Hostgator Web Hosting Review 2024– Performance, Scalability & Price

It is one of the oldest products in the hosting industry. Hostgator web hosting is a shared product. It means that many users use the same resource to cut the pricing. Today we are going to dig into Hostgator Web hosting Review and explore the following things. Read our Hostgator web Hosting review content to know more about Hostgator. Also, this hosting company offers a black Friday discount only you have to apply the Hostgator black Friday coupon code at the time of purchase then you can save upto 80% off.

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It is one of the leading players in the hosting industry. With the advantage of its experience, it is growing its users base on a daily basis. Lets starts with WebTechCoupons Exclusive Hostgator Web Hosting Review 2024.



What Hostgator Offer with its Web Hosting?

The company brings three different web hosting plans. So that it will cover the needs and demand of different users. It developed its Hosting package in such a way that it can attract all time of users.

Hatchling Hostgator Web Hosting Package

It is starting package to run a single website at the cost of $ 11 monthly billing. But on first billing with longer term plan you will get a substantial discount. With unlimited space & bandwidth, it is the best choice for users who just want to run a single website.

Hostgator Baby Web Hosting Plan

This plan brings option where you can run an unlimited website in your single hosting plan. It means you have the capability of add-on domains. It is perfect when you have more than two websites. You have to add just a few dollars to get this plan and get unlimited resources.

Business Hostgator Shared Web Hosting Package

Its is one of the best robust webs hosting packages with come with an SSL certificate and a dedicated IP. It can be useful when you want a safer website. Nowadays it also increases your SEO ranking by a slight margin.

Above we have different shared the main different in different Hostgator web hosting plan. Now see the standard features that come everyday with all packages.

Hostgator Web Hosting Technical Review

The hosting packages are powered with all relevant and necessary tools to run the different type of website.

Unlimited Resource – You have unlimited space & bandwidth with starting package.

Unlimited Database – It is something which is restricted may other hosting companies. But Hostgator is giving unlimited database with unlimited capacity.

45 Days Money Back Guarantee – It is one of the best things when you go for the longer term. Then money back option makes you feel safer for the purchase.

Cpanel – It is best hosting Panel that we used till now, and Hostgator Shared Hosting is powered with Cpanel.

Application Hosting – Support more than 75 Open source scripts and much content management systems. You can install them with just a few clicks.

Above are the top features of Hostgator Shared Web Hosting which come in all packages.

How to buy Hostgator Shared Web Hosting?

There is no need to give a demo of buying online. But it might help few very new users. Which is why we are showing the steps that help you to buy web Hostgator web hosting the first time.

Step One – Open and click Web Hosting tab which is second on the top menu.

Step Two – Select the web hosting package you need and click on Signup Now Button

Set Three – It’s the final stage you are on Hostgator Order From. Here you have to give all your details, and you can also use Hostgator Coupon Code on this page.

Finally, you will see the confirmation message along with an email. In Email, you have login details for the customer panel. Here you can see all the details of your payment, and you can also change your payment method. In a few minutes, you will get the details of your Cpanel login. So your hosting will be up and running within one hour.

Sometimes you may require going through a verification process. In that case, it may talk 24 Hrs to activate your hosting. If you need to be get verified just send any Government issued ID. Identity proof should be the person whose credit card you have used for payment.

How to save money on Hostgator Web Hosting?

You have the option of adding a coupon code on the Oder from, where you can apply the Hostgator Shared Hosting Promo Codes for better pricing. WebTechCoupons is the best place to get all updated Hostgator Coupons & Deals.

Hostgator Web Hosting Insight with Real-time overview

We get a Demo Account from hosting for Reviewing Hostgator Web Hosting. In the customer portal, we can do a lot of thing like creating the database and changing Cpanel Password. But the most important task you can do from is enabled shell access.

Hostgator Web Hosting Control Panel

Now let us check the Cpanel, You have revived the email with Cpanel login credentials. You will see a lot of custom option on Cpanel which help you make your task easy. So Cpanel is kind of interesting, You have few new opportunity to test. You will get all necessary things option in Cpanel.

Hostgator Web Hosting Review

Hostgator Hatchling Web Hosting Power and Hardware

Hostgator Shared Web Hosting Power

We are giving you an overview of starting package of Hostgator Web Hosting which is known as Hatchling. It is starting Web Hosting package where you can run a single website.

You can see we have just 25 process which seems to be to less, but Hostgator claims that is enough to move a heavy database driven website.

For ram Hostgator show you can use memory less than 25% of server ram. But as we tested in past it is just 10% or lesser. Because many websites are running on the single server.

It also has the auto back of 2 GB or maxes one lack files in a hosting account, whichever come first. It is also a great feature for small websites.

Else everything is shown here is unlimited, but limited by terms and condition. But it has enough to run the small and mid-size website. You can even run an eCommerce website on it without any issue.

We like the overall insight of Hostgator Web Hosting with custom Cpanel and 99.99% up time. Now we are going to share our Expert Hostgator Web Hosting Review.

Hostgator Web Hosting Review 2024

It is Hostgator Web Hosting Review done by an expert and updated on a regular basis. But request our users to share their experience that they have with Hostgator Shared Web Hosting.

Hostgator Web Hosting Support – We have test Hostgator different support on a regular basis. Sometimes it’s very fast, and sometimes it becomes slow. We think that it is an above average support with the score of 4 out of 5. Phone support helps to solve the problem in real time.

Hostgator Web Hosting Features – We link the overall feature of Hostgator Web Hosting. But we miss the SSD drive which is now becoming standard. It auto back feature is quite useful along custom Cpanel. So we also rate it 3.5 out of 5 which is good.

Hostgator Shared Web Hosting Pricing – When we compare to renewal cost it is on the high end of the industry average. But if you go for long term plan you will get the right price cut on first billing. You can also talk to billing for the discount on renewal. So here it scores 3 out of 5.

Hostgator Shared Web Hosting Other Factors – Here Hostgator outperforms with the of it experience and value added features. The company also have a brand value as it is one of the oldest web hosting company. Here we give it 4.5 out of 5 as its have good other factors.


Hostgator is one of the Best Web Hosting Service Provider which is started with internet revolution. It updated itself time to time as per the need of users and technology. That’s why it can survive & maintain huge client base till now.

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