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Hostinger Webmail is one of the famous free email services that you get with the Hostinger Web Hosting service. You can try Hostinger Coupons to get discounted rate Hostinger web hosting services. Email is the most important way of communication and if you are running a business along with a website then you need a business email address. So how you can get one for free if you are using Hostinger web hosting or you can buy one with Hostinger web hosting.

What Is Hostinger Webmail?

Webmail Hostinger is a professional email service that comes with CPanel where you can manage your domain name email Ids. It has a basic interface as your regular email service provider where you can send and receive mail on the go. Webmail is a free service that comes with cPanel web hosting control panel. So you will get the webmail if your web hosting provider provides a cPanel control panel. But free email depends upon the hosting provider. With Hostinger cheapest web hosting plan, you will get at least one free email and they will increase as you buy higher ones.

Hostinger free Email account

Why Do You Consider Using Webmail Hostinger?

If you are looking for professional mail with your domain name like we have akb@webtechcoupons.com. Then you have to pay for professional email services. But with Hostinger Webmail Services Webmail comes free of cost. If you do not want to spend extra money on email clients like Gmail or outlook for the simple reason that they make you found to their interface. You should give try the Hostinger Free Professional Email service which comes inbuilt with cPanel Web Hosting Control Panel.

Is Hostinger WebMail is best Choice for you?

If you have a Hostinger Web Hosting account then Hostinger Webmail is the best option that helps you to own professional Email Ids Free of cost. The main advantages of Hostinger WebMail Ids are

  • Email Id with your domain Name
  • High volume emails space
  • Easy to use interface
  • Easy to configure with Email software’s like outlook
  • Hostinger Email Interface

Above are the few most important highlights of Hostinger Webmail services that make you more professional.

How To Create An Email With Hostinger Webmail Service?

Creating Webmail Hosttinger professional email id is very simple. Your domain should be configured with your Hostinger web Hostinger account. Then you need to login into your Hostinger cPanel their you will see an Email heading in which you will find the email account tab click that.

Now a new page will open with various options there you will find an option to create an email id.

There you can choose the name of your professional email and your domain will be part of the email then set a password. Click on create email and your domain name email id is ready to use in few seconds.

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How you can log in to Hostinger Webmail?

We can log in to our business email account using two ways one we can log in to Hostinger cPanel from there from the email option we have direct access to our free business email account. But direct cPanel access is not possible on regular basis. To deal with this Hostinger provide a direct URL to access the webmail give below.


Through the above URL, you can access your business Id by using your full Email id with the domain name and password you set while creating the webmail account.

Can You Get A Hosting Webmail Account Without Hostinger Web Hosting?

Webmail is part of the cPanel web hosting control panel that we get with the Hostinger web hosting service. This means you have to buy a web hosting service to use Webmail. For this you can look at our Hostinger Coupon Codes page here you will enjoy the best hosting deals and offers on different Hostinger services.

Do We Have To Pay Extra For Hostinger WebMail Benefits?

No there is no extra cost for the Hostinger webmail service that comes with Hostinger Web hosting. But they also provide a premium email service for that you have to pay extra if you want to enjoy a different interface. But we will suggest you better stick with free which give you all functionality for your emailing needs.

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Webmail Hostinger Login Issues

Humans make a few simple mistakes and those mistakes become issues and we need to search the solutions. So we bought the most common issues you will face while using hostinger webmail.

Forgot to add the Domain name

Many users do not write their email address complete rather they add @gmail.com or any other email address as they are found of it. While login you have to use the proper Email address following your domain name.

Wrong Password

This is the most common mistake that you may do while using hostinger webmail. Do not worry you have an option to reset the password if you have forgotten.

Wrong user ID or Domain name

Sometimes you just do a typical mistake that is not easy to catch for example akb@webtechcoupon.com, There is ‘s’ is missing in last but you will not be able to figure it out many times.

Wrong URL

Many of my team members try to log in using gmail.com, but they will not be able to do so until you use the Gmail business mail service which is paid.

so there are many silly mistakes people do. You can also share your mistakes with us through the contact us page. We may update those in this article.

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