Lingoda Review 2024: Features, Cost, Pros & Cons

Learning a new language is challenging, especially if you are a working person. Most of us want the simplest solution to learn any new language without burring our heads into long assignments or textbooks. In this article, we are discussing Lingoda review 2024. Which is one of the best online language learning platforms for beginners.

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Lingoda Review: Best Online Language Learning Platform

Lingoda is an ultimate platform to learn languages German, French, Business English, Spanish, and English. There are multiple classes and courses available for learners according to their budget and time. It brings great confidence to students and upgrades their language speaking skills.

Language Learning
Private Classes
Flexible Learning Schedule
German Learning
Other Native Languages
  • Great platform to learn languages online especially German
  • Budget-friendly to all users
  • Build up confidence and speaking ability
  • Classes are available 24/7
  • Interaction between students is low
  • Not a specific teacher is provided to students

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Quick Review Of Lingoda

Before moving ahead here is a quick overview of Lingoda so that you can know about it in a short time. Here are the best things about Lingoda that I liked the most.

  • Limited Students In One Class: In one class the number of students is only 5. So, this is one of the best benefits of Lingoda classes that everybody can learn easily as there is no rush in the class.
  • Reviews After Class: There are some activities and quizzes after the class to review what you’ve learned.
  • Provides Cashback: If you go for its marathon plan and have attended 90% of classes then you will upto €50-400 cashback. So this is a great offer for all learners here.
  • 24/7 Classes: You need not worry if you do not have an internet connection. Because its classes have a flexible schedule and you can anytime attend the classes.
  • Best Platform To Learn German: It is best to have Lingoda German courses because it provides qualified teachers with a maximum of 2 years of experience.

 Now some points that are not so good about it, such as:

  • Not Much Variation: The classes do not so vary from each other like most classes are similar to each other.
  • Less Time To Speak: Teaching time is large so students get less time to express their views and speak up in class.

To learn a new language you need someone that will guide you at every minor step. Thus, you will be learning any new language thoroughly. This Lingoda review is all about the same. We will get to know how supper helpful is this platform to earn new things within a couple of months so perfectly.

What Is Lingoda?

Lingoda is an online learning platform that was founded in Berlin in 2013. This platform was created by two German brothers to bring great skills for learning a new language with confidence. As of now, there are more than 80k students joined with it and over 2k teachers with great knowledge.

With this platform, you can learn English, French, German, Spanish, and Business English. But this is best for German learners. You can learn all these languages in groups and in private classes. These classes are available for beginners to advanced levels that anyone can learn with Lingoda.

The native speakers are available 24/7 for all new aspirants. A learning platform will boost its reach when it is helpful to many consumers.  Therefore, over 90% of students upvote the Lingoda language learning website and claim how good is this platform. For more let’s begin the Lingoda review and know more about it.

Lingoda Review: Analysis Of Its Various Aspects

There are various aspects that you need to look out for while sticking to an online learning platform. That’s why we will do the review of Lingoda based on its various attributes and usability:

How Does Lingoda Work?

Lingoda will work most wonderfully and provide very easy methods for learners. They help with online sessions by using the Zoom app. When you book a class session a couple of times you will receive the study material. 

After which you can simply download class material and continue learning your new language. In all the sessions you will get consistent reading, speaking, and writing exercises. Though, when the teacher will make their class with help of Lingoda material and annotate it.

When the session turns over you will get all the material that was discussed in the class. That is considering Lingoda review will be good. Though we get know-how professionally they are working. They have divided the levels of students according to their skills and ability to speak the language. These categories are:

  • A1 for Absolute beginners that do not understand an easy sentence.
  • A2 for beginners who are good at giving introductions and direct answers to questions
  • B1 for intermediates who can describe daily tasks but are unable to hold a conversation for long
  • B2 for Upper-Intermediates that can start a simple conversation but make mistakes in fish for words
  • C1 for advanced that can easily speak but face issues in academic and colloquialism language

Every learner, who is going to complete a learning language has to complete two levels. For better understanding, if you want to accomplish your level A1, you have to complete its sublevels A1.1 and A1.2.

The period of completing a whole course on Lingoda will completely depend on how frequently you take your classes. They have mentioned the entire time of each language course on their official website.

Price Analysis: Lingoda Review

The company has divided its plans into two sections that are small group classes and 1-on-1 classes. Now depending on the user which type of classes are they looking for. The pricing structure may vary from language to language, however, all of them are budget-friendly. These Lingoda prices also depend on the subscription you choose, such as:

  • Lingoda Monthly Subscription: starts from €9 or $11 per class
  • Lingoda Marathon Courses: starts from € 7.50 or $8.75 per class/ offers 3, 6, or 12 months payment options.

If you think about taking a group class that is limited to approximately four to five students that cost $9.50 to $20 for 60 minutes. Although, there are fifteen different purchase options available on the official website. In this Lingoda review, we are going to cover a detailed structure of their pricing plans.

For every plan, the company offers a 7-day trial option which is completely free. So, if you are planning to learn something new language just take a free trial whether you found it interesting or not. Although we have various coupon codes and Lingoda Student Deals you can definitely go through it.

Small-Group Classes

This type of class group is very pocket-friendly and only has 5 members in each session. Pricing may start from $56 per month for four lessons ($14 for each class) to $380 per month for forty classes ($9.50 per class).

Those are the pricing for English, French, and Spanish, once again. German ($11–$17 per lesson) and Business English ($13–$19 per class) have slightly higher rates.

1-on-1 Classes

For one 60-minute class each week, one-on-one classes start at $132 per month (you pay every four weeks, not by the calendar month). That’s a total of four private classes at $33 each. There are four commitment levels in all, with the highest costing $760 every month for ten classes, or $19 per class for 40 classes.

Those are the rates for English, French, and Spanish, respectively. German (about $22–$37 per lesson) and Business English (around $25–$40 per class) are a little more expensive. So those who are thinking that is Lingoda worthy then we must say 

Apart from these two groups, Lingoda might offer two unique plans. In the next section of this Lingoda Review, we are going to discuss them in more detail.

Lingoda Review: User Interface

Once a user creates an account from the official website then they can check out the whole available session of classes at different periods. The filtering tools are excellent and straightforward. Lingoda checks the time by specifying the current time in your time zone before scheduling a class. There will be no confusion as to when the class will begin.

Every class has a title and description that includes the learning focus (e.g., speaking, grammar), the instructor’s name with a link to learn more about them, and a number indicating how many seats in a group class are still available. 

You don’t always figure out where an instructor is from linguistically when you look at their bio. If you prefer instructors from a certain dialectical region, such as Central America versus Spain or Germany against Switzerland, it would be nice to know.

It’s a simple way to select classes and schedule them according to your preferences. You’ll be able to keep a flexible schedule as a result of this. You can book as many classes as you want, and you are not required to complete a certain amount of lessons first.

There are also group classes available. You’ll have a single teacher for them, who you’ll share with other pupils. You’ll also give them the teaching materials. You can utilize the Lingoda platform to find your teacher once your class has been arranged. You can learn more about the teacher by reading a brief bio of them.

How Do Lingoda Sprints And Super Sprints Work?

Is Lingoda any good? In this Lingoda review, we are going to know more about its two more plans. After every few months, Lingoda offers two special plans that are sprint and super sprint. There is a criterion to enroll in these plans. 

You have to sign up for three months and commit to taking at least 15 classes per month in the sprint plan and 30 classes per month in the super sprint. The excellent feature of having these plans are if you can take all assigned classes then you may get a solid discount like a 50 percent refund for sprint and almost 100 percent refund for the super sprint. 

Both plans have two pricing plans that are mentioned below:

Sprint Plan

These are the cost to learn multiple languages with the Lingoda sprint plan.

  1. Cost $216 per month and $14.40 per class for English, Spanish, or French.
  2. Cost $252 per month and $16.80 per class for Busines English or German.

You can minimize these costs just by using the Lingoda sprint coupon code by getting a discount with it.

Super Sprint Plan

Here we have mentioned the Lingoda super sprint cost to learn multiple languages with it.

  1. Cost $372 per month or $12.40 per class for English, Spanish, or Frech.
  2. Cost $445 per month or $ 14.33 per class for Business English or German. 

However, these plans fill up as quality as they announce and have a huge waitlist. These are the most important things that we have discussed in this Lingoda review. You can also apply Lingoda coupon code on all of these plans to make maximum savings on it.

What Do You Mean By Lingoda Method?

However, Lingoda is a platform that offers online classes with highly qualified teachers through their live sessions. Thus, they do not classify themselves as learning apps. 

Now depending on you whether you are a beginner or an experienced candidate, the enrolling procedure is different for both. Thus, if you are a beginner you have to enroll yourself in the first level for the language you want to learn. And if you have some prior experience in any language or you want to pursue further then you can take their placement test 

C1.4.4 is the highest level in this system. The number of levels offered varies depending on the languages that Lingoda offers. Users can learn from A1 to B2 in Spanish, for example.

All Lingoda instructors hold a certificate in teaching the target language as a foreign language and have at least two years of teaching experience. The majority of the teachers on the site are native English speakers.

In this way, Lingoda differs from other similar language learning platforms on the market, such as italki and Preply, where anyone may become an online tutor with little to no quality control.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Lingoda Language Learning Platform?

Apart from the pricing plans and the whole learning culture, we have discussed in this Lingoda review it’s time to know some other facts. In this section, we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Lingoda learning platform in detail.

Advantages of Lingoda

  1. Take Classes From Any Location: For taking any Lingoda classes you just have two assets- one is excellent internet connectivity and another is a device through which you can connect with Zoom meeting. All you have to do is to participate in the whole session and we recommend you to sit in a quiet place so that nothing can disturb you.
  2. A Solid Flexibility Of Schedule: You are allowed to schedule your class as suitable to you. Lingoda has native-speaking teachers and professionals throughout the world who can comfortably give classes where you are. 
  3. Certified German Teachers: In the Lingoda platform, most of the aspirants enroll to learn the German language. However, they have excellent facilities with professional german teachers that explain all the concepts very deeply and clearly. 
  4. Learning Material Is In Visual Form: This is the best advantage of the Lingoda platform. For all sessions of class, you will get digital annotations on the learning material created by the teachers. 
  5. Small-Length Of Classes: By learning a new language from an online platform you might face some difficulties. But on Lingoda you will be very much comfortable with the classes and the batches. There are only five candidates in one class so you can clear your all concepts easily. 
  6. Can Access Certificates And Summery Easily: When you complete you whole course you can easily access your official certificates. Thus, this is the most valuable advantage of the Lingoda learning platform for every learner. 
  7. Lessons Limit To 60 Minutes: The soothing benefit of Lingoda is that each lesson has a time limit of 60 minutes. You are free to extend the session for a particular concept if you want any. 
  8. Competitive pricing in addition to cashback: Compared to other language learning platforms, Lingoda comes with high-quality courses. Along with that, they bring smart cashback offers with no hidden prices. It will depend on you, how frequently you complete your classes and how long you want that the sessions to clear your concept.

Disadvantages Of Lingoda Language Learning Platform

However, apart from the excellent advantages of Lingoda, there are some disadvantages. Let us check out in the next section

  1. Placement Procedure Can Be Improved: After the course completion, you have to clear a placement test. The time duration is just 5 minutes which is quite less and forced on the language’s grammar. So, it can be modified or have some more listening as well as speaking tests. 
  2. Student Interaction Is Quite Low: During the sessions, most of the candidates put their cameras off. In the zoom platform, no one gets a chance to interact with each other. Thus, the communication process is zero.
  3. Lengthy materials: Sometimes, teachers will sum up their lecture within 60 minutes. Which results in them just letting you complete your exercise on your own. That might be quite a long to read the study materials and do all exercises. 
  4. Teachers Change Frequently: While learning sessions, not a particular teacher will take all lectures. According to the schedule, you might get the same teacher or sometimes may not. 

Therefore, in this Lingoda review, we have mentioned every single aspect of the platform in detail. The pros and cons of Lingoda are also important aspects to be discussed to provide an unbiased review. 

Is Lingoda Legit?

Yes, Lingoda is a legit online language learning platform that provides group and private classes to learn multiple languages. There are more than 562k online classes held every year and over 102k students are taught by Lingoda. No inefficiency of teachers as there are 1.9k+ professional teachers for you. 

Besides this Lingoda has recently received a huge investment for its international growth. Many professionals use this to improve their business English for professional growth and global projects.

What Are The Benefits Of Private And Group Lingoda Classes?

We have mentioned the private and group classes above in this Lingoda review. So let’s explore the benefits of these two so that you can easily choose one of them.

Lingoda Private Class

In private classes, you will get a personal tutor that will focus on things on which you have to work. Other than this you’ll get:

  • Fluency in conversation and better improvement as it is a 1-on-1 class to make you specialized.
  • The teacher will give you particular and relevant topics for better learning.
  • You will have fast language learning with high confidence.

Lingoda Group Class

Group sessions will make interaction with others and have good practice to speak with others. Not only this, you can have better learning with group classes because:

  • You can learn from other mistakes 
  • You can study together outside the class by contacting your mates
  • This can let you know things asked by others that you have even not imagined

You can choose any of them as per what you want to learn with Lingoda.

Summing Up To Lingoda Review

Lingoda is one of the best methods to learn a new language online. They have highly educated and well-trained teachers that drive their lectures professionally. This platform is the best option to learn the German language. 

Everything is so flexible here, you can learn from anywhere around the globe. You will improve your time-management skills by scheduling your classes as well as other work. Digital material and quizzes are given by the teachers that they used in their classes. 

To beginners as well as learners, the Lingoda languages platform, will never disappoint. Therefore, to learn a new language especially German, Lingoda is the best option.

FAQs: Lingoda Review

Here are some of the top queries regarding Lingoda that are asked by many users.

Can Lingoda Make You Fluent?

Yes. With highly qualified teachers you are able to learn any language and can become fluent in it.

Is Lingoda Certificate Valid?

Lingoda is a legal language learning platform. All the certifications provided by them are valid and accepted by various academic institutions, companies, and also immigration services.

Is Lingoda Good For French?

Absolutely. If you want to learn french and want to be fluent in it then Lingoda is one of the best options for you. There are many opportunities available on this platform that help you in your career growth.

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