Quicken Review: Is Quicken Safe To Use?

Quicken is one of the most trending software these days for managing your personal finance. This software was developed in 1982, also it has gained name and fame in the market for managing their personal finances.  We often noticed that people have a major query about it, is quicken safe to use or not. Through this detailed Quicken review, we will find answers to these questions.

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It is one of the most reliable & full features of finance management too, loved by most of the users to manage their finances. It offers a lot of features like tracking expenses, budgeting, retirement planning, reporting, etc. 

You can also track your spendings trend to know the exact inflow and outflow of your money. This software is best suited for individuals to manage their finances.

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Things We Are Going To Examine About Quicken 

  • Features Of Quicken 
  • Pros And Cons Of Quicken 
  • Products Offer By Quicken 
  • The Pricing Structure Of Quicken 
  • Customer Support Of Quicken 
  • Quicken Books Vs Quicken 

Detailed Statistical Quicken Review- Is Quicken Safe To Use?

To find a detailed review about Quicken checks out the infographics provided below. 

numeric data about quicken review
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Why You Should Choose Quicken For Managing Your Finance? 

Reasons To Choose Quicken
  • Easy management of money on the desktop+mobile+web.
  • Includes a PayPal link to in rent reminders to get paid it faster. 
  • You can directly access business & email rental reports from quicken. 
  • You can easily view all your reminders in a single bills dashboard. 
  • Get improvement and updation in tax rates &mileage rates. 
  • You can see your long-term capital gains as scheduled transactions

Is Quicken Safe? Does Quicken Provide All Important Features To Its Users?

Let’s discuss once all the important features of quicken for getting better understating of, is quicken safe to use or not.

Income And Expenses 

Quicken provides you with a specific category to track all income and expenses. Users have to mention every source of their income like salary, rent, or internet bill.  You can track all your monthly cash flow with the help of this tool. That’s why we can say quicken is one of the good choices for a user to manage finances.

Budgeting And Investment

It helps small businesses to analyze their income and expenses. Along with this, it is also helpful in evaluating things. Categorization plays an important role and helps you in making budgeting and investment decisions.  It can be represented in pie-charts that help the users to analyze the graphs for vitals. 

This classification also guides and inform the users that what is the performance of your business as well as where is a need of cutting cost. This tool has a special feature of tracking small business’s capital which is helpful in the prediction of growth & investment. 

Managing Accounts 

Quicken software is very helpful as it brings all the money in one place which is useful in importing the bank details into a simple interface. Users can easily download the files of transactions from the bank’s website into the software to prepare the charts of your money inflow & outflow. 

Users can use this tool to double-check the balance and reconciliation against bank statements. We can say that the quicken tool is helpful & perfect in managing the user’s account properly.

Documentation, Loan Application & Taxes 

This feature of quicken identifies taxable income and deductible expenses. If you are entering a specific figure into the tax planner, it becomes helpful in estimating the tax burden & refund. It provides you with a complete report which consists of charts, trending graphs & provides vital financial statics. It will help you in presentations & meetings. 

Offers Online Banking 

It will provide you with a great platform for online banking. To use this feature, a good internet connection & some paperwork is required. The banking feature of quicken is easy to use for a user, even it saves your precious time as well. 

To take benefit of this feature, you just need to use it in a normal way and afterward take the help of some additional buttons. If your bank is already supporting online banking, you can easily move money between accounts and easily get up-to-date statements. 

Plan Personal Finances 

This quicken tool makes the advanced calculation process easy for the users. It offers a calculator which helps plan personal finance. Quicken has five impressive calculators which provide us with a smarter borrowing choice. 

It provides a mortgage financing decision-making calculator which is helpful in the accurate calculation of savings &  investments. You can have a better understanding of the inflow and outflow of your money, this helps meet future financial goals.

Prints Checks Feature 

You can print checks with the help of quicken. To print the check through quicken you just need two things. The very first thing is users need to go through the check supply information. After this, you need to choose from as per the style and at last just order the form. 

Quicken Review: Pros And Cons Of Quicken To Check Is It Good To Use?

Advantages Of Quicken
  • Optional bank syncing: If you don’t like the working way of the quicken budgeting tool or its direct connection with the bank, it provides you with another solution. You can enter transactions manually or easily download the CSV file of the transaction from the bank
  • Easy visuals to use: You can get the outlay of where you spend most of your money without any problem. Even you can systematically get your monthly budget categories. 
  • Controlling budgeting & investment data: While using the right version of quicken you can easily get a robust management option for managing budgeting & investment. You can also switch to alternatives like mint, but they are not as useful as quicken in terms of robust features.
  • Built-in debt reduction tool: It provides you with an enhanced tool for reducing debt. It will show you the impact of extra debt payments and how much money you’ll save on interest. 
  • Bill-tracking & remainders: With the help of quicken you can move into the same interface when you get bill reminders from many of your credit cards and utility companies. This is useful while finding your bills& when you are setting up your account. 
Disadvantages Of Quicken
  • Not cost-effective: Quicken is expensive software to manage your personal finance from other competitors but this doesn’t mean it is not good. It offers you a bundle of robust and extensive features which is worth the value of money which you are going to spend. 
  • Sometimes syncing issue with banks: Sometimes you encounter this issue that it doesn’t sync with all banks easily. For dealing with this you have to purchase it before syncing your account. 

Products Offered By Quicken To Manage Finances

Quicken Products
  • Deluxe- Best for most
  • Premier – For the investor 
  • Home & businesses – For the small owner
  • Starter – Just the basics
  • Simplify by Quicken – Newest app

1) Quicken Deluxe

It is the most popular plan of quicken according to consumer preference to control finances. 

  • You can easily able to track income, debt, property, expenses, and investments. 
  • Easy & robust creation of a fully customizable 12-month budget.
  • You can create your tags to track your money. 
  • you will get access to all robust financial planning tools 
  • Easy sync with quicken mobile & web companion apps. 

Price Structure Of Quicken Deluxe: 

Quicken Deluxe is the most demandable in the market due to its extensive features. It costs $46.79 at this time with 10% off which is offered by the company. It saves and manages your money in a very professional manner that’s why many people like it. 

2) Quicken Premier

It offers a lot of top-quality features in its premier plan. Even they assure that their premium plan is loaded with best-in-class features. 

  • Offers the most comprehensive investment tracking tools in the market. 
  • Payment of all your bills, online or by mail with quicken.
  • Priority access to customer support.
  • Syncs with the quicken apps of web & mobile companion. 

Price Structure Of Quicken Premier: 

In quicken premier, you can maximize your finances & investments without any issue or in a proper& professional way. The price of the premier at this time is $70.19, which is not too high if we see its extensive features. Our recommendation is, you should try it once for proper management of your personal finance. 

Also, Check Quicken Deluxe Vs Premier

3) Quicken Home & Businesses 

In the plan of quicken homes & businesses, you will get access to all-inclusive plans of their personal, business, and property investment. 

  • You will get access to all features of quicken premier as well as their premium support in this plan.
  • You will get all the important things to manage the finance of your small business.
  • Offers special features & tools to manage the investment properties. 
  • Easy sync with quicken mobile& web companion apps.

Price Structure Of Quicken Home & Businesses: 

The prices offered by quicken on their products is not too high. If we are talking about its home & business, it costs you $93.59. Even it offers 30 days free trial period on all its all products. This product is most suitable for small businesses and individuals to manage their finance. 

4) Quicken Starter 

This is the most basic plan of quicken for essential money management.

  • You can see your income & expenses in one place.
  • Easily know how much spending you are doing on what.
  • Creation of simple & monthly budget. 
  • Easy sync with quicken mobile & web companion apps.

Price Structure Of Quicken Starter: 

In the quicken starter plan, you can easily get access to all the useful features by only paying $35.99, which is not too high for a user. Even it organizes your basic finances in a professional way. 

5) Simplifi by Quicken 

  • This is the new app for managing money, exclusively on the web and mobile. 
  • You can manage your spending with simplified budgeting easily. 
  • To maximize your savings, you can stay on top of bills & subscriptions. 
  • Get helpful snd insights notifications to achieve the goals with confidence.

Price Structure Of Quicken Simplifi: 

Simplifi is the app offered by quicken which is helpful in managing your finance in 5 minutes per week. The price structure of simplifi is also affordable, it costs you $35.99 per year and you will get 50 % off.

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A Short Comparision Table Of Pricing Structure Of Quicken Products

StarterDeluxePremierHome & businesses
$35.99 /yr $31.19 /yr $46.79 /yr $63.29 /yr 
Taking control of your money Save & manage your moneyMaximize your investments Management of personal & business finances at one place 
You can see all your financial accounts in one place. Everything in the starter & create a customized budget You will get Everything in deluxe & simply taxes & investments.Everything in premier & email custom invoices from quicken with payment links. 
You can easily create and manage your bills. Easy management and tracking of debt.Free online bill payment ( $119/year value)Separate & categorize business and personal expenses. 
Management of money across desktop+mobile+webCreate saving goals.Priority access to customer support ( $49 value)Easy track of your business tax deduction & profit &loss.

Quickbooks Vs Quicken: Which is Best To Manage Finances?

Quicken offers almost every feature of which is offered in QuickBooks. Quickbooks is a small business accounting software, which is considered a better option than quicken in terms of tracking your business income & expenses. 

Best suitable for Small business Rental property owners 
Offered double-entry bookkeeping system, Yes _
Inventory tracking yes _
Availability of payroll add-onYes _
Rental property center _yes
Mobile appiOS & Android iOS & Android
Set-up difficulty Easy to use Moderate to use 
Scheduled C & E reports _yes
Print balance sheet & income statement, Yes _
Separate expenses (business & personal) __
Number of users 1-251

The main purpose of QuickBooks is small business accounting. So we can say that quicken is more affordable and useful rather than Quickbooks. 

Quicken Review: Is Customer Support Of Quicken Is Satisfactory?

Quicken offers the best customer support to its users. Quicken support is only available for those users who are using currently supported products. 

The fastest way to get support from quicken is by using their support website. It covers hundreds of FAQs that solve your query. 

On the home page, you can search, watch videos or explore easily. The quicken support number is 650-250-1900. You can call in the period of 5:00 am PT to 5:00 pm PT, from Monday to Friday.

Quicken Review: Are There Any Good Alternatives To Quicken?

There is a lot of quick alternatives available in the market for users to use. Many of them are user-friendly and easy to use. However, after comparing, we got it is not offering so many high-powered featured in their one product. 

Personal Capital 

This is a good option for substituting quicken for managing investments. You can also use this for basic budgeting as it provides a great user interface and a good retirement planning tool. However, we prefer quicken as it provides very extensive and new features.


This is almost similar to quicken in terms of features. It is made by the same company and especially it is free. It is good in terms of budgeting and saving goals. The interface is good as it is user-friendly, you can easily understand how it works. So this means mint is better than quicken? No this is not the answer, it depends upon person to person which interface suits you most. 


If you are aiming to serve small businesses or personal financial management programs, it offers you a myriad of financial services. Banktivity also includes credit card, loan, and investment account management. 

It is good for reviewing an individual’s financial accounts which can be found on the central dashboard. It is useful for savings, checking, money market, equity & fixed income investments, loan accounts, retirement account. However, we recommend you use quicken as its user- interface and top features are very professional. 

Final Verdict: Is Quicken Safe To Use? 

Quicken is a good software to use, as it provides so many new and extensive features to its users. Above we mentioned all the important points which are important while looking for a good software to manage personal finance and also solves your query of is quicken safe to use or not. We also mentioned the price structure of all the plans of quicken, you can select which plan suits you best as per your need.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Quicken says I have transactions to review” what does this statement mean?

If you are facing this issue, ensure the search bar and text in the search bar it will adjust the register to show transactions that match the text.
1) Initially, turn automatic entry off
2) Check the online center & account register
3) Eventually, correct data issue

Is quicken loans safe to give social security numbers?

Yes, it is safe because a lender needs it to run a credit check and see your credit score. We can trust quicken loan as it is raked the top lender to provide customer satisfaction. 

How safe is quicken with banking?

Quicken is a really safe place to perform your banking activities. It is a personal financial management tool that is helpful in tracking and management of your money. It reconciles downloaded transactions with an online software register. 

Is it safe to link quicken to bills?

Safety is a very important factor while dealing with financial assets. Yes, it is safe to link your bills to quicken, as it provides top-notch 256-bit encryption for safety. 

Is quicken loans rocket mortgage safe?

Yes, it is safe, it protects your personal information with bank-level encryption. They also monitor sites constantly to make sure security. Along with this, they claimed, not sharing of personal data as mentioned in security & privacy policy. 

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