websites. OVHcloud VPS is committed to providing high performance with unlimited traffic and from 2 Gb to 32 GB bandwidth.

You will be provided simplicity, scalability, and fully customizable options. The company offers 4 VPS Plans that are mentioned below:

Processor1 vCore2 vCore4 vCore8 vCore
Memory2 GB4 GB8 GB8 GB to 32 GB
Storage40 GB SSD NVMe80 GB SSD NVMe160 GB SSD NVMe160 GB to 640 GB SSD NVMe
Bandwidth250 Mbps unmetered500 Mbps unmetered1 Gbps unmetered2 Gbps unmetered

By looking at all these features if you want any of these plans then you can use the OVH coupons & promo codes.

Features Of OVHcloud VPS Servers With OVH VPS Coupons

With all these plans of OVHcloud VPS, you will the following features in common.

  1. Increased Performance: All the VPS servers are assembled and configured by OVHcloud which delivers optimal performance. Their VPS servers are powered by Intel's next-generation architecture, NVMe SSD storage, and highly resilient infrastructure.
  2. Dedicated Environment: With a VPS server you can get the benefit of dedicated servers where you get all private resources for your server only.
  3. Simplicity and Independence: VPS servers are easy to use without any worry of hardware constraints.
  4. Unlimited Traffic: With a maximum of 2 GB bandwidth your server can handle unlimited servers.
  5. Backup Options: You get the option to secure and store your data on external storage space using VPS backup options.
  6. Availability: You will get a hassle-free service as OVHcloud is a good option for hosting business applications in a production or pre-production environment.

You can grab all these features at a reasonable price by applying our latest OVHcloud promo code VPS.

Hosted Private Cloud

OVHcloud Coupon Code - Features of OVHcloud Public Cloud Service

Cloud servers offer is a virtual server that provides all resources like a dedicated server on the cloud server. You will get a private infrastructure where you will get a fully isolated dedicated environment. OVH Hosted Private Cloud solutions use the power of next-generation Intel hardware and VMware technology.

Hosted Private Cloud has basically 2 plans and both plans have different sub-plans that are listed below:

Premier Hosted Private Cloud PacksPremier vSan Packs
Pre 48Pre vSan 192
Pre 96Pre vSan 384
Pre 192Pre vSan 768
Pre 384
Pre 768

All these sub-plans have different features that we have also discussed with you.

Features of Premier Hosted Private Cloud Packs

FeaturesPre 48Pre 96Pre 192Pre 384Pre 768
RAM48 GB96 GB192 GB384 GB768 GB
Processors12 cores12 cores16 cores32 cores32 cores

Features of Premier vSan Packs

FeaturesPre vSan 192Pre vSan 384Pre vSan 768
RAM192 GB384 GB768 GB
Processors40 cores40 cores40 cores

These are some of the features that you will get with these plans. With the OVH discount code, you can get a huge discount on these plans.

Managed Bare Metal

Managed Bare Metal is powered by VMware which includes a dedicated server, storage, network, and virtual license which are managed and operated by OVHcloud.

It is for those customers who are not in the need of the full suite of features available as a part of the Hosted Private Cloud Solutions. Right now, the company is offering a single plan i.e. Essential Ess64 Pack. We have discussed with you what will you get with this plan.

FeaturesEssential Ess64 Pack
Number of Hosts per pack2
HypervisorVMware Enterprise Plus
Hypervisor versionVersion 6.7
Number of datastores2
Private Bandwidth3 Gbps Guaranteed
Public Bandwidth3 Gbps Unlimited
vROps MonitoringIncluded
Service Level Agreement (SLA)99.7%
CertificationISO 27001, SOC

Advantages of OVHcloud Managed Bare Metal

With this OVHcloud Managed Bare Metal, you will get the following features and advantages.

  1. Dedicated Performance: You will get high-performance storage and a high bandwidth network with optimized Bare Metal Servers.
  2. Unparalleled Scalability: You can easily scale up and scale down the resources according to your needs. The solution is delivered with 2 hosts and 2 datastores.
  3. The Best of Virtualization: You have the access to use all VMware features. You can use templates created specifically by the company to deploy multiple virtual machines (VMs).
  4. Cost Control: The platform is managed by only OVHcloud teams which helps in reducing the cost of all IT operations whether it is to supervise or maintain others.
  5. A high-Bandwidth Network: You will get a high speed to transfer your data within the platform with 3 Gbps of public and private bandwidth. It will help in handling incoming and outgoing traffic.
  6. Certified Data Centers: Managed Bare Metal is available across the globe and has SOC 1 & 2 and ISO 27001 certifications.

Public Cloud Services

Public Cloud is a platform where you will get a cloud server with high performance at an affordable price. You will have CPU, RAM, storage, and root access, also you can easily get the feature to add resources according to your needs without reinstalling it.

It offers hourly billing so if you want to use it only for a few hours then it would be beneficial for you without any idle cost. However, you can also pay on monthly basis. You can apply OVH vouchers to enjoy heavy discounts on them.


Get the following features with OVHcloud Public Cloud Services.

  1. Pay-As-You-Go: With cloud resources, you have to pay according to your usage only. You can also add or delete the resources according to your need or when your project is done.
  2. Simple Transparent Billing: According to your business needs your resources and services are grouped into projects to use. The bill will be generated according to the project allowing for simple and clear administration.
  3. Standardized APIs: Public Cloud services of OVH are accessible via standard APIS which are available in the cloud computing sector. It will let you program your cloud resources through the tools that suit your needs.

The prices are different for both Linux and Windows operating systems. You can pay hourly or monthly basis also. You can use the OVHcloud Promo Code to get great savings over your selected plan.

Network & Security

This is for those who want to extend on-premises data centers to OVHcloud or manage a group of servers as a private LAN. With this, you get the advancement in your security to get additional protection from cyberattacks.

Not only this it will also let you keep your services available all the time with DDoS protection with every cloud solution. OVH has a total of 34 Global Points of Presence (PosPs) from around the world.

You will get the following plans that are mentioned below that are below:


The plan includes basically 2 categories that are mentioned below.

  • vRack (Virtual Rack) – Private VLANs
  • Failover IPs and Blocks

Traffic Management

OVHcloud Discount Code - Advantages of OVHcloud Managed Bare Metal

With this, you will get 3 plans and one of these is coming soon.

  • IP Load-Balancing (coming soon)
  • Bandwidth Upgrades
  • Anti DDoS

We try to provide you with discounts on almost all the products and services of OVHcloud. By using the OVH discount coupons you will discount their plans.

OVHcloud Support

OVHcloud has a great customer support system where you can get answers and solutions related to OVH services. With its new customer support structure, the company aims to meet the customer’s expectations more quickly.

OVHcloud support has basically 4 levels of support system that are mentioned below:

  1. Standard Support
  2. Premium Support
  3. Business Support
  4. Enterprise Support

The most common queries of customers are available on the OVH support center page. Here you can get full documentation and general FAQs. You can contact them through phone calls, and emails from the OVH control panel, however, the live chat options are coming soon.

To make a call to OVH customer service you can dial the toll-free number 1-855-684-5463.

Top OVH Voucher And Offers

Top OVH CouponsDiscountCode/Link
OVHcloud Coupon CodeUpto 20% OffOffer Link
OVH VPS CouponUpto 15% OffOffer Link
OVH Dedicated Server CouponUpto 10% OffOffer Link
OVH Cloud Discount CodeUpto 20% OffOffer Link
OVH Public Cloud VoucherUpto 15% OffOffer Link

Final Thought | OVHcloud Promo Code

OVHcloud is a good platform to use its hosting services with all the great features that we have discussed above. The company offers different plans with all their services and you can choose according to your needs. The prices are different for different services.

We have put different OVH coupons with every plan and service so that you can choose according to your need. So, with OVHcloud get your business to the next level without any fear of security issues. The company has its own data centers from around the world with top security features. We have discussed with you all about OVHcloud which can help you to choose according to your needs.


Here are some common queries of people related to OVHcloud and this Discount Offer.

Is It Safe To Use OVH Promo Code?

Yes, we provide 100% working and safe-to-use coupon codes so you can use code promo OVHcloud without any hesitation.

Can You Use Multiple OVH Promo Codes At Once?

No, users are only allowed to apply one OVHcloud coupon because the company will accept only one OVH voucher at a time.

Are There Limited OVHcloud Coupons Left?

Yes, this discount offer has a time limit, so it is better for you to get your OVH cloud promo code to get its product with a good discount.

How Many Verified OVHcloud Promo Codes Are Available?

At this time, you can get 4 OVHcloud coupon codes, which you can use to get a heavy discount on your hosting plans.

How Long OVH Promo Code Will Active?

There is no expiry date for the OVH discount coupons mentioned on the official site. But it reveals new OVH coupons from time to time so use this code to grab big off on your dedicated hosting plans.

Does There an OVHcloud Military Discount?

Yes, you can get an OVH cloud promo code to have a secure hosting server at an economical price. When you apply this code the price will automatically reduce so get used OVH promo code as soon as possible. 

Where to Get OVHcloud Student Discount Coupon?

If you are a student and want to get big savings on OVHcloud then you don’t need to go any ever. Here on this site only, you will find a valuable OVHcloud student coupon code. This is a great opportunity to save a good amount of money on your OVH dedicated hosting servers promo code.

Does OVHcloud Provide Big Off on Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales?

Yes, You can avail of the massive discount during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal by applying OVH vouchers. Black Friday is a shopping season sale and companies provide big discounts on this day.

Is There OVHcloud Employee Discount?

OVHcloud provides an OVH coupon for the employee so that they reduce shopping costs while buying OVHcloud. You can have big savings by using the OVH promo code VPS so don’t let this chance go away.