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About Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint software is designed for creating 2D animations, comics, and illustrations and was developed by Celsys Inc. a Japanese graphic software company. It was initially released in 2001 as “Comic Studio” and was compatible with only Windows and macOS. 

Its earlier versions were designed only to create black and white art but it included full-color support in its 4th version launched in 2007. Its latest version was launched on December 4, 2020, and supports various operating systems including Android and iOS.  

Main tools of Clip Studio Paint

Tools are the major elements that make editing very easy for any user in different editing software. Major tools that you can find with Clip Studio Paint are:

  • Zoom, Move and Operation Tool: This tool allows you to zoom any object to great extent and can edit the timeline of layers. You can also move objects along with a whole layer at once. 
  • Blend Tools: With the help of this tool, you can blend or blur the objects and even fill the soothing watercolor into them. This also allows you to copy stamps and use them further in other projects.
  • Selection Tools: These tools help you in selecting the object in the various shares like rectangle, Ellipse, Lasso, etc. It also provides a selection pen with which you can also freely select and shrink objects.
  • Text Tools: With these tools, you can mix various text styles and use various font faces. You can also add character reading and inline input function. And if you are using the Ex version, then you can also use the story editor.
  • Vector Layer: Vector allows you to set the brush shape, size, and color. In addition to this, you can also edit control points, switch corners, connect or redraw vector lines, and show their paths.
  • Tonal Tools: With the help of this tool, you can add a tonal layer to your project. You can make full customization and can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue of that layer without affecting the original one.

These are some of the major tools that this amazing software has. You can also use the Our Exclusive Clip Studio Paint Coupon for enjoying some price cuts while purchasing this.

Features of Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint provides various kinds of features and these features are categorized under some broad heading and that are:

Concept Art and Painting

  • Painting: It includes a vast variety of painting styles including oil paint, watercolors, etc. It also allows you to customize the style and texture of the Clip Studio Paint custom brushes. In addition to this, it allows you to choose, test, and manage colors very easily and provides 6 color palettes for assisting you in this. It also supports AI colorization that automatically fills color by following hints.
  • Details and Decorations: This feature automatically detects the pen sensitivity pressure once you use it a few times. It also provides inbuilt stabilization that helps in drawing accurate and clean drawings. It also lets you draw identical patterns through a single stroke. 
  • Final Touches: This feature allows you to provide final touches to your drawings and provides a Tonal layer where you can do customizations without affecting the original layer. You can also add texts to your project and convert your photos into painterly styles.
  • Managing Files: It allows you to keep multiple pages in a single file and that can be extracted anytime. You can also have a look at the 3D preview of your project and you can also reuse your canvas design in further projects.

Character Art

  • Drawings Basics: It provides a lot of drawing tools like pens, markers, brushes, etc., and lets you set the pen sensitivity pressure in just a few strokes. With the help of these tools, you can draw objects as you have imagined.
  • Painting: Clip studio supplies various kinds of brushes that you can use for oil painting and coloring. In addition to this, it also supplies a very wide range of colors.
  • Finishing and Editing: This option lets you add a tonal layer to your project. You can make full customizations to that layer without affecting the original one. This tool also lets you apply amazing filters to your image.
  • Publish Work: Once you have finished editing you can have a preview of your work. And after everything is finalized you can extract your project in various formats. 

Illustration for Design

  • Drawing Basics: With a few strokes, you can set the pen pressure and this can help you in drawing accurately. You can also set the color, size, and texture of your pen for getting personalized results. It also includes inbuilt stabilization that helps in drawing accurately.
  • Drawing Advanced: This amazing feature allows you to draw human figures with different postures and poses. It also provides AI posing that automatically draws the figure just by scanning the photographs.
  • Painting and Decorating: For the purpose of painting it provides various kinds of painting brushes that are fully customizable. With the smart fill tool, you can easily fill colors to the objects with perfection.
  • Elevate Efficiency: Clip Studio is available with both tablets and smartphones with which you can draw with the help of Galaxy S Pen and Apple Pencil. So for working on a specific project you don’t need a desktop and this increases working efficiency. 

Comic and Manga

  • Standard Comic Features: It delivers many standard Clip Studio Paint comic features and lets you draw naturally attractive drawings with the help of Clip Studio Paint Manga brushes.
  • Comic Creation: It provides hundreds of preset templates and you can start working with any of you like. While creating a comic, you can make editing to all pages at a time which reduces the chances of error.
  • Convenient: This lets you draw conveniently without having any trouble. You can even convert 3D models, images, etc. into lines and tones. With this, you can also create an illustration-like background.
  • Workflow and Team Management: This feature lets you save all your projects to the cloud and allows you to manage multiple pages of your Manga Comic at once. You can also share these projects with others either page by page or as a whole.


  • Drawing: It lets you do frame by frame animate of your project. In just a few strokes, you can also set the Pen pressure sensitivity and this can help you in drawing accurately.
  • Animating: With the help of the Onionskin function, you can keep the animation frame by frame by referring to the previous frames. This makes Clip Studio Paint animation very easy and simple.
  • Directing: You can set the timing of each frame and can also adjust the playback speed. You can also set the motion of each frame along with the audio tracks.
  • Improved Efficiency: You can improve efficiency by using the preset template and objects. You can also share the templates and projects with your friends. You can also share your workspace with your team.

Clip Studio Paint Ex vs. Pro

clip studio paint ex coupon code 2020

Clip Studio is available in two versions named Clip Studio Paint Ex and Clip Studio Paint Pro. The PRO version is used for creating Character Art, Concept Art, and Illustration. However, the EX version is suitable for Manga and Comics, and Animations. The Ex version is also a bit advanced. 

The advanced features that you can get with Clip Studio Paint Ex are:

  • Multi-page management: This feature allows you to manage multiple files in a single place and can view the entire project at once. You can also start editing on multiple pages at a single time. You can also sort the names of various pages of a project.
  • 3D to lines conversion: This feature can make your work very easy as with the help of this feature you can convert 3D lines and images into lines, dot shadings, and screen tones for your comics.
  • Extract documents: With the help of this feature, you can extract a multi-page project at once in the various supported formats including Kindle and PDF formats. However, this feature can only be accessed with a Desktop and is not supported in iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, Android, and Chromebook versions.

Is using Clip Studio Paint Discount Offer beneficial?

clip studio paint discount coupon

Clip Studio is a one-of-a-kind creative software for artists especially those who love drawing comic arts and animations. Its uniques interface has been appreciated by many artists.  So, if you are planning to purchase it then you can use the Clip Studio Paint Promo Codes. This can help you in getting amazing discounts on both the Pro and Ex version of it. You can find all of these coupons by visiting our store.

Which is better- Clip Studio Paint or Photoshop?

clip studio paint student discount

Photoshop is mainly used for editing images and creating images. Due to which Photoshops provides features related to image adjustment and editing. It provides amazing effects and filters that you can apply to an image.

And if we talk about Clip Studio Paint, it is used for creating drawings and illustrations. Due to which it mainly offers tools related to drawing. With it, you will find only a few tools used for photo editing.

So, if you want to create art and illustrations, then Clip Studio Paint is a better choice. And if you want software for photo editing, then you can go with Photoshop.

How can I use Clip Studio Paint Discount Voucher?

Using these coupons is a very easy task, and by following the below-mentioned steps, you can easily avail of discounts on both versions.

  1. The very first thing that you will have to do is to visit our website WebTechCoupons.
  2. Once you reach our site, click on the “stores” option available in the top navigation bar and this will take you to our store.
  3. There find the Clip Studio Paint Offers Store and click on it and this will take you to the store of clip studio. In that store, you can find all the active deals and coupons of Clip Studio Paint.
  4. For using a coupon, click on that particular coupon. By doing this, the code will get copied and you have to just paste this code while purchasing this software.
  5. In case of a deal, just click on the deal and that particular deal will get activated for you.

These are the easy steps by following which you can use Clip Studio Discount Coupon. If you are still having any doubts, you can visit the FAQs section.


Q1. Is Clip Studio Paint a one-time buy?

It provides both options of either buying it for a lifetime or purchasing a monthly Clip Studio Paint License. You can also take the help of Clip Studio Paint Pro Discount Offer for getting discounts.

Q2. Can I use Clip Studio Paint for free?

By accessing Clip Studio Paint Trial, you can use it for free for 30 days. And by purchasing a paid plan, you can use it for free for 3 months.

Q3. With which devices Clip Studio Paint is compatible?

Clip Studio Paint recently launched its latest version and this version is compatible with both Desktops and Phone. The operating systems that it supports are Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Chromebook.

Q4. Can I upgrade from Pro to Ex?

Yes, if you are holding a Pro license then you can upgrade it to the Ex license.

Q5. Does Clip Studio Paint student discount?

No, it doesn’t offer any kind of student discount. But you can use the Clip Studio Paint Discount Deal for enjoying price cuts. Along with this, you can also get exclusive discount offers through the Clip Studio Paint Back to School Sale to save huge bucks.

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