ExpressVPN vs IPVanish 2021 | Is ExpressVPN Better Than IPVanish?

Doing ExpressVPN vs IPvanish 2021 comparison can literally be a fun task. It is not due to the existence of a clear winner but because in most aspects, they stood beside each other. Both of them have been operating in this industry for almost a decade and have created a large user base. That’s why we are going to compare them to find IPVanish vs ExpressVPN which is better.

Quick Overview to ExpressVPN vs IPVanish VPN

If you don’t have enough time to for reading the full comparison then you can have a look at our detailed IPVanish vs ExpressVPN infographics:

IPVanish vs ExpressVPN

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IPVanish vs ExpressVPN: Similarities

Both ExpressVPN and IPVanish VPN offer some of the best VPN features. Here we have mentioned the features that you may find common between Express VPN vs IPVanish:

expressvpn vs ipvanish speed

  • Industry-best Encryption: ExpressVPN and IPVanish, both provide the same kind of encryption to their users. They use the same military-grade AES-256-bit encryption. It is considered one of the most secure security standards and is also used by NSA for securing confidential data.
  • Protocols used: OpenVPN, IKEv2, and L2TP are considered the most secured VPN protocols. Both IPVanish vs ExpressVPN use these protocols for providing fast and secured connections to their users. Apart from these protocols, they also use IPSec and PPTP.
  • No-Logs Policy: IPVanish and ExpressVPN operate with a No-Log policy. This means that both of them don’t keep a track of your activities and don’t store any of your data. This makes these platforms very secure and reliable
  • Bypassing Censorship: If you want to bypass internet censorship, then you can go with any of these VPNs. Both of them are able to bypass the local restrictions and allows you to access worldwide content.
  • Wi-Fi Protection: While connected to any of these VPNs, all your data is routed through an encrypted tunnel whether you are using a public or private network. In this way, both of them provide you safer Wi-Fi connections and keeps your online activities secure.
  • Torrenting: Both of these platforms support torrenting and allows P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing. However, if considered ExpressVPN vs IPVanish speed, then you will find IPVanish far ahead.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: The other common feature linked to these VPN platforms is that they don’t throttle your data usage. They allow you to transfer as much data you want.

These are the major features that you may find similar between IPVanish vs Express VPN.

Difference between ExpressVPN vs IPVanish

To find IPVanish vs ExpressVPN which is better, let’s have a look at the aspects where these two VPN brands differ:

IPVanish vs Express VPN: Range of Servers

It is always recommended to choose a VPN with a large server range as it provides more flexibility and allows you to access the content for a larger geographical region.

ExpressVPN: ExpressVPN has a very big server range with 3000+ servers, located in 94 countries. It also allows you to use around 160 different server locations.

IPVanish: IPVanish has 1600+ servers that are fairly good enough. These servers are placed in 75 different locations around the globe.

Express VPN vs IPVanish: Netflix Support

Netflix has gained immense popularity and at present, a large number of people only use VPN for unblocking the regional library of Netflix.

ExpressVPN: If you are looking forward to unblocking Netflix, then choosing ExpressVPN can be a great choice. With it, you can watch Netflix without experiencing any speed interruption.

IPVanish: By using IPVanish, you can access other geo-restricted sites like YouTube, Kodi, etc. but not Netflix. IPVanish is not capable of unblocking Netflix.

IPVanish vs Express VPN: Privacy

ExpressVPN: As mentioned earlier, ExpressVPN doesn’t keep any record of your activities. And the best part about is that it is based in the British Virgin Islands and doesn’t fall under the jurisdiction of any major country.

IPVanish: IPVanish also promises not to log your activities. However, it is based in the United States which is a part of the 5 eyes intelligence alliance. This means in special circumstances the US Government can force it for providing the information of its users.

Express VPN vs IPVanish: Connection Speed

Speed is a very important factor, and for conducting the ExpressVPN vs IPVanish speed test, we took the reference of TechRadar.

ExpressVPN: ExpressVPN provided an amazing speed of around 200Mbps while being used in Windows devices. However, with Mac devices, its speed fell below the average speed level.

IPVanish: Alike ExpressVPN, IPVanish also provided good connection speed while being used in the Windows device. However, on Mac devices, it performed better than ExpressVPN.

IPVanish vs Express VPN: Simultaneous Connections and Devices Supported

ExpressVPN: ExpressVPN can be used on a maximum of 5 devices at a time. The devices with which it is compatible are Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Routers, Chromebook, Gaming Consoles, and Kindle Fire. Besides this, it is also available as a browser extension for Chrome.

IPVanish: IPVanish doesn’t limit your device usage that means you can use this VPN on as many devices as you want. The Operating systems with which it is compatible are Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. You can also use it in FireTV, Routers, Gaming Consoles, and Chrome as an extension.

Express VPN vs IPVanish: Kill Switch

Kill Switch is a fantastic tool that prevents your IP from getting leaked if your VPN connection drops.

ExpressVPN: With this VPN, you can get a kill switch. This feature can be used in Windows, Mac, and Android devices.

IPVanish: IPVanish also provides a kill switch. However, the kill switch provided by it only works on PCs and you cannot use it while accessing the internet on smartphones.

IPVanish vs Express VPN: Split Tunneling

Split tunneling is an awesome feature and only a few VPN service providers offer this feature. It allows you to select the apps whose data should be routed through a VPN. In this way, it helps you in accessing both regional and international content at the same time.

ExpressVPN: ExpressVPN provides this feature and allows you to enjoy split tunneling through Windows, Mac, and Android devices. It also supports split tunneling on routers.

IPVanish: IPVanish also supports split tunneling. But, it supports split tunneling only in Android and FireOS devices.

Express VPN vs IPVanish: Cloud Storage

ExpressVPN: ExpressVPN provides a lot of amazing features but doesn’t offer any cloud storage.

IPVanish: There are only a few platforms that provide cloud storage and IPVanish is among them. It provides a 500GB cloud space where you can save your important files. Although for this feature, it will charge you some extra money.

ExpressVPN vs IPVanish VPN: Pricing

There is no doubt that ExpressVPN provides much better features in comparison to IPVanish. However, when it comes to pricing, you will find IPVanish much affordable than ExpressVPN.

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ExpressVPN vs IPVanish: User Support

Now, it’s time to check ExpressVPN or IPVanish, which has better support. If you are struggling with any problem while using ExpressVPN then you can check their knowledge base of written and video tutorials. If these aren’t able to resolve your problem then you can contact ExpressVPN user support 24/7 through live chat. 

IPVanish also provides 24/7 support to its users. You can contact the IPVanish support team through live chat, emails, and voice calls (specific regions). However, the user support of ExpressVPN is considered far better than that of IPVanish. 

IPVanish vs ExpressVPN: Money-back Guarantee

ExpressVPN and IPVanish both operate on a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that you can get your money back within 30 days of making the purchase if you are facing any issues in using them.

Which is better ExpressVPN or IPVanish for firestick?

Both ExpressVPN vs IPVanish are capable of running with a firestick. However, with ExpressVPN you can enjoy a much faster streaming experience in comparison to IPVanish. So, it better to choose ExpressVPN while deciding IPVanish vs ExpressVPN for firestick.

ExpressVPN vs IPVanish VPN: Which is better?

Both ExpressVPN and IPVanish provide amazing security features and are capable of maintaining your privacy that why they are considered as best VPN. We also compared ExpressVPN vs IPVanish speed where both the VPN performed perfectly. But, if online streaming is your priority then it is recommended to choose ExpressVPN as it can unblock Netflix and other major streaming platforms. However, if you want to secure a large number of devices or want cloud storage then choosing IPVanish can be a great option for you.

FAQ: IPVanish vs ExpressVPN

Q1. Which VPN is best for streaming?

In online streaming, ExpressVPN has an edge over IPVanish. That’s why ExpressVPN is also featured in our list of top VPN for Netflix.

Q2. Is ExpressVPN better than IPVanish?

For finding which platform is better, you can read our in-depth explanation of the difference between ExpressVPN and IPVanish.

Q3. What is IPVanish good for?

IPVanish is better known for its ability for securing devices. Besides this, it can do much more things that are mentioned in ExpressVPN vs IPVanish comparison.

Q4. What routers are compatible with ExpressVPN?

There is a big list of routers that are compatible with ExpressVPN. You can check them here.

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