How does CyberLink YouCam work?

Want to know, how does Cyberlink YouCam work?

Then don’t worry we’re going to discuss how it works and what are its key features and functions and how to use them.

Cyberlink YouCam is a webcam software for streaming videos. It is made for streamers, Youtubers, Vloggers, Businesses, and Home Users. 

Cyberlink YouCam 9 Deluxe is one of the best webcam software on the market. 

In order to understand how Cyberlink YouCam work, we’re going to check out its features and functions and how they work. 

What are the key functions of Cyberlink YouCam? 

  • You can add various effects to your videos like particles, filters, distortions, emoticons, frames, avatars, augmented reality, brushes, stamps, fonts, etc. 
  • You can catch photos and video shots with various frames. 
  • For seeing all the captured shots you need to click on go to the library in your YouCam. 
  • You can use Cyberlink YouCam for your touch screen device and with a full screen. You can take pictures and record videos on it. 
  • For adding effects in the touch screen device you need to click in the middle of your screen. 
  • Moreover, you can connect Cyberlink YouCam with popular video streaming apps, webcams, and messaging software like Skype, Zoom, U meeting, Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, etc. 
  • You can customize images and titles for live streaming. 

The bottom line is that you can edit, enhance, and add funny effects, and a lot more with your images, videos, and while live streaming. 

Youcam for streamers cyberlink

Cyberlink YouCam For Streamers

Cyberlink YouCam is for all the Vloggers, Youtubers, and Streamers. Live video streaming is one of the most popular trends right now. What makes it more fun and interesting is added advanced effects in live videos. 

You can use customizable images and titles while live video streaming. There are various webcam effects at Cyberlink YouCam that you can use to bring life to your videos and images. 

Examples, Animated Emojis, Skin Smoothing and Lightening, AR Makeup, and Video Effect Filters. 

All these special effects make your videos more interesting and entertaining to your audiences. 

You can use it with some of the most popular streaming software like Youtube live, Facebook lives, Twitch, Skype, OBS Studio, XSplit, Wirecast, etc.  

key functions of Cyberlink Youcam

Cyberlink YouCam For Home Users

For all home users, Cyberlink YouCam is the best software for creating fun videos and images. 

It has over 200 real-time video effects that you can use while streaming a live video or a live chat, etc. 

There are a lot of fun emojis, gadgets, and augmented reality to make your videos and photos hilarious and funny. 

You can choose various frames from a wide range of varieties. There are particles, filters, and distortions that you can use to add effects. 

Become creative with the photo and video editing tools of YouCam. There are a lot of brushes, fonts of different sizes, etc. 

Moreover, it has various beautification tools that you can use for making your photos more gorgeous. 

Overall for all the home users in particular and any user in general, Cyberlink YouCam has a lot to offer for the best video lifestreaming.  

cyberlink youcam for business

Cyberlink YouCam For Business

You can use Cyberlink YouCam for various video conferencing services like Skype, U Meetings, Google Hangouts, etc. as a plugin. 

YouCam has various features that can make you look fresh and beautiful. 

For example, AR tech can apply natural-looking makeup by identifying the structure of your face. 

The live skin smoothing feature makes you look fresh even when you’re tired by removing all the wrinkles from your face. 

YouCam has Face Login and Face out feature. You can log in by putting your face in front of the webcam and log out and vice versa. 

It has a Business Presentation Recording feature that can enhance your PowerPoint slides. 

You can choose various layouts by using side by side display. Moreover, you can free-hand draw for making your live presentation more engaging. 

What are the prices and plans for YouCam? 

The price of Cyberlink YouCam 9 Deluxe is $ 34.99 for all the new users

The price is after a 30% discount due to the Cyberlink sale that will end on May 3rd, 2020. 

So you need to hurry if you can get the best of this deal. 

For all the users who want to upgrade YouCam, the price is $ 23.99

Let’s Wrap It Up

The bottom line is that is a very good webcam software for streaming. Indeed it is one of the best in the market you can find.  Now you must know, how does Cyberlink YouCam work? 

In this article, we discussed how Cyberlink YouCam works, its main functions of it, and its key features of YouCam. 

There’s a free version of also Cyberlink YouCam that you can download from the official Cyberlink website. However, you’ll get to enjoy all the features with the paid version. 

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