How to get free Domain Name and Web hosting

If you are a skilled person then you might know the ways of making a website for free. But if you are a fresher then it can be a bit confusing for you that whether you can host a website for free or not.

For, hosting a website, the two basic things that are required are a Domain Name and a server for storing files. There are a lot of platforms that offer free sever and domain names for hosting a website. So, we can conclude that any person can host a free website; but there are certain restrictions to it.

So, here we are going to discuss how one can find a Free Domain Name and Web Hosting. But before that, we should have a look at the advantages and disadvantages associated with hosting a site for free.

Pros and Cons of getting a free domain name and web hosting

Yes, it is true that a website can be hosted for free, then why people pay for hosting their sites. The answer to this question is very simple because free hosting doesn’t dispense all the web building features. It allows you to build a website with certain restrictions, but that doesn’t mean that these are bad. They have some positive attributes too. So, below are some positive and negative aspects related to Free Domain Name and Free Web Hosting.

advantages and disadvatage of free domain

Positive aspects of Free Web Hosting:

Since it is free, that doesn’t mean that it does not provide any value. The important things while choosing the best web hosting services 2022 that it supplies are:

  • Website Builder: Almost all the free web hosting platforms provide a user panel, from where you can build your site. From here, you can customize your site as per your needs.
  • Web Space: This space is required for making the site live. In free web hosting, you can get a limited web space by spending nothing.
  • Beginners Friendly: If you are a beginner or a student or want to make a web 2.0, then this best suits you. You can create demo sites by using these free features.
  • Bandwidth: It also provides you a limited bandwidth, by which a limited number of users can access your site easily.
  • Free Domains: Some platforms allow you to get a domain for a year without paying anything. This can be beneficial for making website-related projects

Negative Aspects Of Free Web Hosting:

Free things always have some restrictions and the restrictions related to free web hosting are:

  • Lack of Main Domain: The free domain registration sounds cool, but the domains provided are not genuine. These are either sub-domains of the original sites or have untrusted top-level domains like .tk or .gl etc.
  • SEO Unfriendly: As domains are untrusted, so it can be difficult for your site to rank for the keywords. These provide negative SEO points to your site.
  • No customer support service: There is no live customer support available in the case of free web hosting. And in some cases, you are not even allowed to report any complaint.
  • Only for a limited period: The free domains and web hosting are not always free. They are available for only one year. After that, you have renewed them by spending money.

So, these were the main advantages and disadvantages you will get if you are planning to get Free Web Hosting.

Platforms that offer best Free Web Hosting in 2024

Above we discussed the features of Free Web Hosting. Now, many of you might want to know about the platforms that allow free web hosting.

There are a lot of platforms that provide free domains but charges you for web hosting. But here are the top platforms where you can make sites without spending anything and these sites are:

  • Wix: It is the biggest free web hosting provider. It is an Israeli company and has grown a lot. It allows you to easily make a free website by just dragging and dropping files. However, the free Domain Name that it provides is the subdomain of Wix.
  • WordPress: It is a popular web building platform and has also started providing web hosting services. It also provides free web hosting along with the free domain. But the domain which it supplies has some additional numeric along with your desired domain. You are also not allowed to use premium themes and plugins.
  • Webhost: It is a very good free web hosting platform and is a sub-brand of Hostinger. You are allowed to take the desired domain but the domain extension or top-level domain is not trusted. It is a very good place for making a website and provides a very nice uptime.
  • Google Sites: Many of you might don’t know, but yes Google also provides the web building facility. With Google, you can create very nice free websites. But the domains that Google supplies are not genuine and are just a sub-domain of Google.
  • free hosting: It is a European Company and permits build a free website. It provides an unmetered bandwidth along with an email account. It also supplies 10GB of disk space.

So, these are the main platforms by using which you can make a free website.

Steps for registering a free domain name along with free Webhosting

The registration of a free domain is an easy task and you can do the same by following these simple steps:

  1. The first step is choosing a web hosting platform. Here I am selecting WordPress. So, first, you have to visit the official site of the selected platform.
  2. After reaching there, you have to sign in with your mail and your account will be created.
  3. Once the account is created, you will be redirected to your user dashboard. There you have to select create a site for creating a new site.
  4. After that, you have to search for the desired domain, and then you have to select the available free domain name. It will redirect you to your site’s dashboard
  5. And that’s it, your site is ready. Now you can use the Admin Panel for customizing your site and publish it whenever you want.

So, these were the simple steps by which you can register a free domain and make your site live.

Are Free Domain Names and Free Web Hosting useless?

From the earlier mentioned things, it is clear that free web hosting has several limitations. A big organization cannot rely upon a free website as t requires a lot of resources. So, a free website cannot be used for a business or for any organization.  But, that doesn’t mean that these are completely useless. If you are a small blogger or a beginner, you can use these unpaid sites. These can be beneficial for you. And if you are a student or learning web building, then you can use these for creating demo sites.

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