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Basic Hosting Plan Overview

BlueHost is a popular name in the web hosting industry. With their hosting industry experience, they try brought their cheapest hosting plan know as Basic Plan BlueHost shared hosting. Now we are going to explore all about Basic Bluehost shared web hosting plan

What do you get with the Basic Bluehost Web hosting package?

Basic plan is not the cheapest web hosting in the market, But this is the lowest pricing offering by Bluehost. They brought all the elements in the hosting package that is needed by the growing websites. 50 GB of SSD space is quite good for all types of websites and blogs.

Bluehost Shared Web Hosting Common features

Whats we get in Bluehost Basic Web Hosting Plan

  • Free Domain Name – For 1st Year
  • SSD Disk – 50GB Limit
  • Free SSL ❤
  • Free CDN – Other Web Hosting Cheapest Plan not have it ❤

The main negatives of Bluehost that affect the users

  • Costly ❌
  • Long Term Commitment – 36 Months ❌
  • Limited Power ❌
  • CPanel Missing❌

Bluehost brought some of the best features for which we have to pay extra with another hosting provider. But with those extra features, they have added extra cost which is very high as compared to other users. Also, Their own CPanel alternative is ok-ok which is not liked by CPanel lovers.

How you can save maximum when you buy Bluehost Basic Hosting Plan?

Here Webtech Coupons experts team works for you we know how and when you can save maximum money. For different BlueHosting plans, best offers See BlueHost Coupons pages. Now there are two ways to save money on BlueHost Basic Plan.

Sale Pricing Monthly Sale – Bluehost brings special pricing from time to time where you can get the big saving that they do to attract more users.

Festival Sales – Every Year you will find high price cuts on many occasions like Bluehost Cyber Monday sale, Black Friday, Christmas, and many more. Here BlueHost gives a big price cut to its users.

For all savings on BlueHost Web Hosting, you can visit Our BlueHost Deal page to find all updated offers on Bluehost Basic Hosting Plan.

BlueHost Basic Hosting Review

We have seen the Bluehost is web hosting that is overcrowded with features which not used by normal users. Basic hosting comes with all the major optimization that you need when you get in-depth knowledge of website optimization and you have lots of visitors simultaneously access your website.

7.3 Total Score
BlueHost Basic Web Hosting Plan Review

Basic Hosting Plan is one of the lowest web hosting plan offered by BlueHost it is a power full package which comes with pro features.

Power & performace
  • SSD - 50 GB
  • Free SSL
  • Free CDN
  • Free Domain - 1st Year
  • High in Price
  • Long Term Commitment
  • Cpanel Missing

When we see low-cost startup hosting package Bluehost Basic is one of the costliest start-up web hosting packages you can get Hostgator Hatchling or Hostinger Single site web hosting at a much lower cost and similar power and performance.

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