OVHcloud Review – Features, Pros, Cons, & Price

Every company these days no matter how big or small needs organized and secure data. One of the most popular cloud service providers is OVHcloud. Cloud services to companies are like the CPU to the computer. Many companies switch to cloud services to have a better experience of increased efficiency and better data security. 

However, there are countless reasons why a company should use cloud services with many options of cloud applications to enhance business growth with the best and safe option. 

One of these tools is the OVHcloud service which we will further read about with the detailed features from the OVHcloud review.

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About OVHcloud service

OVHcloud service is a well-established application for big as well as small companies. It is a French cloud computing company established in 1999, offering VPS, dedicated servers, and other web services. It is widely spread across the globe and with its vast scale, it represents itself internationally. 

Features Analysis: OVHcloud Review

OVHcloud provides the best cloud services features 

OVHcloud features
  1. Best Performance: NVMe SSD is used by the company to make the solution more compatible and to maximize its performance. The VPS solutions are arranged and configured by the next-generation Intel. 
  2. A devoted environment: To get the most out of your hardware resources devoted to you, a dedicated environment has been provided. 
  3. Unlimited Traffic: Unlimited traffic are provided by them to minimize your work. A maximum bandwidth of 2 GBit/s on your choice of model. 
  4. Anti-DDoS: It reduces the risk of DDoS attacks by which your services will be active all the time.

Various Factors For OVHcloud Review

Let’s begin the review of OVHcloud by analyzing it on multiple factors:

Why do users choose OVHcloud?

Reasons to choose OVHcloud

OVHcloud comes with many dynamic features like VPS, dedicated servers, managing bare mental hosting, storage, backup, and many more. Its cloud hosting solutions comes with a public cloud, a private cloud, and a bare-metal cloud. This makes it desirable for people who are looking for good features, such as large businesses and professionals. 

It is widely spread over five continents and 183 countries. It has been more than twenty years since the OVHcloud designed and built its servers with an industrial end-to-end production process to yield better and more cost-effective solutions. It also has game servers so if you want to get OVH game server discount code to reduce the price then use it

How Much Does OVHcloud Cost?

Prices are a very important part of this OVHcloud review Reddit to know how much does it cost to users. So here are the two best cloud services prices have been mentioned by us

  1. Personal cloud solution– It starts from the range of $3.99 per month with an annual subscription. This solution is relatively cheaper than the other ones. This option is best suited when you have started a new firm and want to have a good backup system as it provides you with five websites, a free domain name for the very first year ten e-mail accounts, and a lot more things that are necessary for a start-up. 
  2. Private cloud service– it starts from the range of $62.40 per month with an annual subscription. The price range keeps on increasing with the increase in memory, different Operating systems, Core, etc. 

The only drawback of the OVHcloud is that it does not provide any free trial or money-back guarantees with its services. However, the OVHcloud coupon code is the best way to purchase this cloud storage program at a lower cost.

If we talk about the methods of payment, then OVHcloud accepts credit/debit cards, PayPal, Cheques, postal orders, and bank transfers too. 

Are the plans of OVHcloud reasonable?

Most of the users of OVHcloud have found its prices most compatible than others. It is argued that no company could provide better pricing with so many features as the OVHcloud does. They provide a big range of product variety on a single platform.

But still you find its prices expensive then the company offers some OVHcloud discount coupons by which you can grab discounts at the time of your purchase.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of OVHcloud?

After discussing the features and price of the OVHcloud review, it’s time to know more about OVHcloud benefits and limitations. So first of all, have a look at the advantages of OVHcloud services:

Pros Of OVHcloud

  • By the speed, size, and bandwidth, of your OVH dedicated server, you can choose the plans which you find are best suited for your device. You can easily sign up and find out the different range of services variety it provides.
  • The OVH is available at a very affordable price range. It is for professionals from its features but when they talk about prices, it seems like an ordinary cloud application due to its affordability.
  • It has 24/7 customer support availability. They provide a solution to every problem. The only drawback is that you have to understand the solution and fix it on your own. 
  • Keeping in mind the new environmental problems, OVHcloud is made with the purpose of eco-friendly data centers. The air conditioners have been removed and the consistent score of 1.0 and 1.2 on the power usage has been maintained. 
  • The speed is very reliable as it guarantees an uptime of 99.9% and 5 minutes for responding. It has been tested that OVHcloud’s response is averaged under 400 mini seconds. 
  • Many users think they have a drawback of not giving a free trial. But instead, they have a policy of a one-week rental service for dedicated servers. In this, they provide a rental service and it is not mandatory to use it beyond seven days. It helps you test the work done by OVHcloud. 

These are the pros of OVHcloud and you can get OVH dedicated server promo code here to grab big discount.

Cons of OVHcloud

After the OVHcloud advantages its time to describe the disadvantages of this cloud services provider:

  • Though OVHcloud provides 24/7 customer support, still it has a drawback of having a transparent approach to customer solutions. This means they do not have customer support on-site, they just tell the solution to the problem. The customers want their servers to be checked deeply and expect more. Also, they have a very slow response time once a complaint is sent. 

Competitors of OVHcloud

There are many companies in the market which provide a great alternative to OVHcloud services. Some of them are mentioned below-


GoDaddy is one of the very famous companies which provides various types of hosting services to its users, including cloud hosting. It was founded earlier than OVH and is based in the US. It provides users with many website-building tools and security tools which help users in creating safe, secure, and dynamic websites for their businesses.  The GoDaddy promo code will be helpful for you to buy this hosting plan at a lower cost.


It is a company that acts as a domain registrar. It provides its users with various services such as registering and hosting domains, cloud services, etc. It is a company that provides cheap, yet secure cloud and domain services to users. Through the Namecheap offer, this hosting plan will become more affordable for you


It is one of the cheapest companies which provides hosting solutions to businesses and their websites. It is a good option for people who have just created a new site, and are not much of professional in this field. It is a very easy-to-use option and is one of the best for building WordPress sites. Bluehost coupons are available that can help you to get this hosting plan with a good discount.


It is quite similar to OVH in all other terms, except that it is easier to use for beginners. It has features such as one-click installation, easy-to-use cPanel, etc., which make it a good option for people who are not so well-versed with technology. 

Final Words: OVHcloud Review

So this is the overall review of OVHcloud in which we have analyzed its features, price, and more. With this, we have concluded that OVHcloud provides better features at affordable rates. Also, there are many advantages of using the OVHcloud services. If still you are not convinced by it so you can move to its alternatives. We hope this guide has covered up all your doubts related to the OVHcloud review.

Does OVHcloud Provide Discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales?

Yes, OVHcloud offers heavy discounts on Black friday and Cyber Monday but you need to shop on a Cyber Monday and black friday sale. On these days, you will have an amazing opportunity avail big off.

What CPU Does OVHcloud Use?

OVHcloud uses the Intel Core Processor and has a data center in Virginia, USA.

Is OVHcloud Secure?

Yes, OVH is safe to use as it provides anti-DDoS protection in all of its products.

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