10 Reasons Why You Should Not Use GoDaddy?

GoDaddy is one of the most popular web hosting & domain registrar companies globally. But popularity does not always come with a positive mindset and GoDaddy is a live example of this. The company is infamous for more than a dozen reasons that warn why you should not use GoDaddy services anymore.

Before the tragedy starts with GoDaddy services, the company was providing more benefits to its customers. But after time by time, GoDaddy started focusing on advertising more and lower is features that made GoDaddy notorious. Also, new web hosting & domain registrar companies started replacing the company era with some amazing features.

In fact, now the company reputation is on the edge of dawn and still, the company is ignoring this situation. Usually, when a beginner tries to find good hosting for its website than he/she wants an easy to use, affordable, good customer support hosting. But GoDaddy is lagging in most of the basic required features that must be fulfilled by a web hosting company. Here are more reasons with a great explanation that warn you to avoid using GoDaddy web hosting.

10 Reasons Why You Should Not Use GoDaddy Services

GoDaddy is failed to fulfill normal user requirements and there is a lack of features that a good hosting must-have. To start with the basis we are going to explain all the terms in simple language to make sure you understand the disadvantages of using GoDaddy services.

Complicated User Experience

Reasons why you should not use Godaddy- Complicated User Experience

The user experience of any web hosting plays an important role in the increment and decrement of users. Thus you can see a huge gap between the user-friendly interface and the users.

For example, when a beginner has a single hosting with an email id then he/she can directly login to the dashboard with an email & password. But when he purchased another hosting, he/she has to enter the customer id which is quite hard for beginners. In my starting days, I faced the same situation and tried all the methods to login into my account.

High Pricing

Reasons why you should not use Godaddy- High Pricing

After the user experience, the price of web hosting affects a lot of customers. Let’s be honest if a company does not provide high-class features to its customers then the cost of the product should be minimum. But in the GoDaddy case, it’s totally the opposite which is quite depressing.

GoDaddy charges a higher amount to the customers but not giving such quality hosting services. Here’s an example of this:

GoDaddy offers a .com domain $11.99 for the first to its customer. The same domain will renew at $17.99 in the future. Also if you want to secure your domain privacy with WHOIS privacy then you have to pay $9.99 extra. Now after the calculation you can see that in the first year for a domain you have to pay $21.98 and $27.98 in the future. Paying approx $28 for a normal domain and privacy is a lot of money.

Complicated Billing

Reasons why you should not use Godaddy- Complicated Billing

At the time of paying bills, a company should provide an easy to understand billing interface. All the products and services that are included by the customer should be only visible to the customer.

But at the GoDaddy billing dashboard, you will some extremely disturbing service that made its complicated.

For example, after adding all the products to the carts, when you go to the payment then you have to face a lot of things there. It may be obvious to the experts but definitely not regular for the beginners. On the left-hand side, many of the additional features (which have a higher charge) occurs. Also, some of the auto-selected and if you don’t unselect it then you have to pay for it.

Poor Performance

Reasons why you should not use Godaddy- Poor Performance

Let’s be honest, would you pay $30-40 per month for poor hosting and domain services? Probably most of you don’t pay for a poor performance hosting service. As we know that GoDaddy charges a lot for the hosting and domains, but it does not provide such services in the return.

For example, The company does not provide turbo servers that affect your website loading speed. Most of the hosting company provides the same loading speed at a very low price compared to GoDaddy. That’s one of the reasons why you should not use GoDaddy hosting for your money site.

Unavailability of SSD Storage

Reasons why you should not use Godaddy- Unavailability of SSD

If you are a hosting expert or already using the GoDaddy hosting services then you may know what kind of resources the company offers to its customers. A storage device plays an important role when you have to regularly upload a good amount of data to your website. Basically, there are two different types of hosting available, which are HDD and SSD.

SSD is the fastest storage device that many top companies like A2Hosting, GreenGeeks provide to their customers. But still after paying a handsome amount for hosting you don’t get the SSD feature in the GoDaddy hosting which is very disappointed.

Flexibilities Issue

Reasons why you should not use Godaddy- Flexibility Issues

It’s true that GoDaddy offers a lot of free themes to its customers to redesign its website in the future. But the things are not just simple as it looks like that and the customer’s reviews tell all the secrets.

In simple words, all the themes provided by GoDaddy are not flexible. When you change your current theme with another one then there’s a chance you will lose your website’s current data. The situation gets worst if you don’t have a backup & restore feature. I faced this problem already in my starting days and that’s why I recommend you avoid using GoDaddy hosting. 

Terrible Customer Support

Reasons why you should not use Godaddy- Terrible Customer Support

GoDaddy is one of the largest domain and hosting service providers all around the world. That’s the reason why it has approx 20 million customers. But not all the customers are happy with the services provided by GoDaddy company.

Thousands of customers complained to GoDaddy about their worst customer support. Many of the customers have to wait more than 48 hours to get the inquiry back. Also, the behavior and solution provided by the company are not helpful at all.

Poor Mobile Interface

Reasons why you should not use Godaddy- Poor Mobile Interface

Today, every website must support mobile devices with the same quality as it supports to pc or laptop. Because responsive websites are very easy to use and look absolutely stunning. Not only this but Google search engine also recommends those websites that are mobile-friendly.

A large number of users on the internet are using a website on mobile devices. So if your website is not responsive or mobile-friendly then you are losing at least 60% of the traffic of the internet.

GoDaddy website builder converts a theme into a responsive website but doesn’t make it similar as it opens on the computer. Your theme looks very poor on mobile devices which creates dullness and neutral response.

Lack of Useful Tools

Reasons why you should not use Godaddy- Lack of Utilising Tools

Many hosting companies offer a lot of free useful tools in their hosting plans. Free SSL certificate, privacy protection, SSD, Power Cacher, and data backup and restore feature are some useful tools and services provided by some hosting companies. You know the best thing about this, most of the tools are absolutely free and doesn’t cost any additional and hidden charges.

But when we talk about GoDaddy, you can’t find any of the services in starting plans. If you explore carefully you will see that Starter, Economy, and Delux shared web hosting plans don’t have any of the above tools. That’s also one of the reasons why using GoDaddy hosting for your money website is a bad idea.

Overpriced Hosting Plans

Reasons why you should not use Godaddy- Expensive hosting plans

We have discussed how GoDaddy charges a high amount for the domain and privacy of its customers. You may be surprised but the company also has overpriced hosting plans. Limited resources hosting with no additions tools and services do not make any sense to cost a good amount.

For example, the GoDaddy Shared web hosting Starter plan costs you $3.99 per month. In this plan, you can host 1 website and get 30 GB storage, unmetered bandwidth. Where on the other hand Hostinger single shared web hosting costs only $0.99 per month. In this plan, you can host 1 website and get 100 GB bandwidth, free SSL certificate, 1 email.


The above statement clearly shows that GoDaddy has overpriced hosting plans. If you google the best web hosting then you get tons of companies that are a good replacement for GoDaddy. Whether it’s a matter of money, tools, user interface or customer support the solution is available on the internet. HostGator web hosting is one of the best hosting company for GoDaddy replacement. If you are a beginner and it’s your first website then this article helps you to know the 10 reasons why you should not use GoDaddy and find other options.

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