What Is Highest Price Ever Paid For A Domain Name?

Usually, we do not check public domain sales. There is various journal website which shares such information. Rather, it is always good to use the check such reports of current sales and trends. While this year’s top sales remain Ice.com for $3.5 million. But, you know what is the highest price ever paid for a domain name from the buyer? You have to search for various journal sites and books. $3.5 million is a big amount to pay for the domain name. Before finding the highest-paid domain, we must be aware of why it is the most expensive.

The fact of a High paid Domain Name

Domains are like internet real estate in the form of domain flipper. So, it is necessary to learn to sell a domain name at the highest possible price. But, what is different that makes a domain sell for millions?

There can be so many facts related to this term. Maybe, names look simple to you. But the people who are willing to purchase the domain saw something different. As we know, every online business starts with a domain name. It doesn’t matter, your business is a million-dollar business or a small online business. But firstly, you need a domain name to start a business. It is the first thing people remember whenever they search for your business.

So, have a brandable name that is associated with any business is profitable to any other name. Big business spends thousands of dollars so, they can spend a more amount to acquire the best domain. This is the most important or none and only fact that makes a value of a domain.

Highest Paid Domain Name ever in the History

According to the DNJournal report, “Cars.com” is the most valuable and highest price ever paid for a domain. It was sold in May 2017 for $872.3 million.

That is a very big amount that is paying for a domain name. But, it is not necessary that this domain will be of such value for all. Above all, the buyer paid this huge amount for the domain because he has the value of this domain in their business. Cars.com is the most searching domain when you are looking for any type of car query. And, the buyer is starting a business in the car-related field. This is the most important fact which made Cars.com such a millionaire domain. In contrast, if you are starting a textile or food-related business then the Cars.com domain will be the normal domain for you.

The highest Paid list

Mostly, the highest priced website name agreement is to hide or non-disclosure. The buyer and seller nobody is except the price of these. But, few sales are public and there can be many lists of domains related to their value.

  1. Cars.com – $872.3 million in May 2017
  2. Business.com – $345 million
  3. LasVegas.com- $90 million in 2015
  4. CarInsurance.com- $49.7 million in 2010
  5. Insurance.com- $35.6 million 2010
  6. VacationRentals.com- $35 million in 2007
  7. PrivateJet.com- $30.18 million 2012
  8. Voice.com- $30 million 2019
  9. 360.com-$17 million in 2017
  10. Insure.com- $16 million in 2009

This is not important what a domain name. In contrast, importance is the value it has for the buyer. Many domains have sold many times throughout the whole life period. So, one domain can be pre-sell to another user. It has mostly happened in the internet real estate world for online business. Therefore, this is important to be updated about the domain sell business if you are working in this field. There are many journal website which can update you more about it. Doesn’t want to buy a domain name for a high price then you can afford a domain name for cheap with a Hostinger 99 cent Domain deal. That will be one of the finest ways for you to get your money-saving deal on.

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