Fix Torrent You Are Trying To Add Already In The List

With all-new updates running on your device you may experience a slight change in your torrent application which is very normal. The most common issue to fix the torrent you are trying to add is already in the list problem

Such errors occur for various reasons depending on your device or any new update. Therefore, we are solving this error the torrent you are trying to add is already in the torrent list.

In the later section, we are sharing some important guide tips related to torrents. This will be very helpful for all our utorrent streamers so stay tuned with the guide till the end. 

A Quick Fix Over The Torrent You Are Trying To Add Already In The List Problem

Before fixing the error let us know the actual reason why such kind of trouble happens on your system. So depending on the facts that from where you are installing utorrent software on your device is very important.

Most of the time the magnet link from many of us download the torrent may conation some virus or phishing threats. Therefore, it can be the reason to get this utorrent not responding issues. There are many other torrent errors that we will discuss later.

Solutions To The Error utorrent Saying Already In List

Check these solutions for the torrent you’re trying to add is already in your list. You can fix this issue with the help of these solutions. 

1 Simply Restart The Torrent On Your Device

This is the very first and most common step that one should do. Sometimes this problem torrent already in list arrived because all the updated files or downloads were going to add in the hidden tabs. This section of the hidden tab does not allow your device to download torrent files. Also, it does not allow utorrent to accept any other torrent file with the same file name. 

Follow this procedure step by step to fix the torrent you’re trying to add is already 

  1. Open the utorrent application on your device. 
  2. Navigate to the Label option at the extreme level. 
  3. There is an option just right below with the name “hidden”. 
  4. Click the Hidden folder. If you find that torrent file in that then this will be the actual reason the torrent you are adding is already in the list.
  5. Right-click on the file if you want to download it. Otherwise, you can also delete from that folder to re-install the application from the beginning. 

This is how you can easily fix what the utorrent says already in the list. If you don’t find any application in this folder then you may search that in another location on the same device. 

2. For Technical Persons- Try To Rename the Setting.dat.old File

It is highly recommended to all that if you are a technical person then go forward with this solution. Otherwise, follow the above mention solution. 

For this procedure, you have to navigate the actual location of the utorrent. There is an option of setting.dat that you have to rename into setting.dat.bug or any other technical name you know. Again rename the old setting.dat file to further steps. 

This is a proven solution to the torrent you are trying to add is already in the list but it is quite risky to play with such files and folders. Therefore, do this only with the help of an expert technician. 

3. Reinstall Utorrent Application On Your Device

This is the last option if both above mention solutions are not working out. For this, you just have to go to the setting option. Then navigate towards apps > follow the apps and features. Find the uTorrent application and simply uninstall it.  

Then you can clear cache from your device or PC to reinstall the torrent application. For some cases, after re-installing the app you may follow step 1 again. 

These are the main three solutions that you can use to solve the problem of utorrent says already in the list. However, if there is a still problem with utorrent not responding then you can give a try to the following solutions.

uTorrent Not Responding While Downloading- An Easy Fix

Apart from the above-mentioned torrent already in the list problem, you may find this error. When you download a fresh Utorrent application then this will be the most common error happen i.e 

“Utorrent is already running, but not responding. Please close all uTorrent processes and try again.”

No doubt utorrent is one of the most popular downloading hubs which is used to download various items including movies, songs, videos, games, software, and many more. Therefore, you have to know the same hacks to fix this utorrent not responding problem using very simple methods.

8 Easy Solution To Fix Why Does Utorrent Not Responding Issue?

Check out these fixes to get rid of these not responding utorrent issues seamlessly. For those who are totally new to torrent features, this might be tricky but don’t worry you can easily perform such fixes smoothly. 

Solution 1: Restart Your System

A very basic and easy method to get resolved this error is just to restart your computer. The reason behind this is that when you download any program on your device there are some glitches or technical issues arrises in its database section. That is why you may experience such problems. So in the beginning try this solution if nothing happens then switch to the next method.

If you also faced error code 0x0 0x0 on windows then you can also use this solution to fix this error.

Solution 2: Restart Utorrent Application

This is the second method to fix utorrent not responding on windows device or any other device. There is some technical system error that occurs on your device while such heavy software is running. So, in a simple manner just restart your utorrent application. For that go to the task manager through setting sections and find a utorrent app that is running in the background. Click the utorrent task to end the task and then navigate to restart the application on your device. 

Solution 3: Disable Device’s Antivirus Software

Antivirus programs are basically used to protect your device from harmful viruses or threats. That is why sometimes, such antivirus programs consider the torrent application as an illegal activity running on your system. For that instant, you can simply install the antivirus program and then try to install the utorrent program. By doing this you will be able to the issue is still occurring or not. If not, then go with the setting and disable your antivirus program. If still the problem showing on your screen then move towards the next solution. 

Solution 4: Delete All The Application Data

To remove the problem of the torrent you are trying to add already in the list problem you can delete all the application data. When you download any software or file from utorrent, the app store some data files into your computer. Most of the time this data will interrupt over time that shows no torrent responding issue. To overcome this, remove the utorrent app from your system and clear all the browsing cache or cookies from your device.  If you are not a technical person, then we suggest consulting an IT expert for this. 

Solution 5: Allow uTorrent Through Windows Firewall

With the wrong configuration of the windows firewall, your utorrent app will show non-responsive behavior. Therefore, while downloading any software your system requires heavy bandwidth and this window firewall will restrict that potential. To resolve that utorrent not responding follow these steps:

Step 1: Click the search bar and search for Firewall.

Step 2: Now open “Firewall And Network Setting” from the search result.

Step 3: Navigate to the “allow an app through firewall” that displaying at the button of your screen. 

Step 4: There is a new window display where get a button “change setting” 

Step 5: Locate the utorrent application and don’t forget to click both checkboxes. 

Step 6: At the end, save all settings and close the windows firewall. 

Now, check if there is still any interruption while downloading any kind of software in your system. 

Solution 6: Disable All The Proxy Servers

Many offices use proxy servers to provide an internet connection to their workers. If you are using a public network for downloading any files or software then such proxy servers will block utorrent ports. At the time when these proxy servers block any port of the software, you may encounter non-responsive behavior at the of downloading anything into your system.  That is why you find the problem of torrent you are trying to add already in the list occur so many times. Therefore, to fix this just simply disable proxy settings on your device. 

Follow these steps to disable proxy servers:

Step 1: Just click the Windows Key plus R and open the run command box.

Step 2: Once the run dialogue box opens just type intetcp.cpl and hit enter button.

Step 3: There are some internet properties displayed on your screen, click the connection tab at the top of the icons. 

Step 4: Tab the LAN setting button at the bottom of the properties. 

Step 5: Uncheck the box that says “Use a proxy server for your LAN” and click on OK.

Step 6: Disable all the proxy servers and then again try to download things via utorrent to resolve that issue. 

Solution 7: System Scanning For Malware Or Virus Detection

If your system has a virus or any harmful malware then you might face the not responding issue on uTorrent. All you have to do is just scan your whole system that causes major problems for other programs. For this, you can use the best antivirus software that our suggestion is to try Norton, Bitdefender, McAfee, and many more. You can use some free antivirus software or any other at discount. Sign up for the best antivirus program that can boost your device’s productivity and prevent harmful threats or viruses.

You can also use in-built windows defender to scan your system if you don’t want to spend money on such software. 

Solution 8: Reinstall uTorrent Application

The last method you can do is to reinstall the utorrent software. Sometimes the torrent application you are using might got corrupt. Therefore, you can simply uninstall the app and then again download it on your device after clearing all residual caches and cookies. Follow these steps to uninstall the application:

Step 1: Navigate to the control panel in the windows search bar.

Step 2: Now, select the Programs option to uninstall the app.

Step 3: Find out utorrent from the list of programs and just right-click on that to remove the software.

Step 4: Click the uninstall button and the process is done. 

Just reinstall the utorrent app and then check does the not responding issue is resolved or not.


Thus, these are the possible solutions that you can try to fix torrent you are trying to add already to the list. Let us know which solution helps you in getting rid of that issue in the comment section just right below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Some top queries related to fix torrenting that is already in the list are answered below:

  1. What Happens If You Delete A Torrent?

    You can stop seeding the torrent file by installing it from your device. When you remove the application it will automatically stop seeding.

  2. How Do I Fix uTorrent Installer Not Opening?

    You can use the above-mentioned eight solutions to fix this problem. These are quite easy methods to fix Utorrent not responding.

  3. What Is Better Than uTorrent?

    There are many options available as an alternative to Utorrent. These are qBittorrent, Deluge, Tixati, and transmission.

  4. What Is Faster Than uTorrent?

    BitTorrent is much faster than Utorrent and there are fewer problems while working with BitTorrent. You can definitely give a try this application if Utorrent does not work on your device. 

  5. Which Utorrent Is Best For Windows 10?

    For Windows 10 users, a Utorrent classic is the best option. Not only on Windows, but this version of Utorrent can also support Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and 8. 

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