How To Get Unbanned From Gorilla Tag 2023? Gorilla Tag Ban Appeal

Suppose you have been banned from your Gorilla Tag account and want to get back your account. Here are some tips on how to get unbanned from Gorilla Tag without a PC or on PC 2023.

Gorilla Tag is a popular VR multiplayer game where players participate and chase other players. Gorilla has become the most popular game due to its premises and fun gameplay. Some players are facing issues of banned accounts due to community guidelines and technical issues.

In this article, we will guide you step-by-step on how to get unbanned on Gorilla Tag game and help you recover your account.

Can You Get Unbanned From Gorialla Tag ?

Yes, you can unban yourself on Gorilla Tag by just politely appealing on Gorilla Tag. If Gorilla Tag unblocked your account, you will be notified via email or other communication.

How To Get Unbanned In Gorilla Tag Account 2023?

how to get unbanned in gorilla tag account

There are many ways to get unbanned from Gorilla Tag. Here are some measures that you can follow to unban your Gorilla account:

Go For Gorilla Tag Ban Appeal

If you have been banned on Gorilla Tag, you can appeal to unbanned your account. You can go to the official website of Gorilla Tag and present your views on your banned account. To know the whole process of appeal you can read Activision Ban Appeal for the right approach.

Wait For Your Account to Unban

Sometimes there is a temporary ban on your account for not following their guidelines. If your appeal is not accepted you can wait for 2-3 weeks until Gorilla Tag unbanned your account.

Use Alternate Account For Unban

If you have made an alternate Gorilla Tag account for backup, you can use it to unban your current account. Keep in mind that your alternate account must follow the community guidelines. An alternate account will help you show your positive activity on another account and will force them to rethink unbanning your Gorilla Tag account.

Use A VPN 

If Gorilla Tag has blocked your IP then you can use a VPN to play the game. A VPN will help you to change your IP address and help you to get unbanned from Gorilla Tag. We will suggest you NordVPN Coupon Code where you can save up to 80% on NordVPN.

These are some tips that you can follow to get unbanned in Gorilla Tag and if your account does not unban, make another account.

What Are The Reasons For Getting Ban In Gorilla Tag Oculus?

There might be a possibility of breaking the rules of Gorilla Tag Game which banned your account. Take a look at the activities and check whether you have done these activities or not:

  • Violet the community guidelines.
  • Might have done some illegal activity.
  • Maybe threaten someone while playing.
  • Use of abusive language.
  • Disrespect the game and support the team.

Therefore do not follow the activity to get unbanned in Gorilla Tag account.

How To Get Unbanned From Gorilla Tag On PC?

If you have been banned from Gorilla Tag on PC you can submit a polite appeal to the developers on the official Gorilla Tag Discord Server. Explain to them why your PC ban should be reversed. 

If they decline your appeal then do not try to appeal again this will be not good for you. Until use an alternative account if made.

How To Avoid Getting Banned From Gorilla Tag Game?

Follow the steps mentioned below to avoid getting banned from Gorilla Tag game:

  • Follow the community guidelines of the game.
  • Use family-friendly language in the game do not harass or bully other players.
  • Do not target certain players and do not troll them.
  • Report illegal activity to the developers.
  • Follow the age restrictions.
  • Accept defeat gracefully, don’t be aggressive.
  • Do not use bots or automated services.
  • Do not hack or exploit the game.

These are some rules to avoid getting banned from Gorilla Tag, If you do not follow these rules you might get banned from the game.

How To Get Unbanned From Gorilla Tag Steam VR?

If you want to get unbanned in Gorilla Tag Steam you can contact the game developer or administrator to send a request to them for the removal of the ban.

You can directly appeal to them on different forums and social media platforms to get unbanned from Gorilla Tag Steam. 

How To Join Gorilla Tag Discord Ban Appeal?

Here are the steps to join the Gorilla Tag Discord server to appeal a ban:

  • Visit to official Gorilla Tag website.
  • Click on the Discord invite link.
  • Create a Discord Account.
  • Accept the invite link to join the Gorilla Tag Discord server.
  • Go to the appeal section.
  • Write a polite message to the administrator.
  • Wait for their Response.
  • If the appeal is accepted, your account will be back.

It may take time for their response so wait to get unbanned from Gorilla Tag.

How Long Does Gorilla Tag Account Ban Last? 

It depends on your activity, and which rule you have broken. If you have broken a big rule then your account may be permanently banned and if you have broken a small rule then it would be a temporary ban.

How Long It Does Take To Unbanned Gorilla Tag Account?

It may take 2-3 weeks to get unbanned from Gorilla Tag account or may not recover your account if you violate its community guidelines.

What Happens If Gorilla Tag Permanent Bans Your Account?

You will no longer access your Gorilla Tag account. You will lose all your achievements in the game and do not recover them again.

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