Kaspersky Safe Kids Review 2024– Is It Worth The Money?

Kaspersky is one of the top names in antivirus software in the world. Kaspersky recently launched Kaspersky Safe Kids especially for parents to monitor and control the online activities of their kids. For example, what type of websites they open, their geolocation with a GPS tracker, managing their screen time, blocking adult websites, and keeping them away from suspicious websites.

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This stand-alone feature has become very popular in a short amount of time. That is why we got this Kaspersky Safe Kids Review 2024  to see if the hype is real or not. 

Safe Search In Youtube and Youtube Search History are the two new features that Kaspersky recently added. 

If you are looking for affordable parental control software then this is the perfect choice for you. 

Or if you are looking for advanced and more features then you should go for Net Nanny and qustodio. But it is an expensive parental control software. 

Why Do Parents Need Kaspersky Safe Kids 2024? 

In today’s digital world online threats, cyber crimes, cybercriminals, hate speech, Brainwashing drugs, dares, etc have taken over. These asocial elements especially target the young generation and kids. 

In this context, you need some type of advanced technology like an app or software to keep an eye on the online activities of your kids to protect them from cybercrimes and online threats.

Even when you’re at work, or they are at school or anywhere you must know what they’re doing online. 

Kaspersky Safe Kids got all the features you need to monitor the digital life of your kids. Let’s see how Kaspersky Safe kids help you protect your kids online.  

Kaspersky parental contol app

Kaspersky Child Safe Review- How Does Kaspersky Safe Kids Work? 

You can use Kaspersky Safe Kids on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone/iPad. It comes with a parent app that is connected to your My Kaspersky account and an app for your child and you can download this app on your child’s PC, Mac, or Mobile and connect it to your device. 

You need to create a profile for as many children of yours as you want and have to enter the ages of your kids. 

Moreover, you can customize the settings of the app and can set up a time management feature to see how much time your kids spend on which devices. 

You get a feature called texting management through which you can check the SMS and Calls. And also you can even flag a person you want and you’ll get a notification or some kind of alert if that person calls or text your kid again. This feature is limited to Android devices only. And the downside is that you can’t read the message. 

You can track the location of your kids and you can use geofences to track the time and location. You can keep an eye on the social media life of your kids like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. And you will get the reports on their activities on these networks like their posts, comments, etc. 

You can block access to adult websites and other inappropriate content and apps. You can manage screen time by device. 

features of Kaspersky safe kids premium

Features Of Kaspersky Safe Kids  2024

GPS Tracker 

You can see the location of your kids on the map with this feature. You can monitor where they go and for how much time. Moreover, you can set Geofencing to make them stay in a safe area. This feature works on Android devices. 

Battery Tracker

With this feature, you will get alerts or notifications when your kids are on a low battery so that you don’t lose touch with them. This is a very good feature of Kaspersky Safe Kids. Because the low battery is a common problem with kids nowadays. 

Online Content Filter

With Online Content Filter, you can block all types of inappropriate content like adult websites, images, videos related to drugs or alcohol, etc. You get notified each time such attempts are made. This feature is made to protect your kid from harmful content. 

Youtube Search History

This is a new feature that has been added to Kaspersky Safe Kids to make it more complete. You can see what kind of videos and search queries your kids make on youtube. This is how you can know their interest and avoid any harmful content that you think would be inappropriate for them like drugs and alcohol-related videos and songs. 

Social Media Monitoring 

You can manage and track your kids’ public Facebook profiles and activities. Like the type of content they post, the likes and comments they make, and the kind of people they follow. This is how you can keep away from some suspicious people and threats. 

Screen Time Scheduling

With this feature, you can manage and set the screen time of your kids’ devices. This is how you can limit the screen time per device as you want. You can control and limit the online activities of your kids with this feature.  

Real-Time Alerts

If your kids try to visit some adult websites or access any bad apps then you will get notifications and alerts. This is how you can protect your kids and monitor their online activities with this feature. 

Kaspersky Safe Kids Vs. Kaspersky Safe Kids premium 

There are two versions of Safe Kids Kaspersky Safe Kids free and Kaspersky Safe Kids Premium. The free version has fewer features than the Premium version. 

 And the free version comes with mainly four features an online content filter, Safe Search on Youtube, App usage control, and screen time management. 

The Premium version comes with all features like Battery Tracker, GPS Tracker, Real-Time Alerts, etc and the price of this software is only Rs. 999. We have covered all its key features of it in this Kaspersky Child Safe Review 2024. 

Kaspersky Premium Price

What Are The Benefits Of Kaspersky Safe Kids 2024? 

Affordable Plans

The price of Kaspersky Safe Kids is very affordable seeing the features it offers. First, you get it for free with other subscriptions you have on Kaspersky. Second, even if you have to buy the stand-alone premium version then it is only Rs. 999 which is about 13 US dollars. You can go for other parental control software in the market like Net Nanny, Norton parental control, Zift, Qustodio, etc. But all of these are not as economical as Kaspersky Safe Kids. Kaspersky gives great offer on our Kaspersky Coupon code to save extra money.

Kaspersky Safe Kids benefits

Value For Money 

We have already discussed how affordable Kaspersky-safe kids are. Moreover, you get more than you pay here. Kaspersky Safe Kids gives you full value for your money. You get all the key features you need to protect your kid’s online/digital life. For android and PC devices it is one of the best parental control software on the market. 

Quality Features

Kaspersky Safe Kids comes offers some quality features that make your work easy as a parent. You get features like GPS Tracker, Online content filter, Screen time scheduling, apps usage control, Youtube search history, Social network monitoring, battery tracker, and many more. All these features at an affordable price are a great deal. 

Unlimited Profiles And Devices

You can create as many profiles as you want to create with Kaspersky Safe Kids. And also you can use as many devices as you want. There is no limit and restriction when you use Kaspersky Safe Kids. 

Avoid Online Threats 

You can manage and monitor the digital life of your kids with Kaspersky Safe Kids. This is how you can protect from bad content and people. You get to monitor your social media life. You can set Geofencing to monitor the location of your child and many more things to avoid cybercrimes or any kind of threat to your kids. 

Down side of kaspersky safekids

What are the downsides of Kaspersky Safe Kids 2024? 

Limited Features on iOS

This is one of the most common downsides of Kaspersky Safe Kids. All the key features of it work smoothly on Android but on iOS you are going to face some difficulty monitoring. Kaspersky states on its website that it provides full functionality for PC, Android, Macs, and Computers. However, due to some restrictions on iOS devices, Kaspersky doesn’t block your kids’ iPhones and iPads.  

Text Management For Only Androids

SMS and calls monitoring can only be done if you use Android devices. It will not work if you want to do this on any other device. This is another downside of Kaspersky Safe Kids. If you use other devices like iOS and the iPhone then this is not the right option for you. 

Final Thoughts – (Kaspersky Child Safe Review 2024)

The bottom line is if you’re looking for an affordable parental control app then Kaspersky Safe Kids is the right option for you. 

We have already discussed all the key features, benefits, downsides, and pricing in this Kaspersky Safe Kids Review 2024. 

The overall performance of Kaspersky Safe Kids is very good. However, the only common problem is that it has fewer features and functionality for iOS devices. That’s where Net Nanny or Zift can come in handy for you. 

And as I stressed over and over in this article that if you’re looking for an affordable option then Kaspersky Safe Kids is the right choice. 

I hope you enjoyed this Kaspersky child safe review 2024.

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