Airbnb B&B [Difference Between Airbnb And B&B]

Imagine going on a trip but not finding a suitable place to stay. In these types of situations, Airbnb B&B has emerged as a revolutionary platform. It has changed the way people experience lodging during their journeys.

Although there are many people who are familiar with the concept & ecosystem of Airbnb, there are still a handful of people who are unaware of the Airbnb B&B concept.

So, In this forthcoming article, we will cover What Airbnb stands for. It’s origin and also see the difference between Bed and breakfast and Airbnb.

What Is Airbnb?

Airbnb also referred to as the “matchmaker of the travel world” is an online marketplace that connects people who want to rent out their homes with people who are looking to rent a home in certain locations.

Airbnb has a variety of listings including entire homes, apartments, rooms, and even treehouses. Can you imagine how fun it will be to live in a treehouse? Airbnb offers a variety of experiences too such as cooking classes, food tours, and hiking trips.

Origin Of Airbnb B&B

Airbnb was founded by Brian Chesky, Nathan Blecharczyk, and Joe Gebbia in the year 2008. The idea of renting homes came to their mind while attending a design conference in San Francisco.

There they found out that all the hotel bookings in San Francisco were sold out and they came up with an idea. The three of them decided to host some guests in their room.

They realized it was a great, unique idea. Together they founded Airbnb to connect people who want to rent out their homes with people looking for places to stay

Airbnb was not an overnight success. It started slow and started gaining success from 2010 to 2012. It was praised for its convenience and affordability. However, it has also been criticized for its impact on the housing market and lack of regulations.

What Does Airbnb Stand For?

Airbnb stands for Airbed and Breakfast. The name Airbnb was inspired by the fact that the founders of Airbnb first rented air beds to guests who attended a design conference in San Francisco.

Airbnb has become one of the biggest names in the home rental business. Although there are many online home booking sites, the feature that differentiates Airbnb from other sites in this niche is that it allows hosts to list any type of space from a room to a mansion, treehouse to an island.

What Is Bed And Breakfast Airbnb?

Airbnb Bed and Breakfast or Airbnb B&B is a small lodging establishment that offers overnight shelter and breakfast. So, basically, a bed and breakfast or B&B is a listing on Airbnb where guests can book it through a platform.

At its core, a Airbnb Bed and Breakfast is a private room or set of rooms inside the host’s home. Guests have their own personal space where they can relax and sleep. They also share a common area such as a kitchen or hall with the owner or other guests.

What Is Airbnb’s Effect On Bed And Breakfasts?

Airbnb is a popular booking site that gathered some customers from bed and breakfasts at first. But it has also made many customers comfortable with staying home service when they travel.

People who book Airbnb B&B love the personal service and homemade breakfast. Normal Airbnb hosts don’t usually provide these types of services or meals. Although Airbnb refers to “air bed and breakfast”, it is just a small part of Airbnb listings

Airbnb has not taken over the B&B business completely as it specializes in providing different lodging options rather than providing bed and breakfast. You can still book hotels with Agoda and Vrbo, which are more popular options for finding traditional B&Bs. 

Comparison Between B&Bs Vs Airbnb

airbnb vs B&B -which one is better?

Although Airbnb does have some listings that provide bed and breakfast, it still is a home renting platform, and most of the listing still doesn’t provide B&B service. So considering this definition of Airbnb, we will compare Airbnb with B&Bs.

Key Factors To Compare B&B And Airbnb

Here are the key factors that we will consider while comparing Airbnb and Bed and Breakfast.

  • Atmosphere
  • Safety
  • Privacy 
  • Facilities
  • Price

Atmosphere – B&B vs Airbnb

B&Bs are typically family-owned where the host lives with the guest. Guests interact with hosts and other guests too. Of all the lodging options B&Bs offer the most personal and warmest generosity.

B&B gives you warm fuzzies together with your pancakes, While Airbnb B&B lets you wander around in your underwear eating cereal from the box without getting judged.

A major advantage of booking a bed and breakfast is that you get to interact with people and understand their culture. Whereas Airbnb grants you more privacy.

B&Bs are like staying at your aunt’s house quiet and cozy but you have to make small talk over awkward family-style breakfasts. On the other hand, Airbnb is like borrowing a friend’s apartment, convenient with all the facilities but you’re on your own.

With Airbnb B&B, self-check-in means you may never see your host. You get codes to come and go whenever. But B&Bs often lock up at night and have a curfew. Your B&B host acts more like a strict parent – locking you in at night and giving you a firm curfew! So Airbnb offers full independence, while B&Bs give you a taste of family life with earlier bedtimes.

Bed and breakfast tends to attract couples, retirees, professionals, and small families who are there for a small 2-3 day stay. Travelers prefer Airbnb as it is budget-friendly and has more variety and value.

Safety – Airbnb vs. B&B

We can’t say Airbnb is safe and B&B is not or vice versa as you can encounter both good and bad hosts in both types of lodging. The main concern with B&B is that it lacks any staff or security. And with Airbnb guests, the main concern is to avoid booking a place in an unsafe neighborhood since you will be on your own and don’t know the area very well.

Both of them can have their security concern so make sure to always book the properties with the highest guest rating.

Privacy – Bed And Breakfast vs. Airbnb B&B

B&Bs are less private as compared to Airbnb because sometimes the host also lives with you. In a B&B your host greets you at check-in and you’ll likely see them around during your stay.

You can also talk to other guests, especially at the breakfast table. In a B&B you get a family-like experience in exchange for your privacy.

Airbnb is more suitable for you if you want privacy as it provides a private room and the host will not interfere in anything you do.

The level of privacy you get also depends on the type of room you book on Airbnb. If you book an entire place then the whole space is for yourself. But if you buy a room within the house then your area of privacy is limited to that room. So, in terms of privacy, Airbnb is a much better option as compared to B&B. 

Facilities – B&B vs Airbnb

Both Airbnb and B&B can pamper you with amenities like hot tubs, views, and more. Few B&Bs also offer package deals bundling lodging, meals, and activities. Although it’s uncommon but few Airbnb hosts also serve breakfast.

B&Bs get more lavish as you increase your budget – consider splurging! Fancy-themed B&Bs like wine country estates or waterfront villas await. Many B&Bs also offer fun add-ons like wine tastings, hiking tours, cooking classes, and more.

In Airbnb hosts are expected to provide basic amenities like towels, soap, pillows, and toilet paper. B&B provides shampoo, soap, and one towel per guest. However, both may surprise you with some extra amenities.

Price – Airbnb B&B vs. Regular Bed And Breakfast

When it comes to pricing Airbnb and B&B tend to play in a different ballpark. Airbnb Prices can range from very cheap to sky-high price, whereas normal B&B likes to play more in the middle.

However, in some places, your average B&B can empty your wallet more than an Airbnb rental thanks to hosts’ involvement or potentially hired staff. Running a licensed B&B also means paying extra fees and insurance that Airbnb hosts usually skip.

But Airbnb rates keep bouncing around. An Airbnb might start at just $10 a night in a coveted area where B&Bs rarely drop below $100. Top-end Airbnbs can also go over $500 while B&Bs rarely go above $300.

However, both of them provide the facility to cancel your booking if you want. You can also check out Airbnb’s Cancellation policies to get your amount refunded.

The rates also vary depending on properties and travel seasons. Airbnb offers long-term stays like Airbnb rentals for a month with monthly discounts of up to 50%. B&Bs stick to their nightly rates but keep in mind it must include breakfast, so a $120 B&B may actually cost less than a $100 Airbnb once you factor in eating out.

Which One To Choose Between Airbnb And B&B?

The choice is up to you. If you want a family-like experience, homemade breakfast, and services from a local host, and if you don’t mind interacting with other people then you can choose B&B.

You can go with Airbnb if privacy is your main concern. Choose Airbnb if you want more space, low prices, and more privacy. However, Airbnb doesn’t offer the same level of service as B&B.

What Are The Benefits Of Staying In An Airbnb B&B?

Airbnb B&Bs offer a more personal, home-like stay compared to hotels. Guests can access amenities like a kitchen, laundry, and outdoor space. Airbnb prices are typically cheaper than hotels for an equal space.

How To Find An Airbnb B&B?

To search an Airbnb B&B you can use the Airbnb website or app. Just search for “Bed and Breakfast” listings in your desired location and dates. You can also filter by amenities, reviews, prices, etc. to find a suitable Airbnb Bed and breakfast for yourself.

Conclusion For Airbnb B&B

When choosing between an Airbnb and a B&B, consider your preferences for privacy, service, and social interaction. Airbnbs emphasize independence while B&Bs focus on hospitality. 

Both offer unique ways to experience local flavor. Let your travel style guide you to the perfect home away from home.

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