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Up to 25% off on all checks | Great range of Checks | Fully customizable | Accredited by BBB
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About Checks SuperStore

Check SuperStore is one of those companies which deal in providing checks for various purposes. It mainly deals in business and personal usage checks and assures you to save a big amount of money. This company is based in Texas, the United States, and its parent company is engaged in the banking field since 1922. It ensures you to be protected against frauds and your checks to be 100% genuine.

For security measures, it also allows you to pair with “FraudArmor” which is an anti-fraud company. This also increases the trustworthiness of Checks SuperStore.

So, these are the basic things that one must be aware of before trying it. And apart from all these, it also supplies Checks SuperStore Discount Codes. And by using these coupons, you can enjoy amazing cashbacks with it.

Services that you can enjoy with Checks SuperStore


Checks SuperStore is specialized for dealing with checks for both personal and business use. It additionally provides both physical and digital kind of checks. But that doesn’t mean that these are the only things in which it deals. But in addition, there are a lot of items in its stores and these are:

  • Personal Checks: This category includes a wide range of personal checks that you can get. The various variants of this category are designer check, floral check, animals check, discount checks, patterns check, etc. All of these checks are fully customizable and you can set their fonts, background, themes, etc. as per you. And it also includes some templates of checks too.
  • Personal Accessories: These are the additional things that one might need along with checks for personal purposes. These include checkbook covers, address labels, ink stamps, and registers. The provided ink stamps can be tailored as per your requirements and you can use covers for keeping your checks secure. Apart from all these, you can use registers for recording your transactions.
  • Business Checks: Under this category, you can get both physical and computerized business checks. This helps you in initiating almost all kind of transactions without having any trouble. The main kinds of the product under this category are three to page checks, payroll or voucher checks, laser checks, etc.
  • Business Accessories: These are the additional items that you might need along with checks for your business. And these include registers, deposits, envelopes, binders, etc. Apart from all of these things you can also get custom ink stamps that can be essential for any business.

These are the various categories and product types that you can shop with Checks SuperStore Coupon Codes. In the below part, you can also get to know about their prices.

Costing mechanism of Checks SuperStore

There are various kinds of check-in which Check SuperStore deals. So, it is obvious that the prices of these checks will also vary according to their superiority. And the other thing is that these are checks so you cannot buy a single piece. Due to this, you will have to buy a full set and normally the available sets are 250, 500, and 1000 checks.

The basic pricing of this set of checks usually starts from $32.99 for 250 checks. And for the set of 1000 checks of the same kind, you will have to spend $68.99. On the flip side, the highest charges for 250 sets of checks are $109.99 for High-Security laser checks.

These are the prices that have to pay for these checks and these look a bit expensive. So, you can use Checks SuperStore Promo Codes in case if you want to reduce your costs.

Why choose Checks SuperStore over other stores

Choose to us

Choosing a check making firm is not an easy task as there can be many security threats related to it. And for choosing one, you have to look for certain things. We will also look at whether Checks SuperStore fulfills these elements or not.

  • Cost: Cost is a very basic and important factor while deciding anything. Purchasing checks with your regular banks can be a costly and a bit complex process. But with the check companies, you can own these checks at very low prices. And Check SuperStore allows you to save up to 75% cost in comparison to the other banks. It also allows you to grab amazing discounts by using the Check SuperStore Coupons. So, in this way, it can be concluded that this store is very price efficient.
  • Variants provided: With the ordinary banking checks, you cannot enjoy the features like customization. But check firms make this possible for you and allow you to do customization as you want. With ordinary firms, a limited number of customization is available. But if you choose Check SuperStore then you can get 78 different styles divided into 6 categories. In addition to it, you can also get 7 digit designs divided into 5 categories.
  • Image of the firm: The last but not least important factor is the image of the firm you are. If you look at the review of Checks SuperStore then you will find mixed reactions. It has negative reviews majorly due to the look of its website. But performance-wise it is very nice and it also has a 3.5 score out of 5 for its services that are good enough. So, you can give it at least one try.

So, from this, it is clear why one can choose this amazing store over the other ones.

How to get extra benefits with Checks SuperStore Promo Codes

Coupon Code

For getting extra benefits while ordering these checks, you should use the SuperStore Voucher Codes. And the steps for using these codes are also mentioned below. So, if you don’t know the procedure for using these then check the steps.

  1. The very first step for using these codes is to find the coupons. And for finding these codes, you have to reach our website. For that reach our official site that is
  2. Once you reach our website, then you have to visit our store. And for then you have to click on the store option available at the top navigation bar. This will take you to our store.
  3. Once you reach our store, you have to find the store of Check SuperStore. And once you find it, click on it. By doing so, you will reach that particular store. This will take you to that store and there you can find all the deals and coupons.
  4. For using a coupon, you have to just click on a particular coupon. By doing this, the code will get copied for you. You have to just paste the code while checking out and enjoy cash prices.
  5. In case of a deal, just click on a particular deal. And once you do this, the deal will get activated.

These are the ways by following which you can get access to amazing deals while buying checks. So, follow them and enjoy amazing monetary benefits.

With Checks SuperStore up to a maximum of 25% savings

25% Off coupon

Above the prices of the Checks SuperStore were mentioned and they looked a bit expensive. So, you might be looking for a way for enjoying price cuts. And the best way for the same is to use the Checks SuperStore Discount Codes. By using these coupons you can get amazing discounts on various check sets.

Currently, the best offer is that by using these codes, you can get a maximum of 25% off. This is the hottest deal that is currently live and is valid for up to a limited time. So, don’t miss this amazing offer and grab this before time runs out.

Checks SuperStore FAQ


Q1. Can I return the checks that I have ordered?

Answer. As the checks are personalized as per every user, so these can be returned. But in case if your bank account is miss printed or has any other quality issue, you can get refunds.

Q2. How can I track my order?

Answer. When you order something you will receive a mail on your email. Through that, you can track your order. The other method of tracking order is to click on the order tracking and filling order number in that.

Q3. What are the payment options accepted in Checks SuperStore?

Answer. On Checks SuperStore you have various options for making payment. For making payments, you can use Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, etc.

Q4. What is the delivery period?

Answer. Once your order, you will receive a confirmation mail within 24 hours. And after that, within 2-3 business days your order will get delivered.

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