Camtasia Version History [Camtasia All Versions List 2023]

Camtasia version history includes a number of software that provides great screen recording and video editing experiences to users over the past two decades. The software has evolved over time with new features and improvements.

Here, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the Camtasia Studio history, from the oldest software to the Camtasia latest version. Here, we will also try to explain all the Camtasia software in detail. Additionally, you will also gain important knowledge about the newest Camtasia versions.

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Camtasia All Versions List 2023

Latest Camtasia Version Features

TechSmith Camtasia Version History upgrades over the year with more improvements and upgradable features. Below is the complete Camtasia Version list from the year 1999.

  • Camtasia 1.0 (1999) 
  • Camtasia 2.0 (2001)
  • Camtasia 2.0 (2001)
  • Camtasia 4.0 (2005)
  • Camtasia 5.0 (2007)
  • Camtasia 6.0 (2009)
  • Camtasia 7.0 (2010)
  • Camtasia 8.0 (2012)
  • Camtasia 9.0 (2016)
  • Camtasia 2018 (2018)
  • Camtasia 2019 (2019)
  • Camtasia 2020 (2020)
  • Camtasia 2021 (2021)
  • Camtasia 2022 (2022)
  • Camtasia 2023 (2023)

Below we have explained about above provided TechSmith Camtasia version history list in detail.

Camtasia 1.0 (1999)

Camtasia 1.0 was the first tool in the Camtasia Studio history that was released by TechSmith in the year 1999. It had the ability to record real-time computer screens and webcams. Camtasia 1.0 was an easy to use screen recorder that allow you to export recordings to a variety of formats, including AVI, WMV, and Flash.

Camtasia 2.0 (2001)

After 2 years, in 2001 TechSmith added Camtasia 2.0 to the list of Camtasia release history. Now you could add annotation, such as text boxes, arrows, shapes, and highlights in your videos with the help of Camtasia 2.0. Apart from this, they had also made improvements in the audio editing and enhanced the visual appeal of your videos.

Camtasia 3.0 (2003)

In the Camtasia version list, this software was released in the year 2003, and comes with some basic screen recording and video editing features that allow you to trim, split, and merge your recordings. In this software of TechSmith Camtasia version history, users can add narrations to their recording by using a microphone.

Camtasia 4.0 (2005)

Released in the year 2005, Camtasia 4.0 comes with major updates in the Camtasia Studio history with a number of unique features including picture-in-picture mode, smart focus mode, closed captions, etc. This is the first time in the Camtasia release history, that allows you to record webcam and screen at the same time.

Camtasia 5.0 (2007)

This tool in Camtasia version history released in the year 2007, allows you to add a watermark to your screencast that will protect your copyright. It comes with basic After finishing up your project you can export your videos to different formats including AVI, WMV, MP4, FLV, MOV, MPEG, H.264, Blu-ray, etc.

Camtasia 6.0 (2009)

In 2009 Camtasia 6.0 took screen recording and video editing experience to the next level. You can record, edit and export your videos to YouTube and other platforms by using just one app. This tool in Camtasia version history also allows you to record full and specific portions of the screen.

Camtasia 7.0 (2010)

Camtasia 7.0, released in 2010 focused more on unlocking the creative potential of the users amongs the other Camtasia version list. Through Camtasia 7.0, users can record mouse clicks and movements which helps in creating instructional videos.

With the help of Camtasia 7.0, users can also zoom out and in their videos. Other than this you can also add your branding or watermark to your project to create professional-level videos.

Camtasia 8.0 (2012)

In June 2012, Camtasia 8.0 was added to the TechSmith Camtasia Version history permitting users with expended features and tools. It has introduced a green screen that allows users to replace the background of their videos with different images and videos. 

Not only this, features like a multi-track timeline, voice narration, and pre-built video themes were also added to this software of Camtasia Studio history.

Camtasia 9.0 (2016)

Released in the year 2016, Camtasia 9.0 comes with a modern interface design that revolutionalized Camtasia version history. Now, users can create quick and easy animations. Multiple-choice questions or hotspots can also be added in the Camtasia 9.

Camtasia 2018 (2018)

Camtasia 2018 was added to Camtasia version list in July 2018, it was developed to provide more enhanced screen recording and video editing capabilities of the software. 

This Camtasia Version comes with a more robust set of editing tools. There is a behavior feature introduced in this Camtasia version that allows users to apply animations and motion effects to the videos.

Camtasia 2019 (2019)

Camtasia 2019, launched in April 2019 comes with several notable features and improvements in screen recording and video editing features of TechSmith Camtasia version history. 

It comes with an automatic audio leveling feature, which analyze and adjusted the volume level of audio clips in the timeline. In addition, cursor smoothing, device frame templates, annotations, etc are other features of the Camtasia 2019 version.

Camtasia 2020 (2020)

In the Camtasia Studio history, Camtasia 2020 was included on April 28, 2020. Camtasia 2020 brought an amount of screen recording and video editing features including Cursor smoothing, visual effects, new callout styles, replacement media features, and much more that made professional video editing easy.

Camtasia 2021 (2021)

Camtasia 2021 is also one of the best screen recorder and video editor in the list of the TechSmith Camtasia version history. Now users can do professional-level screen recording and video editing as they had introduced pre-built templates. 

Now you can also customize intros and outros according to your need with the help of Camtasia 2021. Apart from this, you can also use the speech-to-text feature that will automatically transcribe your spoken content in your videos.

Camtasia 2022 (2022)

Camtasia 2022 was launched by the TechSmith company in June 2022. It is a beginner-friendly screen recording software that comes with easy to use interface with advanced features.

Camtasia Version 2022 provides a library of powerful library of effects and transitions that will make your videos more attractive. 

With the help of Camtasia 2022, you can also record and edit audio or music while screen recording. You can also export and share your recorded videos on different platforms by using Camtasia 2022.

Camtasia 2023 (2023)

Camtasia 2023 is the latest screen recorder included in the Camtasia version history list. Now you will get more upgradable screen recording and video editing features including new transition effects, more background control, advanced video and audio editing, motion path animation, Lottie color adjust, etc.

This Camtasia latest version comes with a new asset library with a wider range of images, videos, and audio files. This latest Camtasia version allows you to trim and edit your recordings easily. You can login Camtasia on almost every device as it is compatible with all operating systems.

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Camtasia Windows Version History

The first software in Camtasia (Windows) version history was launched in the year 1998. Below is the complete list of Camtasia for Windows that you can checkout to know about all the versions.

Camtasia Version History List For WindowsCamtasia Version Release Year For Windows
Camtasia 11998
Camtasia 22000
Camtasia 32002
Camtasia 42004
Camtasia 52006
Camtasia 62008
Camtasia 72010
Camtasia 82012
Camtasia 92014
Camtasia 20152015
Camtasia 20162016
Camtasia 20172017
Camtasia 20182018
Camtasia 20192019
Camtasia 20202020
Camtasia 20212021
Camtasia 20222022
Camtasia 20232023

This is the Camtasia Windows version history which includes all the software that has been released till now.

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Camtasia Mac Version History

Here is the complete list of the TechSmith Camtasia Version History For Mac:

Camtasia Studio History For MacCamtasia Release Year For Mac
Camtasia for Mac 12001
Camtasia for Mac 22003
Camtasia for Mac 32005
Camtasia for Mac 42007
Camtasia for Mac 52009
Camtasia for Mac 62011
Camtasia for Mac 72013
Camtasia for Mac 82015
Camtasia for Mac 20162016
Camtasia for Mac 20172017
Camtasia for Mac 20182018
Camtasia for Mac 20192019
Camtasia for Mac 20202020
Camtasia for Mac 20212021
Camtasia for Mac 20222022
Camtasia for Mac 20232023

You can check out the above provided full list of Camtasia Mac version history to know about each and every software that has been released from the start. You can also download Camtasia for Mac from the TechSmith download center.

What Is The Latest Version Of Camtasia?

Camtasia 2023 is the latest software in the list of TechSmith Camtasia version history that was released in May 2023. It comes with enhanced features that will provide a great video recording and editing experience to the users.

How Much Does Camtasia Latest Version Cost?

The latest Camtasia version comes at a very affordable price. You can purchase the Camtasia 2023 at a cost of $299.99. If you want to buy this professional screen recorder then you can also use the Camtasia promo code where you can save up to $60 on your purchase.

Buy now the latest Camtasia 2023 version at just $299.99. Enjoy smooth screen recording and video editing software at an affordable price.
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How Many Camtasia Versions Are Released?

There are a total of 15 versions of the Camtasia released till now from the year 1999. The latest addition to the Camtasia version history was added on May 9, 2023. All the new version comes with many more advanced and upgradable features than the previous one. Besides it, Bandicam vs. Camtasia is a good source to learn all the detailed features of Camtasia.

Can I Download Camtasia Old Versions?

Yes, you can definitely download the previous version of Camtasia. To download Camtasia older version, go to the TechSmith download center and search for the version that you want to download. At last, just click on the “download button” to download the Camtasia versions.

When Is Current Camtasia Version Launched?

The latest Camtasia version called Camtasia 2023 was launched on 9 May 2023. It is the upgradable version of the previous Camtasia software and that comes with all new advanced features.

Is There Any Free Trial Of Latest Camtasia Version?

Yes, Camtasia latest version comes with 30 days free trial. Hence, you can get Camtasia for free to enjoy all the premium features for a month.

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