Bing Ads Vs Google Ads 2024 – Who Give Better ROI?

Living in this digital world where everything is upgrading or changing so frequently, therefore, we too have to modify our culture. Following the same trends in the field of marketing. Earlier we used to display banners, pamphlets, hoarding door to door but now the trend is to switch to advanced digital mediums. 

Every single person from kids to adults spends a considerable amount of their time on internet browsing. Internet is the best place to advertise your business and target your users. For the same purpose, People use social media platforms to advertise their businesses. Let’s get into a detailed comparison of features between Google Ads and Bing Ads:


It is quite unfair to compare Bing Ads with Google Ads (looking at the sheer market size that Google commands.) but both the platform does the same thing. Almost 87% of the search market is dominated by Google(source at end of article) and for the same reason, you cannot ignore it. Bing used by a limited section of people and as they say, there is a blessing in disguise. You can effectively target this unique audience through Bing Ads at a lower cost than Google. If you look from a Digital Marketer perspective Bing Ads if used along with Google Ads can provide more and targeted marketing of your business to your audience.

Google Ads Vs Bing Ads: What’s The Difference?

Both Google ads and Bing ads are similar platforms. Both offer pay-per-click advertising to help the business to reach traffic and revenue. Both google ads and bing ads have specific features and specialities which makes them unique and beneficial over each other. 

What is an Advertisement/ Ad?

An ad or advertisement is shown to a capable user. Ads are referred to in the context of an ad group or campaign. It is a marketing strategy that promotes your products and services. The goal of any advertisement is to reach targeted customers.

Bing Ads Vs Google Ads Review

What are Google Ads and Bing Ads?

Google Ads 

Google provides paid advertisement which appears on the top of google’s search engine result page (SERP). In every second there are 2.3 billion searches performed on Google. There are two kinds of results shown on Google SERP one is paid and the other is organic results. 

These Google ads or also known as PPC (pay per click) can be a highly effective way for driving, pertinent, qualified traffic for your website. When people will search for any particular services related to your business, using these ads mediums your website will pop-up first on the top results of the Google search engine.

Bing Ads

Similar to Google Ads, Bing ads are also performing similar actions. Google Ads runs on Google’s search engine whereas Bing ads run on Microsoft search engine. Bing Ads help you to reach your target audience and increases the chance of better returns.

Types of Bing Ads And Google Ads

Google Ads 

Google Ads has two types of advertising network which are as follows:

  • Search Network In search network advertiser creates text ads which display on the top of SERP page results. 
  • Display Network- In-display network advertiser creates display ads that appear on a huge number of website across the internet.

Features Of google Ads

Bing Ads

Bing ads owned by Microsoft. It has three search engines, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, operated sites, and multiple partner sites. So, when you display your ad on one platform, your Ad is displayed on the other three platforms too. 

Features Of Bing Ads

When we advertise on the Internet we look for these major features to get good traffic and a quality audience. These are the following features:

  • Niche/Audience Targeting
  • Keywords
  • Location
  • Language

  • Scheduling
  • Device Type
  • Shopping
  • Google Import

We will discuss all these features how it influences your website traffic and finds who provides more features and quality, Bing Ads or Google Ads?

Google Ads Vs Bing Ads: Niche Targeting

Niche Targeting

Both Google Ads and Bing Ads target particular niches. Google has a vast number of search volumes that is why reaching the audience is highly competitive over there. On the other hand, today user engagement has been increasing on bing, and it is easy to reach out to the targeted audience as compared to google ads.

winner logo  Bing ads have an edge over google ads.

Bing Ads Vs Google Ads: Keywords


Choosing the right keyword will enhance the chances of your ads getting displayed on a particular niche and boost conversion rate.

Bing or Google ads both provide you a keyword research tool, broad match, and negative keyword targeting. The difference we found between Bing ads and Google ads is that the traffic volume of the keyword on bing ads is comparatively lower than google ads. 

winner logo   Google ads have an edge over bing ads.

Who Target More Locations?: Googe Ads Vs Bing Ads


Both Google and Bing allow your ads to display in the geographic location that you choose. Your ad will appear only where you have selected such as any particular area within a country, a radius around a location, or location group. Google Ads set locations at the campaign level and Bing ads set the location at the campaign and group level.  This demographic targeting helps you to reach the target audience. 

winner logo   Google ads and Bing ads give you the same feature.

Who Supports More Languages Google Ads Or Bing Ads?


We are living in a world where there are millions of people who live and speak multiple languages. To reach more people you need to know many languages to contact them. 

Google ads support 44 languages all around the world whereas Bing ads support 12 languages all around the globe. 

winner logo   Google ads have an edge over Bing ads..

Google Ads Vs Bing Ads: Scheduling


Google Ads and Bing Ads both offer you this feature to schedule your campaigns. 

With this feature, you can schedule your ads throughout the day. You can also modify your campaign settings to display your ads during days of the week or hours of the day. 

winner logo  Google or bing ads offer you the same quality and feature.

Bing Ads Vs Google Ads: Device Type

Device Type

Google ads support all the devices such as iOS, mobile, Desktop whereas Bing ads also target all devices. Plus it allows advertisers to target specific audiences based on their device type.  Bing ads also provide you an option not to display campaign ads on mobile or desktop as per your want. 

winner logo  Bing Ads has an edge over Google Ads.

Google Ads Vs Bing Ads: Audience Targeting

Audience Targeting

Keyword research and search queries are the not only way to make your Ad relevant, reaching the right audience is also important. Google Ads lets you use its demographic-targeting algorithm to classify your audience even further. 

You can target a google audience based on age, gender, device type, geographic location, and zip code. On the other hand with Bing ads, you do the same thing as google ads. 

winner logo  google ads and bing ads provide the same feature. 

Bing Ads Vs Google Ads: Shopping


The difference between Bing Ads vs Google Ads shopping is that Google shopping has a daily pay-per-click (PPC) budget. Whereas bing Ads allows you to set a daily or monthly budget. 

winner logo Bing ads are winning the race against google ads. 

Google Ads Vs Bings Ads: Display URLs And Description Text

URL And Description

Google Ads and Bing Ads both display their URLs below the Ad line. Bing displays their ads in bold format. On the other hand, Google Ads does not. Bing and Google Ads both offer 80 characters in their description field. 

winner logo Google Ads and Bing Ads act the same in this field ads. 

Bing Ads Vs Google Ads: Click Through Rate (CTR)

Click-Through Rate

The average click-through rate for Google is 1.91% for search networks and 0.35% for display networks. On the other side, the average CTR for bing ads is 2.83%.

winner logoBing ads provide high CTR as compared to google ads. 

Google Ads Vs Bing Ads: Cost Comparison

Cost Comparison

Bing ads have less competition for advertiser bidding that is why clicks won’t cost you much and you will get more for their dollar. On the other hand, Google receives high search volume, and according to report garden, the average CPC on Google AdWords is $20. 

winner logoBing ads are winning the race. Bing ads have lower competition and that is why it’s resulting in better ROI. 

Who Provides Better Transparency Bing Ads Or Google Ads?

Better Transparency

Bing Ads provides more transparency and control over search partner targeting. Whereas Google gives paid search advertisers two choices at the campaign level. 

winner logoBing ads provide more transparency as compared to google ads which is why bing ads winning the race. 

Bing Ads Vs Google Ads: Google Imports

Better Transparency

Google and bing ads both give advertisers the privilege to import their ads on other platforms. Advertisers can easily import their google ads into bing ads and vice-versa. 

Advantages Of Bing Ads Certifications

To get bing ads certifications you need to score at least 80% on the accreditation exam. Below are the benefits of Bing ads certifications:

  • It recognizes as a Bing ads expert with an official member badge.
  • You will get updated bing ads profiles that come with social media platforms and sharing sites. To get Bing ads at an affordable price you can use Bing ads coupons and avail multiple offers.

Cons Of Bing Ads

Advantages Of Google Ads Certifications

These are the following benefits you will get from google ads certifications:

  • It increases your confidence with digital learning strategies and google tools.
  • These google certificates inspire students for learning.
  • You can create a paperless classroom.
  • It increases your efficiency and saves time

Cons Of google Ads

We hope now you can conclude based on this Bing ads Vs Google ads comparison which one is better for your business. You can choose any according to your business need.

FAQs Of Bing Ads Vs Google Ads

Are Bing Ads cheaper than Adwords?

Yes, Bing ads are cheaper than Adwords as it has low competition that is why the bidding price on keywords is comparatively low as compared to Google.

Are Bing ads worth it?

Yes, Bings ads are completely worth it and provide better ROI than Google ads. To in detail read our above Google ads vs Bing ads article.

Is paying for google ads worth it?

Yes, Google receives a huge amount of search volume that is why paying for google ads is completely worth it.

What’s better than Google ads?

There are so many platforms that are better than google ads such as; Bing Ads Ads Roll Amazon Ads Outbrain LinkedIn ads  Instagram ads  Facebook ads, etc.

How successful are google ads?

Google ads need time and money but people find it time and money well spent as google ads offer you a great ROI.


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