How to Use VPN on PS4

PS4 is an amazing gaming console, which is not less than a masterpiece and perfect for the gamers. Having so many features made it so popular in a shorter duration. Using VPN on PS4 is one of the amazing features that totally changed the online gaming streaming services. Nowadays geo-location-based online streaming games are very popular among people. Just because of that a user has to use VPN on PS4, which allows him to bypass all the restrictions and let the application access.

A Quick Way to Use VPN on PS4

Ways Use VPN on PS4

Let me clear you first, any type of VPN is not available on the PlayStation store. That means searching the VPN on the Playstation store will be a waste of time. It is not that simple procedure where you install an app on your mobile phone from Google play store or Apple store. Still, there are 3 ways you can easily connect a VPN on your PS4 easily which is as below:

Method #1: Using VPN on PS4 through Windows PC

We start with the configuration process or installation process of a VPN through PC Windows. Here how you can use a VPN on PS4 in 2020 without struggling in any step:

  • The first and important step, download and install your favorite VPN application on your personal device (Computer or Laptop).
  • Now start the VPN application and connect to your nearest or desirable location. For example, if you live in the US then connect to the US server.
  • The next step is to connect your PlayStation 4 with your computer with the help of a crossover cable.
  • Now go to the Control Panel option of your system and then find the Network and Sharing Center option and click on it.
  • From the left side of the window, you will see Change adapter settings. Click on the Change adapter settings option to process on the next step.
  • Now, click the right button on the installed VPN application and go to the Properties option.
  • After opening the properties window, just click on the “Sharing tab” button and check the checkbox that allows other network users or persons to connect through your device Internet connection. (By enabling this option you are allowing other devices to use your computer internet connection).
  • Now you will see a drop-down menu in the “Home Networking Connection” menu. Just choose any connection that you desire to share with your console or PS4.
  • After that click on the OK button.
  • Now start PlayStation 4  and access the XMB menu. After that go to “Settings” option then find the “Network Settings” option. Into Network Settings, you have to go to the “Set Up Internet Connection” option.
  • Now when the device asks to use a LAN cable then connect it for the super easy method.
  • Next, click on the “Do Not Use a Proxy Server” when the prompt asks you to enable or disable it.
  • Lastly, accept all the settings, and then select Test Connection. You have successfully connected your PS4 device with a VPN on a Windows-based device.

Method #2: Using VPN on PS4 through MAC?

Just like the windows users, a quick and easy guide is also available for Mac users. This guide helps the users to connect VPN on PS4 through the MAC environment without facing any difficulties.

  • First, choose any VPN service provider whose services you love the most.
  • Now after downloading the application, just install it on your Mac device.
  • To connect the PlayStation 4 with a Mac device, you have to use the crossover cable.
  • After connecting your Mac device with PS4 to the System Preferences that you will find at the bottom of display.
  • Now you will see a Sharing page. In the Sharing page, you have to find the “Internet Sharing” option then click on it.
  • After that you will have a drop-down menu of “Share Your Connection”, in which you have to choose a connectivity of your internet connection. For example you will see the option Ethernet, AirPort, Wireless or some other.
  • Next, you have to find another drop-down menu of “To Computer Using” and then select the “Ethernet” option into this.
  • Now, click enable to the checkbox that is placed right to the Internet Sharing option.
  • After that, you will see the Internet Sharing icon will be now green and the internet sharing is now on.
  • Now you have to run the VPN application of your Mac device and then select the server location from the server location list.
  • Open the “XMB” menu on your PS4 device and then go to the Settings option.
  • Now you have to select the “Network Settings” option, in which you have to click on the “Setup Internet Connection” option.
  • In the end you have to “Use a LAN Cable” when the device is required.
  • You have to choose this as your connection method.
  • Lastly, accept all the settings by choosing the “Do not use a proxy server”, and then select Test Connection. You have successfully connected your PS4 device with a VPN on a Windows-based device.

Method #3: Using VPN on PS4 through Wi-Fi Router

The last step is to use VPN on PS4 with the help of wifi router. Always remember that to perform this task, you need a quality wi-fi router. So, purchase a wi-fi router from a best provider, so you don’t face any device issues later. Also the wi-fi router must be compatible and affordable because in the end you can use a wi-fi router to connect with other devices. Here the last but not the least way to connect a VPN on PS4 with the help of wifi router:

  • First, go to the XMB menu that you can find on your PS4 device.
  • Now select the “Settings” option, find the “Network Settings” option under the “Settings” section.
  • Now choose the “Set Up Internet Connection” option.
  • After that you have to Choose “Use Wi-Fi” option when prompted to perform that.
  • Now you have to choose the easy connection method when the prompt is asked.
  • Choose your Wireless internet connection carefully and then fill the username and password one by one to remove the possibility of error.
  • Also, choose the “Do Not Use a Proxy Server” after that which is very important.
  • In the enf, accept all settings and then click on the “Test Connection” option.
  • All done, you have successfully configured your VPN on PS4.


These above are the three possible ways to use VPN on PS4. Choose any of the options as per your comfort or need and then enjoy the no restriction gaming life with the top class VPN. Before performing any method please check that you must have a good internet connection and electricity. Also all the equipment must be working fine otherwise you can’t troubleshoot the problem when it occurs.

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