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If you have proven skills in web designing then you have an excellent opportunity to get the advantage of this crowdsourcing platform on the internet. DesignCroud is the world-wide internet-based ...
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About DesignCrowd

DesignCrowd is a company that customizes logos and has over 616,000+ freelance designers. As of now, around 280,000 projects have been submitted by professional designers with an upward of 25-100 designs per project.  For Beginners, it's a great opportunity to find work and sell their design. Use DesignCrowd Coupon Code to get great offers and deals on their packages.

This is a platform where a wide range of corporate identity and branding services are provided that includes web design, graphic design, art & illustration, print design, and merchandise design. 

What is DesignCrowd?

DesignCrowd is a place where both the businesses and freelancers come together for design-related upcoming projects. Through this platform, most of the entrepreneurs get highly professional website designers for their services. 

Logo design, web design, graphic design, flyer design, banner ad design, stationery work, WordPress design, emblem design, T-shirt design, business cards, poster design, web page design for brochures and more are common products offered by the DesignCrowd.

Company:  DesignCrowd company working in this business for 10 years and is fully licensed and regulated as DesignCrowd PTY Limited in New South Wales Australia. The company's CEO is Alec Lynch and Co-Founder Adam Arbolino. 

How Can You Use DesignCrowd Coupon Code

DesignCrowd Coupon Code & Promo Code

If you want to buy or sell professional designs on DesignCrowd just simply sign up for a free account. You can also follow them on any social media platform. Being an affiliate partner, we are providing the latest and updated DesignCrowd Coupon Code that you can apply while making payment. 

You have a great opportunity to grab these deals and offers using DesignCrowd Promo Codes and get professional designers or designs for your business and projects. This is a great platform for both business employers as well as for freelancers to open up with the world with their skills and creative mindset. 

How Do You Use Designcrowd?

How Does DesignCrowd Works

The very first step requires signing up as a freelancer or a company to the website. Now, after registering yourself on this platform, you can utilize the DesignCrowd solutions to build a design according to your need and also suitable for your budget. Follow three simple steps for this procedure:

  • By making a brief, clarify what your needs are. 
  • Receive product concept ideas within hours from freelancers around the world. 
  • Choose the design that best fits your requirements and preferences and then download the information.

DesignCrowd Print Designs

These value-driven features like low prices, with market affordability preserved by designers. Since freelancers receive a huge number of designs from each company, you can pick and choose the best that meets your budget and your needs. The minimum budget is fixed at $150, but for posting a proposal, there are pricing packages for clients starting at $79. A 4 percent processing charge is added to the purchasing amount.

Different Categories Offered By DesignCrowd Community

Here the sub-components and the major categories offered by DesignCrowd :

Logo Branding: Includes logo design, Business Card Design, Stationery Design, Label Design, Letterhead Design, Logo & Business Card Design, Name Card Design, Signage Design, Billboard Design, Trade Show Booth Design, Car Wrap Design. 

Web Design Services: Web Design, WordPress Design, App Design, Banner Ad Design, Icon Design, BigCommerce Design, Blog Design, iOS App Design, iPhone App Design, Blogger Design, CMS Design, csCart Design, Drupal Design, and so on. 

DesignCrowd Web Design Categories

Print Design Services: Flyer Design, Postcard Design, Brochure Design, Advertisement Design, and others are mentioned below:

DesignCrowd Print Designs

Graphic Design Services: Graphic Design, PowerPoint Design, Vector Design, 3D Design, Photoshop Design, Podcast Design, Infographic Designs, Mascot Design.

Product & Merchandise Design Services: T-shirt Design, Packaging Design, Bag, and Tote Design, Cup And Mug Design, Apparel Design, Merchandise Design.

Art & Illustration: Illustration Design, Book Cover Design, Art Design, Card Design, CD Cover Design, Greeting Card Design, Invitation Design, eBook  Cover Design, Tattoo Design, Character Design.

Benefits Of DesignCrowd Freelance Platform

Working on DesignCrowd will give you huge working and professional benefits to excel your skills and get the opportunity to showcase your talent among the whole world.

Benefits Of DesignCrowd 

  • Excellent Creativity: The company provides you loads of design ideas with freelance designers around the world competing on your project, all you need is just to pick the best one.
  • Huge Design Option: Professional designers from the world are there to create an excellent logo, perfect website, business cards, and many more. 
  • Money-Back Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with DesignCrowd’s service because of any reason then you can get your money back (conditions applied).
  • Save Time & Money: Designcrowd custom design range starts at a very low price that can easily meet one's budget or requirement. Therefore, projects will start to receive the designs in very little time. 

How To Get A Professional Freelancer

The find professional freelance designers navigate DesignCrowd’s Designer page and select designers according to different categories. One thing you should keep in your mind, try to select designers from Asia, as they are much cheaper than UK designers. 

This combination keeps prices competitive, which is why it is a good idea to consider designers from countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, etc. You can see a list of designers after you have entered your precise designer requests. There you get a list of their ranking, feedback score, reviews, and cash won.

DesignCrowd Freelancer Options

 To provide services for your company, you can easily invite any of these designers. For further procedure simply press the 'invite designer' button. You can review the Businesses and their personal portfolio of each designer regarding their completed projects. This provides descriptions of the programs, including the price at which they were paid. 

The number of modifications required, the number of projects that the freelancer usually offers to customers, and the overall service provided are other essential factors to consider when selecting a designer.

Cancellation Process

If you find the work done by the designer not satisfying your requirement then you can directly contact DesignerCrowd, they will follow up on the designers. 

For project completion, you may be authorized to use another designer. It is advisable to post comments on the profile of the freelancer for other clients to see if you want to cancel a job order because the freelancer has not fulfilled their end of the bargain.

It is not an issue for the project to be canceled and refunds to be provided if you deal with an unresponsive designer.

DesignCrowd Pros And Cons For Freelancers And Employees

For Freelancers

International Network: Get a chance to connect with international clients around the world and develop more professional relationships with them. 15% of what you make goes to DesignCrowd 
Showcase Your PortFolio: You have an opportunity to be a part of DesignCrowd’s Catalogue so that people will hire you for their projects.You only get paid when you win the contest. Sometimes, it just means you waste your time and effort for no return. 
Be The Winner: Get shortlisted and paid for offering your work in the DesignCrowd Contests.

For Employers

Search Design: You are allowed to search for designs at low risk as you can set a money-back guarantee so that you don’t need to pay if you are unable to find the desired work. The fee is comparatively higher compared to other freelance platforms.
Affordable Hiring: Finding or hiring professional designers or designers will cost you much more but you can get high-quality work.When you start a contest you are not allowed to get the money-back guarantee.
Feedback: DesignCrowd is the platform that offers a voting feature that will let you vote to your colleague and clients to get feedback on the best designs.
Give Feedback: You can get the exact design by rewarding feedback to the designers and get a response from your votes.

DesignCrowd Pricing

Fees For Employers

Design (1- 3)Design (6+)Design (50+)Design (100+)Design (150+)
1 Designer1 DesignerUnlimited Designer1 Designer1 Designer
1-3 DesignsExpect 6+ DesignsExpect 50+ DesignsExpect 100+ DesignsExpect 150+ Designs
Up to 3 RevisionUnlimited RevisionUnlimited RevisionUnlimited RevisionUnlimited Revision
Money-Back GuaranteeMoney-Back GuaranteeMoney-Back GuaranteeMoney-Back GuaranteeMoney-Back Guarantee
Copyright Ownership of 1 DesignCopyright Ownership of 1 DesignCopyright Ownership of 1 DesignCopyright Ownership of 1 DesignCopyright Ownership of 1 Design
Industry Standard FilesIndustry Standard FilesIndustry Standard FilesIndustry Standard FilesIndustry Standard Files
Highlighted ProjectsHighlighted Projects
250 Business Cards250 Business Cards
Featured Project

DesignCrowd Fees For Freelancers: It retains 15% of all payment as a commission.

DesignCrowd Customer Support

The easiest way to contact customer service is via the contact us button. There are several pages connected with the contact us page. If you are a client or a designer, you need to get in touch. You will reach customer service representatives once you have selected the subject and design. The business is based in Surry Hills, Australia, with the following email address:

  • Singapore-800-852-3882
  • New Zealand- 09-887-9497
  • Canada- 1-800-890-2410
  • Brazil- 19-395-71346
  • Australia- 1800-22-80-20
  • United Kingdom- 0800-680-0685
  • United States- 1800-377-6955


DesignCrowd is a huge platform or we can say an internet crowdsourcing website for both freelancers designers and employers. The company offers huge offers to save a huge amount on their designs. It comes with three options for payment Skills, PayPal, and Payoneer. Low spreads are offered by the company, and fees are in the with general crowdsourcing-style platforms.

FAQs- DesignCrowd Coupon Code & Promo Code

Is Designcrowd Good For Designers?

Yes. DesignCrowd is a platform where both beginners or professionals meet their requirements. Being a designer, you have more chances to get a good designed logo and designs. Sometimes you may have to compromise with the quality that you expect from the designers. 

How Do You Use Designcrowd?

In the above article, we have mentioned the step by step procedure to how to use DesignCrowd and also how you can apply the DesignCrowd Promo Code during payments.

Is DesignCrowd safe?

Yes. DesignCrowd is completely safe as the company comes with 256-bit encryption on the website. Comes with a bundle of design categories for the freelancer to choose from as per their taste. 

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