5 Real Difference Between GoDaddy Shared & Business Web Hosting

Do you know what’s the difference between GoDaddy Shared and Business web hosting? Some of you already know the difference but also there are some people out there who don’t have a piece of proper knowledge about it. then it comes to purchasing web hosting then some people might get confused and panic. 

Well, let’s start from the basics and clear all the doubts about which hosting you should choose. Which hosting suits your small business perfectly? GoDaddy shared hosting or Business hosting?

As we know that GoDaddy serves different types of hosting to its customers which is used for different purposes. When it comes to launching a totally new website then many experts do recommend shared web hosting mostly. But when the website refers to any kind of small business then things get changed.

Now, you have to look at all the basics and advance web hosting features to find a suitable hosting. Storage, RAM, CPU, Traffic Handling, and Security are some of the necessary elements that show the real difference between those two big hosting types.

5 Things To Consider To Find Difference Between GoDaddy Shared Web Hosting and Business Hosting

GoDaddy Shared hosting and Business web hosting share some uncommon features that show how they differ from each other. Each feature plays an important role and shows which hosting you should choose. That’s why knowing all the things before heading for purchase is definitely a good idea. Let’s dig deeper into this topic to get the conclusion.

Price & Discounts

Difference between GoDaddy Shared Hosting & GoDaddy Business Hosting- Prices & Discounts

There’s no introduction needed to describe that shared web hosting is the most affordable hosting type. Normally, GoDaddy Shared Web Hosting Plans start from just $3.99 per month that anyone can easily afford. But GoDaddy occupies a secret starter plan of Shared web hosting, which is GoDaddy’s $1 web hosting. You get all the features in this special plan that you can avail yourself of using our GoDaddy Coupons. Apart from the starter plan, GoDaddy has three more different hosting plans that are economy, deluxe and ultimate. Here’s a simple chart to show the GoDaddy shared hosting plan more easily.

GoDaddy Business Hosting Plan is a little bit costly compared to shared web hosting. But when you compare its business hosting with other web hosting providers then you will find it’s also pocket-friendly hosting. Unlike the shared hosting, it doesn’t have a hidden deal like $1 hosting which is a minus point. GoDaddy’s launch hosting plan starts from just $14.99 per month and it is the minimum cost plan.

If you remember that then the shared hosting starter plan charge was just $3.99 per month which is $11 cheaper than the business hosting starter plan. Just like shared hosting, business hosting also has four different plans which are launch, enhance, grow and expand. Here is the more about GoDaddy business hosting plan:

Storage & Resources

Difference between GoDaddy Shared Hosting & GoDaddy Business Hosting- Storage & Resources

One of the reasons behind the low cost of shared web hosting, you get a limited amount of resources which is only suitable for a completely new website. Like, if you just have started a website, and in this, there’s no much data or traffic in it then you should pick shared hosting. Different shared hosting plan provides different storage capacity and usually the higher plan you purchase, the higher amount of storage you will get. The below table will acknowledge how much storage you will get in each GoDaddy shared hosting plan.

GoDaddy business web hosting is not similar to shared hosting in the term of storage features. Where you get a little portion of a CPU (central processing unit) or server in shared hosting, In business hosting you get a complete server (can be virtual) that is dedicated to your business website. You get a large number of resources into this hosting, unlike the shared hosting which is really an amazing feature. The storage feature shows the real difference between GoDaddy shared web hosting and business hosting. The below table will help you to explore more about the resources of business hosting.

Traffic Handling

Difference between GoDaddy Shared Hosting & GoDaddy Business Hosting- Traffic Handling

The real test of any type of web hosting is checked by its visitors handling capacity. Because of having low resources compared to the business web hosting plan, it has a low traffic handling capacity. Shared hosting can handle a limited number of users at a time and if the number of visitors increases suddenly then your website will face server down issues. Facing such an issue with shared web hosting is quite normal.

Unlike shared web hosting, GoDaddy business hosting provides unlimited database options and a very good amount of traffic handling features. So, if you are looking for hosting in a low budget that can handle your website smoothly then you can pick business hosting.


Difference between GoDaddy Shared Hosting & GoDaddy Business Hosting- Performance

If we talk about the performance comparison between GoDaddy shared web hosting and business hosting then there’s a large gap. In shared web hosting, you only get a small portion of a server that is shared not dedicated to any single website. Which makes it the lowest-performance web hosting plan.

In GoDaddy Business web hosting, you get dedicated storage resources, CPUs, RAM, database, and more. So, because of all these features, it becomes more reliable and gives better performance compared to shared web hosting. If you are planning to purchase the hosting on behalf of performance then choosing GoDaddy business hosting over shared hosting is definitely a good idea.


Difference between GoDaddy Shared Hosting & GoDaddy Business Hosting- Security

Security relies on different terms that can differ as per the situation. In shared web hosting, all the websites are hosted on a single server that makes all the websites vulnerable to any type of hacking attack. A malicious website that is hosted on the same servers as yours can affect your website data. There’s also a chance that you will be under attack by the same malware which attacked another website on your hosting server. Also, a shared hosting plan does not give you a high standard free SSL certificate to secure your website. You only get a free SSL certificate feature in the ultimate plan that is also not a standard version.

GoDaddy business hosting is completely the opposite of shared web hosting. In this type of hosting, the resources are not shared with other websites. So it does not matter if one or more websites are being attacked by hackers, your business or normal website is still secure. Also, you get a standard SSL certificate feature on all the plans of business hosting which makes it more secure. Security is also a major term, which shows the real difference between GoDaddy shared web hosting and business hosting.