Facebook Videos Not Playing On Android/iPhone/Chrome

Facebook is not only a platform to chat or be friends with others. Besides this, you can watch trending videos and now people are watching more videos on Facebook as compared to YouTube. But it’s annoying when these Facebook videos not playing on Android, iPhone, iPad, and chrome and there are many circumstances for that. Here we are going to describe all issues and their quick fixes to why are my Facebook videos not automatically playing.

Why Are Facebook Videos Not Playing On My Device?

Here are some common reasons why you can not play Facebook videos on your device. If you are facing this issue the reasons are mentioned below:

  • There can be corrupt cache files present on your device.
  • Bad network connectivity and Internet connection.
  • Low storage on your device.
  • The latest app version is not compatible with your device.
  • You are using an outdated or un-updated Facebook version.

These might be some common reasons why Facebook videos not playing properly. Now it’s time to know how to fix it.

How To Fix Facebook Not Playing Videos?

The easiest way to fix playing Facebook videos is to restart the app on your device. If this does not fix this issue then there are many other ways to fix it on different devices. So we have mentioned it for all devices such as Android, Chrome, iPhone, and iPad. 

Facebook Videos Not Playing On Android

To play Facebook videos on Android devices, you have to follow the below-mentioned steps for that. 

  • Go to the Settings App” on your Android device and open the App List” installed on your device.
Steps To Fix Facebook Not Playing Videos
  • Now go to the Facebook Appand open it.
  • Click on Force Stop” button to stop running Facebook on your device.
Steps To Fix Facebook Videos Not Playing
  • Now again, click on Facebook” app and reinitiate it.

That’s how you can simply follow these easy steps and enjoy Facebook videos on your Android devices.

Facebook Not Playing Videos On iPhone Or iOS

The easy way to watch Facebook videos on iPhone is just close the recent tabs on your device. Other than this, we have mentioned some more steps below, which are:

  • Firstly, relaunch the app by clicking on the Homebutton twice and clear Facebook Window” from recent.
  • Users who have iPhone models with Face Id, they also relaunch the Facebook” app. By clicking twice on the Home” button and swiping up this app from recent.

Facebook Videos Not Playing In Chrome Or PC

If you are using Facebook videos won’t play on PC and chrome. Then you can use these steps which we have mentioned below:

  • Firstly, restart Chrome” and relaunch the app by clicking on the X mark in the right corner.
  • Clear cache and cookies from Chrome.
  • Another important thing is enabling Flash Content” because if the flash content is disabled you can’t watch Facebook videos.
  • If this issue did not get resolved yet then you can Reset Chrome” to its default settings.

Other Ways To Fix Facebook Not Playing Videos

Besides these solutions here are some common issues that can be found on every device. So by fixing them you can also play Facebook videos without facing any difficulty.

Stable Data Connection

This can be a prime reason for Facebook videos not playing 2022. Because if you are having unstable or slow internet connectivity the videos will not be played properly. For that make sure you have a good internet connection with a speed of upto 10-15 Mbps. For this, check out the fast website to measure your data speed. 

Clear Cache

Clear Cache To Fix Facebook Videos Not Playing

It is another important thing that you can do while Facebook not playing videos on Android and iPhone. Ways to clear corrupt cache are different on both devices:

How To Clear Cache On Android?

To clear the cache on Android devices we have mentioned some easiest steps:

  • Go to the “Settings App” and open App List” of all installed apps.
  • Find out Facebook App” and click Storage Usage” to look at its storage on Android devices.
  • After that, click on Clear Cache” button to clear all cache 
  • Now, Relaunch Facebook App” to check if it now working or not.

How To Clear Cache On iPhone?

There are some different steps to clear the cache on iPhone which are as follows:

  • Open the Facebook App” on your iPhone.
  • Then go to the Settings & Privacy” in Facebook and open Settings”.
  • Here you will get a Browser” option, click on it.
  • At the end tap on Clear Button” tab to remove all browsing data and cache from Facebook.

Login Or Logout Your FB Account

This is another method that works while Facebook videos not playing on Android/iPhone/iPad. It is very easy to do just by following the simple steps mentioned below:

  • Open Facebook App” and tap on three bar icon” which is in the top right corner on an Android device. And on the bottom right corner of the iPhone.
  • Now open Profile Settings” and click on the Logoutbutton 
  • After that sign in again to check if this issue is resolved or not.

Uninstall And Reinstall Facebook App 

Uninstall Facebook On Android & iPhone

After all these methods, if Facebook still not playing videos on your device then just uninstall it. After that again install it to fix this problem. 

  • If you’re using Android then long press on the Facebook Appand click on theUninstalloption.
  • In iPhones long press the Facebook Appclick on the minusbutton and choose Delete Appoption
  • Then go to the Play Storeand Apple App Storeto reinstall Facebook on your Android and iPhones.

Final Words: Facebook Videos Not Playing

So these are the best ways to fix Facebook watch not working on Android, Chrome, iPhone, and iPad. Other than this, we have resolved some common ways to fix this problem. We hope these steps will help you out and you can enjoy Facebook videos easily.

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FAQs: Facebook Video Not Playing Continuously

Here are some top queries regarding Facebook videos won’t play on PC that is asked by many users.

Can I Download Facebook Videos To My Phone?

No, you can’t save Facebook videos but can “Bookmark” or “Save To Watchlist” the videos on your account.

Can I Change Who Can See My Videos On Facebook?

Yes, you can change the audience for a video by “Audience Selector” and choose an audience for your videos.

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