Facebook Dating Not Showing Matches In 2023

The Facebook dating app is a newly launched platform for dating purposes. Many Facebook users have signed up for Facebook Dating. People hoping to find their love through the app. However, some users find an issue where Facebook dating not showing matches. This can be frustrating for those people who are trying to find their connection.

People have queries about why I am not getting matches on Facebook dating. There might be some possibilities “Why is FB dating not showing matches?”. In this article, we will tell you why FB dating matches not showing up and how you can fix the issue. To know more go through the article and get to know the reasons and fix them.

Why Is Facebook Dating Not Showing My Matches?

There are some reasons which may interrupt FB dating not showing matches. Check, if any of the reason is the root cause of your issue:

  • App Is Out Of Date
  • Incomplete Or Not Attractive Profile
  • Algorithm Glitch
  • Poor Internet Connection
  • Narrow Preference 
  • Age Restriction
  • Server Is Down
  • Banned By Facebook
  • Technical Issue
  • Not Consistency 

These are the possibilities why Facebook dating won’t show matches. In the further section, we have provided in detail how you can fix Facebook Dating Matches not showing up.

How To Fix When Facebook Dating Not Showing Matches?

How To Fix When Facebook Dating Not Showing Matches?

FB Dating relies on your preferences, location, and profile information to find potential matches. There are some possibilities to fix why FB dating matches not showing up:

Update The App

You might have not updated the app this could be a possibility for not showing your match. With the new update, the app introduces more features and sometimes the old version does not work. The new update will improve the app’s performance and help you find more connections.

Complete Profile/Make Attractive

Make your profile more informative and attractive. Give more pieces of information by describing yourself, mentioning your interest, hobbies, goals and dreams, ask questions to engage people that will attract more people towards your profile.

Refresh Algorithm 

Bugs or errors in the FB Dating algorithm may fail to display matches properly. This is a major issue of Facebook dating not showing matches. Delete and recreate your dating profile to reset the algorithm and hopefully improve your suggested matches.

Improve Internet Connection

A bad internet connection will cause interruptions in using the app. The app may lack or not work properly. Because of that Facebook dating won’t show matches. Therefore, connect to a Wi-Fi network that you have connected to before instead of using a 4G or 5G network.

Age Eligibility

You must be above 18 years old for using the app. If you are under the age means you are below 18, you will not be able to use the app for dating. Also, some countries restrict usage for those under a certain age.

Server Scaling

This could be a reason why Facebook dating not showing matches. By increasing the server capabilities it will handle more workload and traffic on the app. If the server is down every user will face the same problem including matches, chatting, calling etc.

Follow Community Guidelines

The reason may be that they did not follow the community guidelines or use violence. Make sure that you follow the guidelines and terms and conditions or else Facebook dating won’t show matches. If by chance you get banned from the app so learn How To Get Unbanned From Facebook Dating.

Report Issue

App glitches, errors in your profile, or other technical issues should be reported to Facebook because of that FB dating not showing matches. 

Be More Active

Regularly check profiles, like and comment on posts, respond to messages, etc. This boosts your visibility so you’re shown to more potential matches.

Expand Preference 

It may also happen that because of your narrow preference Facebook dating not showing matches. Expand location radius, religion, ethnicity, etc to increase your chances of being matched. 

These are some top methods to fix the issue of FB dating not showing matches.

Why Facebook Dating Matches Not Messaging To Me?

There are a few reasons why your matches on Facebook Dating may not be messaging you:

  1. There might be a chance that they have not seen your message yet.
  2. Some people prefer that other people message them first.
  3. Some error occurs because of that Facebook dating not showing matches to other people even after they get a match.
  4. People are busy in life so it may take some time to reply.
  5. May not want to talk to you because of bad behaviour.

These are some possibilities why FB dating matches not messaging you and Facebook dating matches not showing up.

Why Did Facebook Dating Matches Disappear?

There are several reasons why Facebook Dating matches may disappear:


The possibility could be that either the person is no longer interested in you or it could be some technical issue.

Deleted Profile

If the person deleted their profile, he/she will automatically remove from your list of matches. Facebook dating won’t show matches of deleted profiles.

Banned Account

The banned account could be a reason why Facebook dating not showing matches. They will disappear from your matches.

Location Change

If someone changes their location it may disappear distance based matches and another reason could be a long-distance relationship.

App Issue

Technical bugs, expired access tokens, or app crashes might cause the invisibility of Facebook dating not showing matches.

Why Facebook Dating Matches Not Showing Up On Android Devices?

Some potential reasons why FB dating not showing matches on Android devices are technical issues, outdated apps, shadowban, age restrictions, device compatibility issues, etc.

Why Are FB Dating Matches Not Showing Up On iPhone?

Facebook dating not showing matches on iPhones because of underage users, glitches, incomplete dating profiles, shadowban app crashes etc.

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