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About MacKeeper

MacKeeper is a software company that provides security software for macOS users. The company was founded in 2009, and today the company has more than 800 team members.

The company aims to provide Mac users with easier and safer all through using MacKeeper technology solutions. MacKeeper has more than 50 million downloads and more than 3 million users use MacKeeper every month.

Although Apple products are built with security at their core you never know about the prying eyes that can attack your Mac. To protect your MacOS with an extra layer of security MacKeeper deals in different products and services.

MacKeeper deals in different services including Cleaning, Antivirus, Performance, VPN, and Premium Services.

The products and services are so good of the company that Trustpilot has given a score of 4.7-star rating. If you are having MacOS then you can also add extra security to your online protection with MacKeeper. By using MacKeeper Coupon Code you can get a special discount on MacKeeper products and services.

MacKeeper Coupon Code | Get Up To 50% Off

Redeem MacKeeper Discount Offers

The software designed and made by MacKeeper is for macOS operating system. It offers different products and services to keep your Mac running even smoother. By using the MacKeeper discount code you can get a special up to 50% MacKeeper plans.

What is MacKeeper and Do I Need It?

MacKeeper is a software company that provides products and services for macOS users. The software of MacKeeper is designed to increase performance and to provide better security features. MacKeeper is AppEsteem certified company that ensures that the app is both safe and consumer-friendly.

MacKeeper Discount Code - Use MacKeeper in these cases

There are many reasons to use MacKeeper but you may want it in some of these cases also:

  1.     Full Disk Space: Running out of disk space is a very serious problem as you can’t save some of the really important things on your system. Cleaning up the disk space by removing duplicate files, junk files and useless apps will regain the disk space back.
  2.  Mac Runs Slow: A high-speed system is very crucial in work life, cleaning the memory will help in gaining the maximum speed again.
  3.  File Needs Protection: You never know which file will a virus and want to live in your Mac. Stay safe from viruses, malware, adware, and other types of online threats.

These are the cases when you may need the MacKeeper products and services to fix these issues. Using the MacKeeper Voucher & Coupon Code will help you to get a better discount on the software of MacKeeper.

MacKeeper Software | MacKeeper Discount Code

MacKeeper Promo Code - MAcKeeper Software

MacKeeper provides different software that aims to help Mac users in optimizing their operating system. Here is a list of all that software that the company deals in.

CleaningMac CleanerSafe Cleanup, Duplicates Finder, Smart Uninstaller
PerformanceMac OptimizerMemory Cleaner, Login Items, Update Tracker
SecurityAntivirusAntivirus, Adware Cleaner
PrivacyVPNID Theft Guard, Private Connect, StopAd
  1.     Mac Cleaner
  2.     Mac Optimizer
  3.     Antivirus
  4.     VPN

This software is designed in such a way that helps to fix the technical issues and maximize the performance of the Mac operating system. You can get to use this software at a lower price by using the MacKeeper coupon code & discount offer.

Now, we will discuss with you each of these software so that you will get to know all about them.

Mac Cleaner

Mac Cleaner is designed to remove junk files from the Mac to get free from blocked space. It is capable of removing all the unnecessary and unwanted files, apps, extensions, and other files that you don’t want to have. With this software, you can give your old Mac a powerful boost so that it works as the new.

MacKeeper Coupon Code - Tools of Mac Cleaner

The software is very helpful in some of these cases:

  •       When the disk space is getting full.
  •       Too many browser extensions.
  •       Incomplete app uninstallation.

With Mac Cleaner you will get the following tools,

  1.     Safe Cleanup: This is like cleaning your house with unnecessary things from your Mac Book. With just a few clicks you can clean up your storage with all caches, remove logs, and also empty trash. Safe Cleanup will help you to regain your free disk space back. This tool has 3 main features:

Ø Scans deeply to give your space back

Ø Cleanup the junk thoroughly

Ø The important and personal files stay safe

  1.     Duplicate Finder: Duplicate file is a common problem in Mac and other devices. A duplicate finder helps in finding the duplicate files from your Mac device and removes them for you. The tool has 3 main features:

Ø Nothing is deleted without permission

Ø Original files are kept safe

Ø System files are kept intact

  1.     Smart Uninstaller: It’s the tool t help you in uninstalling the apps from your Mac completely with no leftover. It also finds and removes all those unwanted widgets, plugins, and browser extensions that you no longer use or want. It has 3 main features:

Ø Delete all leftover files

Ø Removes browser extension

Ø Uninstall useless apps and plugins

MacKeeper is great software with different tools to help your system work seamlessly. You can use the MacKeeper discount code & offer to get an extra discount on your purchase.

Mac Optimizer

Mac Optimizer is the software for optimizing the Mac system. It helps in cleaning up the memory, updates your apps, and removes the login items. With this software, you can optimize your system like brand new.

Mac Optimizer is very helpful especially in the cases when:

  •       The apps on the system are running slow
  •       Frequently freezing of the browser
  •       Pinwheel spins endlessly

MacKeeper Voucher Code - Tools of Mac Optimizer

Mac Optimizer has the following tools:

  1. Memory Cleaner: With a memory cleaner tool you can optimize the performance and speed of your Mac. It works in real-time to free up the Mac RAM and can experience the system’s performance especially while using resource-intensive apps. The tool has the following features:

Ø Automatic memory monitoring.

Ø Doesn’t harm apps or files.

Ø Works best and seamlessly after using intensive apps.

  1.  Login Items: With this tool, you can tune up your Mac’s startup time. Too many login items slow down your system’s performance. With MacKeeper, Login Items you can decide what loads and what doesn’t during Mac startup. It has the following main features:

Ø Can see all the login items in a clear and organized list.

Ø Easily disable them to optimize the startup speed of your Mac.

Ø System apps and operations stay safe.

  1.  Update Tracker: This tool helps to update your apps without missing any of the single updates. Wherever your apps are located, the Update Tracker tool checks for the available updates, patches, and upgrades. This tool of Mac Optimizer has the following benefits:

Ø Works with almost all the apps.

Ø Updates apps from different and multiple sources to the latest.

Ø Provides the latest security updates.

You can grab all of this performance software and tools with the MacKeeper voucher code at a more discounted rate.


MacKeeper wants to keep your system stay safe from online threats before they attack. The antivirus not only keeps you to stay safe but also helps in cleaning up the junk files, duplicate, unused, and old browser extensions. It also helps in boosting the performance of your system with an ultra-fast memory cleaner. The antivirus also safeguards your password from online theft. The MacKeeper antivirus was also got featured in some of the well-known media like PCMAG, ComputerWeekly.com, BestTechie, and many more.

MacKeeper discount offer Code - Features of MacKeeper Antivirus

The antivirus has these features that we have discussed below:

  • Malware Removal: With MacKeeper you can stay safe from malware attacks. This antivirus provides anti-malware protection for your Mac system.
  • Real-Time Protection: Protecting you against viruses, the antivirus provides real-time protection for your Mac operating system. It scans a file even before you open so to provide you full security.
  • Ransomware Detection: Ransomware is a very painful attack and the antivirus helps to get rid of these attacks by providing ransomware detection.
  • Anti-Spyware: Anti-spyware helps you to keep your system’s camera & mic safe from malware attacks that try to spy on you.

The MacKeeper antivirus has the following feature that you might not be getting with other antiviruses. We have listed down all the security features of this antivirus.

FeaturesMacKeeper Antivirus
Virus and malware protectionIncluded
Adware and PUA detectionIncluded
Online ID theft protectionIncluded
Private VPN connectionBuilt-in with unlimited usage
Ad-blocking and anti-trackingWorks with Safari & Chrome
Disk space cleanupIncluded
Performance optimizationAll performance features
24/7 live chatDirect access from the app

These are the features of the MacKeeper antivirus, you can use the MacKeeper promo code and coupons to get an instant discount on your purchase.


Virtual Private Network (VPN) is additional software that helps to build an extra layer of security in your protection over the internet connection. Through MacKeeper VPN all your data is transferred from a tunnel in an encrypted form. Not only this it is very helpful in hiding the IP address of your system and creating a new one. It has many benefits and we have discussed some of the main benefits of the MacKeeper VPN.

Security of Online BankingAll your online banking data will be transferred through an encrypted tunnel after using VPN. You will be free to shop or transfer money anytime and anywhere in the world more securely and privately.


Access Blocked ContentThere are many TV shows, online content, and games that are restricted to some countries. By using MacKeeper VPN you can change your virtual location to access that content without limits.


Hide Activity From ISPISPs are ready to sell your online activity to advertisers that can later target you. With the help of a VPN, you can hide your online activities even from your internet service provider.


Protects Wi-Fi DataHackers are always ready to target those who are using public wi-fi. MacKeeper VPN helps to secure the internet and hides the private data that you send and receive on the internet

These are some of the main benefits or advantages of using a VPN. Now, let’s have a look at the features of MacKeeper VPN that we have mentioned below:

MacKeeper Promo Code - Features OF MacKeeper VPN

  1.     Global Server: MacKeeper has around 296 servers from around 50 countries in the world, so you can connect virtually anywhere.
  2.     Automatic Connection with Startup: There are some times when you forget to use VPN while doing some confidential work. With the automatic connection feature, you can connect to VPN automatically once you start up your system.
  3.     Military Grade Encryption: With its top-notch security feature and algorithms it will be very difficult for hackers to reach you. The VPN comes with an AES-256 security grade.
  4.     WebRTC and DNS Leak Protection: It provides DNS leak protection and also enjoys extra VPN security.
  5.     No Spoofing Database: All the servers of MacKeeper VPN have physical locations and not virtual locations so to provide better speed.

MacKeeper VPN has 3 tools to provide great security features over your internet connection.

MacKeeper Discount Code - Tools of MacKeeper VPN

  1.     ID SafeGuard: With this feature, you can provide safety to your online passwords as the feature will let you know which passwords were compromised.
  2.     Private Connect: By this feature, you can secure your internet connection so the ISP won’t able to trade your data. It will hide all your data in encrypted form.
  3.     Stop Ad: This tool will help you to shop ad-free as it won’t let any tracker follow you.

These are some of the great features of MacKeeper VPN, you can use the MacKeeper discount offer to enjoy the best offers on your purchase.

What Is MacKeeper Promo Code?

Coupon codes or any other codes are the way to minimize the actual cost by getting an extra discount. With the MacKeeper promo code, you can also get a special discount on their services to minimize your actual cost.

How To Avail MacKeeper Coupon Code?

MacKeeper Coupon Code

To avail of the nitro coupon code, you need to follow the below-mentioned points carefully:

  1.     First, you have you click on the MacKeeper deals that you may have seen in this article.
  2.     As you click, your browser will automatically be redirected to the official website of MacKeeper.
  3.     Now, select the services that you want to use MacKeeper.
  4.     As you have selected the plan you have to apply for the MacKeeper promo code during payment and final checkout.

This is how you can get an extra discount and get great offers using a MacKeeper discount or promo code.

MacKeeper Support

MacKeeper always tries to provide you with to best customer support. Their support team is always ready to help with any of your issues related to the products and services of MacKeeper. You have many options to get support from the company. The company provides the facility of Live Chat, email, and phone calls.

To get 24/7 help over the phone call you can dial:

  • (United States) 1 (888) 572-5876
  • (Australia) 1 (800) 462-715
  • (United Kingdom) 0 (808) 189-1280

To get the support you can email them at support@mackeeper.com

As we have discussed all the different software of MacKeeper. The company deals in top-rated products and services. There are some of the great features of MacKeeper products and services that we have already discussed with you. You can download some of their software but you will get a limited time to use it. To enjoy the full features, you have to purchase any of the MacKeeper plans. However, you can save better on the plans by using the MacKeeper discount offer and enjoy the full services at a lower cost.

MacKeeper | FAQs

Check some queries of people related to the MacKeeper coupon code and its products.

Is MacKeeper recommended by Apple?

Apple does not recommend MacKeeper or any other third-party security software. MacKeeper is a third-party software company that provides security and other performance services.

Is MacKeeper Worth Having?

MacKeeper provides great products and services to users. The company provides different software for the security and privacy of the user. It also deals in software that helps to increase the performance and optimization of your Mac. It helps to increase the speed of the system and also doesn’t slow down the machine or cause any processor lag.

Can I use MacKeeper for free?

Yes, you can use MacKeeper for free but only for a limited time. To enjoy the services at the full without compromising on the features you have to purchase MacKeeper plans. By using the MacKeeper Coupon code you can get a great discount on their plans.

Is It Safe To Use MacKeeper Promo Code?

Yes, it is safe to use this MacKeeper and it will surely work that is enough to get any of the products through this MacKeeper discount code.

How Long Does MacKeepr Coupon code last?

We are not aware of the time limit of this discount, because there is not any certain information about it. So just grab this before it gets expired.

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