Best Kodi Addons 2023 [Working] For Kodi 18 & 19 Matrix

With the new trend of watching online video content, Kodi will become the most popular streaming platform. It will be great to know the best Kodi addons if you’re streaming your favorites on this program.

Now, why do you need addons, and what is the major purpose of these additions? You will find various blogs on the web that make a  huge list of top Kodi addons but do you need them all?

Why use Kodi add-ons? First of all, understand this you don’t need hundreds of add-ons. The reason for installing such third-party software is just to complement the Kodi platform for streaming various video content on a single screen. This includes various TV channels, live sports TV, music, amine series, radio stations, and so on. 

Have a look at this infographics listing the best Kodi addons 2023 for multipurpose that are actively working.

Top Working Kodi Addons

Therefore, above are the shortlist of actively Working Kodi addons that you may use and enjoy your fav content. 

Read This Carefully

Kodi is a platform where you can only watch legal video content or other TV services. If you don’t have any legal right to access such stuff it is recommended not to use any kind of add-ons. In that case, you will need VPN services for Kodi but with some legal restrictions.

Best Kodi Addons 2023 For Movies, LiveTV, Sports, & Anime

Let us have a look at these top Kodi add-ons and how they are famous for a particular section. You will also know in the later sections, how to install these addons on Kodi for various versions.

5 Best Kodi Addons For Movies

Enjoy your favorite movies and shows using the best Kodi movie addon that are listed below:


GAIA – Working With Kodi 18 & 19

Gaia Kodi Addons

This is one of the great Kodi addons for movies among all the listed in the upcoming section. It has a very simple and sorted layout which makes it an easy-to-use interface for users. 

In the GAIA Kodi add-on, you will find everything in an organized manner. There are specific categories that have been created for movies, documentaries, shows, kids’ programs, etc. 

This add-on will help you in streaming various video content from several servers. In the past time, GAIA was shut down due to many reasons but now it is up and working seamlessly. 

The latest version of GAIA offers you advanced and enhanced features much better than the previous version. This is a working Kodi addon that works very effectively with services like Premiumize, RelDebrid, and many more. 

Repository: GAIA


Exodus Redux- Actively Working With Kodi 18

Exodus Redux Working Kodi Addon

After Gaia, exodus redux is the second most on-demanding working Kodi add-on for movies. It was launched in 2018 and very soon it gains massive popularity among the Kodi industry. 

Many of the users consider exodus and redux separate addons. According to the research it was recorded that both addons work together effectively instead of using them as separate ones. 

Exodus redux outshines the exodus addon for streaming various movies as well as shows. This addon is fast, has top-of-the-line streams, and never shows any kind of buffering or lagging problem. When you combine it with Real-Debrid, you get even higher-quality streams and more Full HD playback possibilities.

Repository: Redux


Venom- Works With Both Kodi 18 & 19

Venom Kodi Addon

In the list of best Kodi addons for movies, Venom placed third place. This is a fresh Kodi addon that works very fast and smoothly compared to other addons. 

Being a newbie to this industry many top Kodi addons restrict using Venom. However, this is a very basic or simple Kodi addon for movies or streaming any different video content. 

Since users find it very easy to use add-ons for searching for their favorite movies and shows. Kindly pay attention while downloading any link, do not download any copyrighted content. 

You can also try some VPN services while using such Kodi add-ons to access all geo-restricted video content. For that, you can use the best free VPN for Kodi 2023 which allows you a secure streaming experience. 

Repository: Venom 


Asgard- Compatible With Kodi 18 &19

Asgard Kodi sports addon

This is an all-in-one working Kodi addon available for streaming hundreds of movies or shows. Mainly you can watch all your favorite documentaries, stand-up comedy, cartoons, and so on. 

Asgard is a well-known Kodi addon that works with premium services just as real debris, alldebrid, and many more. Among the all top Kodi addons for movies, Asgard provides you with quality and quantity links by which you can stream anything you want to watch. 

We recommended that if you want to stream safely then use some VPN services. As we have discussed in the above section how these services help you in reaching out to various online video content. Give it a try to NordVPN which offers a solid encrypted network so that there is no worry about being hacked or traced by someone. 

Repository: Narcissist

Try NordVPN For Secure Video Streaming In HD


Tempest- Only Works With Kodi 18

Tempest Addon for kodi

Having a solid library for watching movies, online hit shows, and much other good content is a blessing. This is what Tempest Kodi addons provide to their users. You can use this only on the Kodi 18 version but it works great on that. 

Talking about streaming interface then tempest will not disappoint their users. You can easily search for various old or fresh video content through this Kodi addon. 

Many of the users are switching their add-ons to the tempest, therefore it has some good potential to provide such services. You can also give a try to this Kodi addon for movies that supports track integration. 

Repository: Tempest

Have A Look Below→
You can install these best Kodi addons for movies using VPN services. Here are some well-reputed companies listed below that are offering huge money-saving discounts on their services. Therefore, give a try to ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, NordVPN, etc.

Give A Try To CyberGhost VPN For Safe Streaming

Best Kodi Addons For Sports 2023

The craze of watching live sports is keeping on increasing. Especially during the time of pandemic Covid-19 when no one can watch a live match in the stadium. Here are the top Kodi addons for sports that will help you in streaming a live sport in HD. 


Apex Sports- Support Both Kodi 18 & 19

Apex Sports Addon for kodi

Apex sports addon is a great blessing for those who had missed their favorite live match. Therefore, you can install this best Kodi addon to stream all kinds of sports events in HD quality. 

This add-on allows you to watch reply the whole match or just see the highlights. You will get a separate category section for watching live sports, highlights, reply, scoreboards, and many other things.

Apex is a very easy-to-use and lightweight Kodi addon app that comes with satisfying services. Thus, you can use this simple and sorted working Kodi addons on your device. 

Also, there is a VPN service available for helping you out while installing these add-ons on Kodi applications. Some of the best VPNs we have discussed earlier but there are free VPNs also available namely Hola VPN, ProtonVPN, Tunnelbear, and so on

Get Hola VPN Now To Install Apex Sports On Kodi


Rising Tides- Work With Kodi 18 or 19

Rising Tides

To watch live sports, rising tides is one of the best Kodi addons for sports which is highly used by users. This addon mainly focused on IPTV along it has a huge database that contains 10 different categories. These include football matches, country channels, ace stream channels offline, IPTV Heaven, and many more. 

By using riding tides you can watch the recorded match of your favorite sport as well as the oldest one too. Therefore, try to get this addon so that you won’t be able to miss out on your favorite player’s performance. 

Just like other working Kodi addons rising tides also categorize its section for various sports. You are completely free to watch all live sports such as football, cricket, hockey, tennis, motorsports, and so on. So give a try to this sports addon for Kodi


SportHD- Support Kodi 19

SportHD Kodi

This is one of the finest sports addons for Kodi available in the market. If you are frequently using the Kodi platform to watch live matches then you are very much familiar with the sport 365 addon. Thus, SportHD is also created by the same developer. 

If you are using a Kodi 19 matrix then SportHD is the perfect choice for streaming matched in HD. You don’t need to compromise with the quality of the video and the quantity in the sports channel library. The main advantage of having used this addon is that you can watch all the PPVs of important events in any sports category. 

There are further feeds from SportHD and other websites available. In addition, a green dot on the extension dashboard denotes active live games. Also, you can get any VPN service while streaming any sports channel which is restricted at your location. 


Fox Sports Go- Work With Both Kodi Version 18, 19

FOX sports go working kodi addon

One of the favorite third-party addons for sports lovers who use the Kodi platform to watch live matches. Like many other sports addons for Kodi, Fox sports go also provides decent features and services free of cost. 

The user interface is also very sorted and easy to navigate from one section to the other. For installing this addon, first, you have to get their channel’s subscription. You can give a try these sports addons for Kodi


Sports Devil 

Sports Devil Kodi addons

With the help of these top addons for Kodi, you can easily stream your favorite sports match on XBMC devices. Therefore, with the help of sports devil users can enjoy their live-streaming or recorded matches as well. 

The sports devil is a very popular Kodi addon for sports but nowadays this is not only a standalone platform, you can also try the above listed as well. In the past time, the sports devil was considered one of the best Kodi addons because it provides live streaming for many sports. 

You may face legal consequences if you use SportsDevil while living in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Australia, the United States of America, or Canada. If you can afford a few dollars a month, it’s advisable to utilize a VPN for protection. 

There are best VPN for Kodi were also available that protect your network from harmful effects as well. Get huge money-saving deals on top-rated VPN service providers such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, SurfShark, and many more.

Check out: Top VPN Services Providers For Kodi 2023

Best Kodi Add-Ons For Live TV

Just like many other categories, there are working Kodi addons available for Live TV. In the below section all Kodi addons are listed that are currently working. Therefore, switch your traditional cable connection with Kodi live streaming platform to get high HD quality shows. 


TVOne- Both Kodi 18 & 19 Supported

TVOne kodi

This is one of the best Kodi add-ons available for Live TV in this industry. It works so seamlessly as the addon was developed by RACC. 

You will have tremendous options to choose your language while watching your favorite show. With the help of this addon, you are allowed to watch various entertainment, comedy, news, music, kids, scientific research, and many other shows. 

Not only entertainment but also you can unlock various educational and research channels like history, animal planet, discovery, and many more. 

So you can give it a try to this working Kodi addon for live TV. To watch the restricted contents you can also use VPN services so which will change your actual IP address. Thus, your streaming will become easier to use with the help of NordVPN, ExpressVPN, Hola VPN, etc

Get Hola VPN Now To Install Apex Sports On Kodi


Xumo TV

Xumo kodi TV addons

It is a combination of all official cable channels streaming from Xumo.TV via Campast. This is one of the hottest Kodi addons for LiveTV that may available in limited countries. So you can use VPN to unlock this ultimate Kodi addon.  

For the large TV screen, Xumo TV offers excellent video quality in HD so that you can enjoy a great time while watching shows along with your family. If you are looking for the best live TV working Kodi addons then this will be the perfect choice for you. We highly recommend this addon you should give it a try. 


Pluto TV

PlutoTV Addon Kodi

Pluto is completely similar to the above-recommended addons. These are completely free working Kodi addons for live TV that are highly recommended for your use. 

You are completely free to use PlutoTV is available on multiple platforms, including firestick, android mobiles, iOS, and more. 

It is recommended that you create an account and log in to the add-on if you intend to use it on different devices. You’ll be able to sync your streaming habits across all of your devices this way. Also, many options will not work until you are not signed. 

This Kodi add-on has supported many ads and various other channels like CNN, Sky, NBC, News, NFL, and more


NewsON- Working With Kodi 18 & 19

NewsON Addon For Kodi

For those who want to stay tuned with News updates via local channels then this addon is the best option for you. With this Kodi addon, you can access upto 170 Local US channels along with newscasts for upto 48 hours. 

This Kodi addon for LiveTV also searches and accesses the local stations by using the interactive map to track the nearest station. You can also save your favorite station to watch later.

This is an official working Kodi addon which you can download from their official repository free of cost. Out of the above best Kodi addons, NewsON is quite sorted for LiveTV. 


J1 TV- Work With Kodi 19

J1 TV kodi addon

Such Kodi addons are very simple and sorted with limited options but satisfying. J1 TV is also the same kind of stuff. You can opt for this Kodi addon for live TV for streaming news channels in specific regions. 

Therefore, with the help of this Kodi addon users can see a wide range of news channels on different servers. Not only news channels but you can also stream Youtube channels as well with the help of this Kodi addon. 

On the other hand, for watching international content you can turn ON any VPN service. We have listed some best VPNs for Kodi in the above sections. Therefore, get any one of them for this purpose. 

Top Kodi Addons For Anime & Cartoons

Watching Anime movies or series is a new trend in the modern generation. The craze of anime movies keeps on increasing in Hollywood, especially in japan. Those who are die-hearted fans of anime or toon movies and video content must know these best Kodi addons for anime as well as cartoons that are listed in the next section. 


SoggySandwich- Actively Working

SoggySandwich Kodi Addon

According to the name of this Kodi addon, you will think twice before installing it on your device. As per the user’s review, these add-ons work ultimately to satisfy the hunger for HD quality anime. 

The developer has sorted the addon in such a great manner that you can easily find your favorite content of the different categories. 

SoggySandwich will also list out all the trending anime shows in great quality. An excellent feature of this add-on is that you can easily watch the Japanese TV drama or series. Therefore, those who have much craze for these series can installSoggySandwiche on their Kodi devices. 


Kaito- An Excellent Choice

Kaito Kodi Addon

In search of the best Kodi addons for anime, we have founded this Kaito addon which is a fresh addition. Most of the users will appreciate the services and features provided by this Kodi working addons reddit. 

The Kaito add-on seamlessly works with Kodi 19 Matrix. Therefore, those who are having the latest version of Kodi may have lots of benefits with this add-on. It is based on the codes of Seren (Nixgates) and WonderfulSubs (DxCx). 

It also has many seren-resembling features such as source select, splash screen, item browsing, skips the intro, etc. With these best Kodi working addons reddit, it is not mandatory to have services like Real-debrid and Premiumize. 


Brettus Anime

Brettus Kodi Addon

This is the oldest anime or you can say an everlasting working Kodi TV addons to breeze the demanding anime shows. You can easily find the trendy on-demand content just right on their home screen. 

The kind of content you will get through Brettus anime is dubbed anime, shows, movies, anime posters, international video content, subbed anime, etc. The method to install Brettus on Kodi is also not a tricky task. 

Simply install this via Brettus build repo on your device. Therefore, must try this Kodi addon for streaming your favorite anime shows or movies. 



watchnixtoons2 addons for kodi

Just like other anime Kodi addon, WatchNixtoons2 is also very popular among the community. Thus, this version is much better than the original addon as it scrapes the pages from the website’s mobile version. 

Another factor to choose WatchNixtoons2 is that it stores the caches so that you don’t have to request all the time from the source. 

For all anime fans, this is the best Kodi addon option as it is developed by the Doko repository. For many people, WatchNixToons2 is now a good option for getting high-quality, and watchable anime streaming for free and without any registration.

Activate ProtonVPN Now To Watch Best Anime Shows


FANime- For Both Kodi 18 & 19

FANime Kodi Cartoon Addon

With this Kodi addon, you can watch various content of different genres. You can easily find the anime titles and use buttons to easily navigate through the library. 

You will also find multiple links to choose a different kind of content. It is an updated working Kodi addon that has fresh movie collections and new releases. You can create or clear the bookmarks on your device. 

FANime addon requires some PIN to access their content easily with the help of a good repository.

New Kodi Addons Multipurpose

In the earlier section, we have discussed the best working Kodi addons for a particular category. Now, we have listed the New Kodi addons for multipurpose that are actively working in all Kodi versions. Check out what is the best Kodi addons as per the updated industry:

  1. The Crew- One of the best multipurpose Kodi addons used for multipurpose. You can easily stream trending movies, series, TV shows, Sports channels, etc. It offers smooth navigation, HD quality streaming, and many more astonishing services. That is why The Crew Kodi addon will become the user’s choice without any error. 
  2. Add That Source- With this addon, one can easily download various types of repositories. In the Kodi community, the concept of add that source is totally similar to the google play store. 
  3. Q Continuum- This addon works on the Kodi 19 Matrix which is available on various repositories. By using this latest working Kodi addon, users can unlock various premium links via a Debrid subscription. 
  4. Chains- Another Debrid addon that is hosted in chains repository. Here you can use this addon for listening to all the top-trending music and watch the latest movies or shows as well. 
  5. Rogue One- Contain all the multiple contents including sports, music, animations, documentaries, and many more. The latest version is updated for Kodi 19 matrix as well as Kodi 18.

Why Does Kodi Need VPN? 

Most of the time you will get into the trouble that a particular addon is not available to download. However, you can resolve this problem by using VPN services. These services help you in providing an encrypted network to secure your real identity. In simple words, VPN can change your IP address so that you can unlock various geo-restricted content easily. 

Although, all VPNs are not working with the Kodi platform. We have listed well-reputed VPN companies that are supporting such streaming platforms so nicely. Many best VPN for Kodi offers you great security and protection so that you can seamlessly watch your favorite content without any worry.

Our Recommendation- Give A To SurfShark VPN To Install Addons For Kodi

You should use VPN while updating your Kodi device with the new releases of Kodi 19.1 Matrix. We recommend SurfShark VPN which is one of the best VPN service providers that stands out in the industry. Along with a secured encrypted network, you will get surfshark 90 off deals for updating any OTT platform. The main benefit of this VPN is that Surfshark provides unlimited device compatibility. Therefore, you can enjoy your favorite T.V show F.R.I.E.N.D.S without any lagging or limited screen options. You can also get a Surfshark VPN lifetime subscription plan if you are frequently using Kodi addons.


Will Kodi VPN Work Better With VPN? Which VPN Is The Safest?

VPN is used by every Kodi user but it doesn’t mean that you can’t access such an OTT platform without a VPN. The main purpose of using such an encrypted network is to protect the content and the websites you visit from the ISP or any third-party site.  When you are installing such addons for Kodi, use any well-reputed VPN service providers. 

The Most Safest VPN For Installing Addons For Kodi

  • NordVPN– The Fastest VPN for Kodi at a cheap cost.
  • SurfShark VPN– Very Budget VPN for Kodi addons.
  • CyberGhost VPN– A User-Friendly VPN provider for Kodi to streaming video content.
  • IPVanish– One of the best user’s choices to add various addons for Kodi with VPN. 
  • ProtonVPN– Provide strong privacy along with solid protection. 

You will get many coupon and promo codes over these VPNs while installing such top Kodi addons 2023. Therefore, to know which VPN is the safest checkout Best VPN for Kodi.

Now, most of our users will confuse with their tiny Kodi addons doubts. Let us have a look at our Q&A section to get all such answers. 

Is Kodi Addon Safe?

Absolutely. All the addons for Kodi listed above are completely safe for your devices. Nothing will slow down your speed or any system hang by using Kodi addons. 

How Does Kodi Addon Work?

Kodi is a member of the OTT family, and it is one of the most popular or highly used videos streaming platforms. To enhance its usage it was recommended to use addons for Kodi, that third-party software. This will act as a complement to the Kodi platform. 

Which Kodi Addons Are Legal?

Some top-rated add-ons were already discussed above but there are many other Kodi addons available. These are listed as: 
Top Legal Kodi Addons 
For Audio- Apple iTunes Podcasts, SoundCloud, etc
For Movies- Crackle, Netflix, Exodus, etc.

What Is Kodi Addon Repository?

Just like you have Google play store or app store in your android or apple device respectively, Kodi has a repository. You can install addons for Kodi through these repositories that are inbuild in the Kodi. 

Which Kodi Addons Allow Downloading?

Most of the addons for Kodi allow you to download your favorite content on your device. In very rare cases, you will find a spare addon that will disable downloading feature but mostly you will get enable. 

What Kodi Addon Work With Kodi 19?

The Crew, The Oath, Asgard, Maverick, Deja vu again, Alvin, Shadow, M.E.T.V, Pluto TV, Black Lighting, Elementum, Venom, 4K, ApeX sports, Sirius Top TV, Odin, Fork You, Aliunde K19 Lite. 
These are the question that is highly asked by our users. If you still have any confusion regarding any segment of Kodi you are completely free to ask in our comment section. We will update all the top addons for Kodi from time to time as per the company standard.

The Crew, The Oath, Asgard, Maverick, Deja vu again, Alvin, Shadow, M.E.T.V, Pluto TV, Black Lighting, Elementum, Venom, 4K, ApeX sports, Sirius Top TV, Odin, Fork You, Aliunde K19 Lite. 

These are the question that is highly asked by our users. If you still have any confusion regarding any segment of Kodi you are completely free to ask in our comment section. We will update all the top addons for Kodi from time to time as per the company standard.

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