Is GoDaddy Good for Small Businesses?

Without any doubt, GoDaddy is one of the leading hosting provider companies that has multipurpose hosting plans. Whether we talk about normal users, bloggers, or business websites, GoDaddy is the one-stop solution for all your problems. But because of the lack of knowledge, many small businessmen hesitate to host their money websites. The common question that pop-ups all the time in businessmen minds is “Is GoDaddy good for small business?

Well, occurring such questions are normal for beginners because they don’t have detailed knowledge about the benefits of GoDaddy Hostings. To solve this real problem we have made a list of some useful benefits that make GoDaddy hosting good for small businesses. 

To be honest, small businesses do not have sufficient capital so they can afford some expensive hosting for their website.  So, they have to pick a web hosting that must be affordable, reliable, secure, and must have other useful features. In this matter, GoDaddy must be your first priority because of the below feature that makes GoDaddy a perfect hosting for your small business website.

10 Hosting Features That Make GoDaddy Good For Small Business Websites

A business website must be available all the time because every customer matters. Because of this choice, a quality web hosting company secures your business future and boosts sales and performance too. That’s the reason why GoDaddy hosting is very popular for small businessmen and even medium scale business websites.

Easy To Use and Flexible Hosting

Easy to use interface is the reason why GoDaddy has now more than 20 million users all around the world. Usually, some hosting companies build the environment for the experts, which is not completely good.

If you look carefully then you will find that a large number of hosting users are especially beginners. Even most of the users only occupy two or less than two websites at a time. This shows why a hosting company must have an easily accessible interface.

Also, GoDaddy hosting is very flexible too and if your small business is growing fastly then you can upgrade your hosting too. Upgrading hosting isn’t a difficult task to perform if you are using GoDaddy hosting for your small business website.

Fast Servers

GoDaddy has one of the fast servers which improves your small business website’s performance. The reason behind GoDaddy’s fast servers, they use quality hardware types of equipment that are very important.

Some web hosting companies provide cheap hosting for a small business website but the performance of their servers is very low. Cheap servers are the reasons behind the server’s unavailability to the users that put a negative impact on your website.

Special Business Hosting Plans

Some business websites deserve some special hosting plans that offer world-class hosting features at a reasonable price. And you know what, GoDaddy has made special business hosting plans for different types of small business websites.

GoDaddy Business hosting has 4 different plans that are Launch, Enhance, Grow, and Expand. Launch hosting plan is best for newly launched business websites that have a limited number of users. Enhance plan is the updated plan of the GoDaddy Launch plan, which is ideal for those websites that visitors are increasing. Grow plan is best for fasting growing business websites. Last but not the least, expand plan, which is used for that small business website, which is at the peak of success. If you find out about other hosting companies then there are only a few of them that have such amazing plans.

Reliable and Secure Servers

Reliable security is not less than a blessing for a small business website. And additional secure server functions are like icing on the cake. In this term, GoDaddy is one of the limited hosting companies, which servers have both functionalities.

A reliable server makes available your website to the users and increases the probability of sales and growth. If your hosting is not reliable then your daily users face difficulties accessing your website that affect your website negatively. It does not matter which hosting plans you are planning to purchase for your small business website from GoDaddy, all of them are reliable and secure. Even the most affordable shared hosting plans give reliability and security to your small scale business website.

Enough Resources for Growing Websites

Growing websites need high resources to handle daily visitors that are increasing day by day. For that, a server must be good and offers high resources on its hosting plans.

Apart from Shared web hosting, if you explore GoDaddy’s web hosting then all of them are good for a small business website.

For example, the VPS hosting plans start at just $4.99 per month and can easily handle low-traffic websites.

Affordable Shared Hosting Plans

Affordable Shared Hosting Plans

You may probably not heard about GoDaddy’s $1 web hosting which is like a dream come true. Have you ever searched for a hosting provider that has useful features and the budget should be cheap?

Well, in that case, GoDaddy is the one and only top hosting provider company that offers web hosting under $1 per month. And the best part, there are two options available, which is GoDaddy $1 Web Hosting and GoDaddy $1 WordPress hosting. Just choose any of the hosting plans wisely and the features will show you why GoDaddy is good for small businesses.

Managed Hosting Plans Available

In the technology world, where many people use different types of software, plugins, programming codes to improve their website performance. You can find many other businessmen that don’t know how to code or handle hosting control.

To solve this problem, many top hosting companies have managed to host plans for their customers. Users do not have to handle the server functions and all the things are done by the experts. GoDaddy offers a managed hosting plan at very affordable rates to all customers that include small businessmen too.

Incredible Performance and Uptime Guarantee

GoDaddy provides higher performance and Uptime Guarantee to an entrepreneur and other customers. Great server performance is the reason why GoDaddy hosting is capable of handling high traffic every day.

Let’s assume after the hard work now your business website is gaining better traffic. But if your hosting is unable to handle the viewers then it will be a waste. 

GoDaddy not only gives higher performance servers and also promises that your website will be available upto 99.9% time. No single company promises to provide a 100% uptime guarantee because of any future cause.

Free Access to Premium Plugins in WordPress Hosting

When you purchase the GoDaddy WordPress web hosting then you will get free access to all the premium plugins. Usually, WordPress has both types of plugins, themes, and applications that are paid and unpaid. But when you purchase the WordPress hosting from GoDaddy, you can use any of the paid tools to make your website better.

Also, you can use paid themes to make your small business website attractive to your competitors. That’s how GoDaddy is a good option for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Best Customer Support

Customer support is the core of a hosting company because most of the ups and downs depend on customer support. After purchasing the hosting plans, when you work on them then you may face some issues or problems that need an instant solution. So, if your hosting provider’s technical staff are not available for when you need the most then it will definitely be a wrong pick.

GoDaddy knows the importance of customer support and how its non-existence could affect a business. That’s why the company offers the best possible technical support in different ways to solve people’s queries. You can use a live chat option, calling option, or either mail your query to them.

Backup & Restore Feature

Backup & Restore features is a bonus feature that makes GoDaddy hosting best for small small business websites. Because of any reason when your website faces an error and loses the data, you can easily recover them with a simple procedure.

The backup of the website is done automatically and you don’t have to do anything for that. Also if you want to restore the database of any date then you can log in to your GoDaddy account then use the restore feature

Note: All the above features come for free with different hosting plans. For example, the Backup & Restore feature is free with managed WordPress hosting plans but may not be available in other plans like Shared hosting. So, before making a purchase please check the plan carefully.

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