What Makes Valorant Tick With Players Worldwide? 

Similar to many other online multiplayer games like CS GO, Fortnite, and PUBG, you need not spend any money to play Valorant as it is a free-to-play game. You will find this game on Windows PC only. Nonetheless, according to reports, players would be able to play this game on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4. As you will find Valorant on playvalorant.com, you will not be able to play it on the Epic Games store or Steam.

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The rules of Valorant

Valorant is a popular tactical shooting game that involves a couple of teams. Each team has five players, and all the players can sign in as well as play from anywhere remotely. All the games have twenty-five rounds, and the team that wins thirteen of them would be declared the winner. A player can select his in-game characters, and they are acknowledged as agents. Again, he can also purchase weapons and abilities towards the beginning of this game.

The feeling of playing Valorant

If you play Valorant, you get mixed feelings about playing Overwatch and CS: GO. Here, a competitive shooter will pitch a couple of little teams against one another. The team you select will either defend or attack, and the attackers will plant a spike. The attacking team wins by either planting the spike or lessening the defenders. The defenders can win if they destroy the attackers before they bag an opportunity to defuse or plant their spike after it gets planted. Every team of 5 gets a chance to play as both defenders and attackers during a game. Every match has got a total round of twenty-five, and the first team that wins thirteen rounds is declared the victor. 

Games do last for only eight minutes, and this turns true if both teams tend to be aggressive. Besides small teams and bomb planting, Valorant too has a similar gun mechanics and weapon buying system. Valorant also involves lots of skulking and stalking in corners as well as choke points. This game is different from other games as the former has got hero classes. Every character is found with different capabilities, and they permit them to unleash particular moves after a specific time. It comprises some things, such as the capability to heal or recover fallen teammates. 

Some useful tricks and tips for playing Valorant

Some useful tricks and tips for playing this game are:

  • Scooting and shooting – The majority of the Spike Rush mode of Valorant includes stalking enemies. Most often, defenders tend to be better off creating or finding choke points for picking off the attackers. When players play Valorant, they need to devote their time to learning the location of the sweet spots. It is better for firing in bursts and then ducking behind the cover. Players can also utilize their capabilities to dash out of danger and receive the height advantage. This way, they won’t die. Players need to be attentive to what’s going on visually and audibly, and other players use their abilities that disclose enemy positions. A player can also ping things of interest and locations too. To walk quietly, you have to hold the shift key, and crouching does this thing too. You need to use them for quietly moving about in place of thumping your feet and giving yourself away.
  • Charge your capabilities – Valorant players will discover orbs, and they remain dispersed around the map. They ought to grab them to get points for their capabilities. They can also purchase the lesser capabilities at the time of buying. Players should unlock their power by getting kills. Hence, it will take time before they can utilize it. Every player should use his abilities well, and it is not only important for himself but for the entire team. 
  • Learn the map of Valorant well – Some maps of Valorant have got interesting places, and every player can use them for their benefit. A spike planting point has a large door that he can close. And he must do it when the bomb gets planted. This way, he can confine the approach of the enemy. Additionally, it will also help him cut off his enemy’s path of access. All these things would make things thrilling. 


Riot Games has developed and published Valorant, and web portals and social media are humming with news about Valorant as it is obtainable to numerous gamers from all across the world. Till now, only a few players had got a gaming device that supported the game, and with its help, they could download as well as play it. But today, every player can play Valorant, and he needs to have unhindered internet access. 

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