Inventor Vs AutoCAD-Which One Is Best In 3D Printing, Simulation

Are you looking for the best CAD software for professional animation for your next project? So here we provide you with the difference between Inventor Vs AutoCAD. In this Battle of Animation software, we compare two of the best Autodesk Products AutoCAD and Inventor. Find out with our head-to-head difference between AutoCAD vs Inventor and then download your software! Which one will you prefer for the best 3D design project?

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Comparison Between Inventor Vs AutoCAD

Introduction In Inventor vs AutoCAD

Here we check some major differences between the two best CAD software. Also, we compare the price and some important features. Let’s check it out. 

Autodesk Inventor Overview

Autodesk Inventor is CAD software and it is only dedicated to some special Projects like mechanical design, documentation, and product simulations. This CAD software provides rapid assembly reconfigurations, you can use standard elements like gears, cams, or bolted connections from Autodesk’s library.

Autodesk Inventor is only available for Windows Only.  The basic price starts for AutoCAD at $290/ monthly and $2300/yearly. This is a small overview of Inventor and now we check AutoCAD Overview and then see the main difference. if you want a discount on this price so we have offered it to you, by using the Autodesk Inventor coupon code you can save lots of money.

Autodesk AutoCAD Overview

Autodesk AutoCAD is a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software. It is best for 2D and 3D programs for architects, construction professionals, or engineers. You can additionally make 2D sketches and documentation for your project. Also, Autodesk Autocad works on iOS and windows. Autocad provides a mobile version that gives you ultimate design and mobility. The price of this Software is $235/month or $1586/yearly. 

AutoCAD Provides our LT version also but you have to know the difference Between AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT so that you can choose better.

The main difference between Autocad and Inventor is price and design format. AutoCAD provides 2D and 3D designs also the price of this software is very less. Moreover, AutoCAD provides a Mobile version that why for some reason it is different from Inventor. Download AutoCAD 2023 which has easy to use interface.

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Price Comparison Between AutoCAD And Inventor

The comparison between Inventor vs AutoCAD in price is $2037 so the 3-year price of AutoCAD is $4518 and the inventor 3-year price is $6555. Here Autodesk AutoCAD is the clear winner in the price comparison. Moreover, AutoCAD provides so many features as compared to Autodesk Inventor. If you want a discount on AutoCAD so you can use the AutoCAD promo code to save upto 50% off.  

UI Difference Between Inventor and AutoCAD

The UI difference between AutoCAD vs Inventor is their Working “Command line” Inventor is best because it is easy to use. In Autodesk AutoCAD, every command in AutoCAD can be executed and modified if you know the right keyboard shortcuts. But Autodesk Inventor uses the contextual menu instead of the difficult command line. 

When you click on the Right button on the mouse, it will bring so many commands in list format for that object. There are lots of functions and control menus in both programs. In this case, the clear winner in the Inventor and AutoCAD is Autodesk Inventor

Compatibility Comparison Between AutoCAD vs Inventor

In the compatibility comparison between Inventor vs AutoCAD so AutoCAD DWGs may be transferred into Inventor but they must be drawn in 2D drawn on the plane. 3D AutoCAD files aren’t compatible with Inventor. However, Inventor can export a 3D model into a 2D DWG file. This is as close to compatibility as you’ll achieve between the two.

Autodesk AutoCAD And Inventor Customer Service

Here in this comparison, both are AutoCAD And Inventor same Because AutoCAD, as well as Inventor, are both made by Autodesk. You can expect the same type of customer service in both of the software.

Training Comparison Between Inventor Vs AutoCAD

Here in the comparison between AutoCAD and Inventor Training on both platforms is offered through Autodesk however there’s also a lack of information on the internet. YouTube instructional videos are everywhere however I’ve noticed that they do not teach you like an Udemy course or Lynda course. If you take an instructor-led class taught by an instructor who is live you will likely be able to learn more than through the internet or through instructional video here both software are the same.

Inventor And Autodesk 3D Modelling Comparison

In this section AutoCAD vs Inventor AutoCAD offers a wide range of tools to create 3D shapes, however, Inventor is superior to AutoCAD in several ways. The Inventor tool can simulate materials however, AutoCAD is merely “dead geometry.” Let me put it this method: AutoCAD doesn’t know what it is being told to create; it just recognizes lines and marks that are 3D in 2D space.

For instance, a home is just a series of lines and geometrical shapes so far as AutoCAD is concerned. In contrast, an Inventor can be programmed to calculate the physics and the stress capabilities of different materials. The most refined CAD software is blurring the lines between virtual and real.

In the Inventor Vs AutoCAD comparison on 3D modeling, I believe Inventor is the apparent winner in this field isn’t solely due to its ability to mimic the actual product, but because Inventor also comes with intuitive controls that have been modified to the needs of manufacturers in the entire process, from idea to implementation.

2D Drafting Comparison between Autocad And Inventor

This section will require a bit of explanation. Inventor is a simple and fast way to create 2D drawings of components and assemblies you make. However, Inventor is simply not designed to be a 2D drawing program like AutoCAD is. Technically, you are able to draw the outline of a 2D house with Inventor however, it’s not what the program is intended to accomplish.

If you’re looking for a 2D drawing application so why would you pay more for an application like Inventor that’s more than a 2D drawing program? In various ways, you’ll be able to find Inventor to be a poor choice as a 2D drafting software.

3D Printer Differentiation Between Inventor And AutoCAD

All that a 3D printer requires is a properly-modeled STL file. Inventor Vs AutoCAD are both capable of producing these products. The reason I rate Inventor the winner in this particular category is due to the superior 3D modeling interface of Inventor. It is possible to get the same task done faster and easier using Inventor than with AutoCAD. This means that your 3D printing is more efficient.

If you are not satisfied with the AutoCAD and Inventor 3D comparison, we compare AutoCAD vs Fusion 360 with a full feature comparison.

CAM Compatibility Between AutoCAD or Inventor

When it comes to choosing CAD software, there are many factors to consider. Two of the most popular programs on the market are AutoCAD vs Inventor. So, how do you know which one is right for your needs?

AutoCAD is a 2D and 3D computer-aided drafting software application used in architecture, engineering, and construction. Inventor is a 3D mechanical design program for creating prototypes and manufacturing products.

Both programs have their pros and cons, but ultimately it comes down to what you need the software for. If you are looking for a program that can do both 2D and 3D drafting, then AutoCAD is the way to go.

Advantage And Disadvantages of Inventor Vs AutoCAD

We all know that every software has good and bad sides that’s why here we discuss the pros and cons of AutoCAD vs Inventor you should know. So you can choose any one of them that is suitable for you according to your need.

Advantege For AutoCAD

  • If you want advanced features for accurate and precise designing of civil infrastructures.
  • It allows importing files from other platforms to work on pre-built designs.
  • It allows to easily share files without any data loss to multiple parties simultaneously. 
  • Calculation of Area, Center of Gravity, Mass, Volume, etc is very easy.

Disadvantage For AutoCAD

  • It is not suitable for Building Information Modelling (BIM).
  • It supports limited file formats to import into this software. 
  • It is heavy software that requires high memory and disk storage.

Advantage For Inventor

  • It is suitable for Building Information Modelling (BIM) along with 3D modeling.
  • It has an easy-to-use interface.
  • It allows team members to work simultaneously on a project in a collaborative manner.
  • It allows automation of design features of simple models using advanced tracing tools.
  • It supports files from other 3D modeling software.

Disadvantage For Inventor

  • It is available for Windows Operating systems only.
  • It comes much later than AutoCAD hence it has a small user base.

Similarities In Between Inventor Vs AutoCAD 

Here we check some common features both of which provide software.

Similar UI’s in AutoCAD vs Inventor

Despite what I’ve stated earlier regarding AutoCAD and Inventor’s user interfaces being distinct they share many elements between them. AutoCAD Users will be able to recognize a lot of the same icons such as commands, tooltip menus, and so on. Naturally, the differences will be evident as well.

Similar Customer Service In AutoCAD and Inventor

As I mentioned earlier both applications are Autodesk software, which means you will receive the same quality of customer service in both. Be aware of the fact that Autodesk sells its software via authorized resellers. These resellers could be the ones that help to install or maintain the software therefore you must be aware of the best reseller to choose.

Similar Purchasing Methods In Inventor Vs AutoCAD

Autodesk makes it easy and simple to purchase the most recent and best versions of AutoCAD or Inventor. All you need to do is pay that rather large annual cost.

Similar Upgrade Costs In Inventor And AutoCAD

Since Autodesk has included the price of owning the software at the same price as the cost of upgrading, there is no have to fret about upgrading.

Conclusion In Between AutoCAD vs Inventor

In the end, we have a winner in comparison between Inventor vs AutoCAD. As it has come with so many advanced and latest features as compared to Inventor. One of the major benefits between them is AutoCAD is designed for consumer product designs and other different works. Where Inventor is designed for the mechanical design, visualization, documentation, and simulation of complex designs. Inventor is one of the best CAD software for beginners and professional users as it has a very easy-to-use interface. That’s why if you are a newbie so it better option for going with the Inventor.

Which Offer Free Trial For Hobbyists, AutoCAD or Inventor?

Yes, Inventor gives free license access to this CAD software to students, educators, and hobbyists.

Is Autodesk AutoCAD Still Free Or Not For Hobbyists 2024?

Yes, Autodesk AutoCAD is free for qualifying non-commercial users with a 3-year subscription.

Is AutoCAD Better Than Inventor?

When it comes to Autodesk AutoCAD vs Inventor then Inventor comes with more advanced and fresh tools as compared to AutoCAD that’s why it can be a great option for you.

Is Autodesk Inventor Vs AutoCAD Free?

Not both of them have paid subscriptions they only have a 30-day free trial.

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