Windscribe Voucher 2024: New Promo Codes

Windscribe is a very popular VPN (Virtual Private Network) service provider and is based in Canada. It is a reliable VPN brand and has more than 25 million active users. Check out our latest Windscribe Voucher for getting exclusive offers.

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Windscribe VPN Coupon Code and Discount Promo code 2024
Unblocks Netflix, Torrents etc, Unlimited device support, 179+ servers, No-logs-policy, 30 days money-back gaurantee
Prices May Vary Without Any Prior Notice
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Based on user feedback from many of our users we do not recommend you to use Windscribe VPN(Multiple issues/ privacy compromise) Instead You can get deals on most trusted VPN’s listed below. These VPNs are trusted & well known and have some amazing offers now”

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Windscribe Voucher 2024: New Promo Codes

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Windscribe Voucher 2024: New Promo Codes

Prices May Vary Without Any Prior Notice
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Windscribe Voucher 2024: New Promo Codes

Prices May Vary Without Any Prior Notice
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Windscribe Voucher 2024: New Promo Codes

Prices May Vary Without Any Prior Notice
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Windscribe Voucher 2024: New Promo Codes

Prices May Vary Without Any Prior Notice
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Windscribe Voucher 2024: New Promo Codes

Prices May Vary Without Any Prior Notice
Protonvpn Gift Card Code for Discount Offers 2024
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Windscribe Voucher 2024: New Promo Codes

Prices May Vary Without Any Prior Notice

Features of Windscribe VPN

windscribe promo code

By opting for Windscribe VPN, a user can get access to a lot of benefits that are:

Wide server range

Windscribe has its servers placed in most of the major countries including American and European countries. Windscribe has a very wide range of servers. Currently, it has almost 179 servers placed in 110 cities in 63 countries. Apart from this, it also lets you choose from over 10000 different IPs.

Industry best encryption

One of the foremost things that a user wants from a VPN is security. Windscribe uses AES-256 chipper SHA512 auth and a 4096-bit RSA key for encrypting data. This encryption protocol is considered the best standard protocol of this industry.

Supports split tunneling

Split tunneling is one of the advanced features and is provided by only a few VPN providers. By using this feature, you can select which apps should directly use the internet and which should use a VPN.

However, with Windscribe, you can only use this feature in android apps. And this function is currently not supported in Windows, Mac, and Linux.

No-log policy

Many VPN providers log user data and most of them are free platforms. Windscribe works with a no-log policy. It only keeps a check on when you last used Windscribe VPN and your 30-day data usage. Apart from this, it doesn’t log any of the user data.

Unblocks Netflix

Windscribe is capable of masking the IP of a user. This unrestricted the user from accessing country-specific content. With Windscribe VPN, you can access Netflix along with other geo-restricted content in over 50 countries. 

Secured Hotspot

By using this feature, you can create a Windscibe secure hotspot on your device. Other users can connect to this hotspot and can use it for safely browsing the web. And for this, they don't have to install the Windscribe app on their device. This is a very unique feature although it is only supported with Windows (doesn't work with Android, Mac, and Linux).

Windscribe ROBERT

This is a domain and IP blocking tool that you can get with Windscribe. This also lets you create a custom list of IPs or domains that you want to block. Advantages of using this tool:

  • This helps in avoiding ads by blocking them.
  • You can reduce the threat of tracking by blocking sites that appear to be malicious.
  • You can whitelist or blacklist IPs according to you and can freely customize the block list.

These are the features that you can enjoy by purchasing Windscribe VPN. And by purchasing it through our Windscribe Promo Code, you can get exclusive offers on it.

Benefits of using Windscribe Extension for Chrome

Apart from desktop and android applications, Windscribe can also be used as a browser extension. For this, you have to just download the Google chrome Windscribe extension through its official site.

Advantages of using Windscibe browser extension:

  • Automatically pick the best location for you.
  • It automatically changes device time according to the location you are connected to.
  • Automatically clears cookies for you.
  • It blocks ads and trackers that compromise your privacy.

Up to 30% savings with Windscribe Voucher Code

windscribe voucher code

At present, you can save a maximum of 30% on Windscribe VPN. This is the best deal related to Windsribe VPN. For getting this deal, you have to just use our Windscribe Promo Code. In case, if you are facing any problems while using these codes then you can follow the steps mentioned below.

How to apply a Windscribe Voucher?

Using the Windscribe Promo Codes is not that difficult. Follow these steps and enjoy the deal:

  • The very first task is to find these codes and these are available at our official site. For this, you have to visit our site WebTechCoupons.
  • After reaching the site, you have to click on the store option. You can find it on the top navigation bar and this will take you to our store.
  • Once you reach there, you have to find the Windscribe store and after finding it, click on it.
  • This will take you to our Windscribe Voucher Code page where you can find all the latest deals.
  • For enjoying a deal, click on that deal and it will get activated for you.
  • In case of a coupon, click on the coupon and the code will get copied for you. Paste this code while buying any of the plans of the Windscribe VPN.

Can I use Windscribe VPN for free?

windscribe free vs pro

Well yes, you can use Windscribe for free for as long you want by just signing up with a valid email address. However, your monthly data usage will be restricted to only 10GB. Also, you will only be allowed to use only IPs of 10 countries. In many instances, users faced speed-related issues while using the free version.

If speed and security are your topmost priority then it is recommended to use the Pro version. And by using our Windscribe Voucher, you can also get amazing offers on the Windscribe Pro VPN.

What Is The Best Alternative To Windscribe Deal?

If you don't find Windscribe worthy then you can opt for its alternative deals. The two of the greatest alternative deals to it are YouTuber NordVPN codes and ExpressVPN promo code YouTube. Apart from this, you can also make maximum savings through Surfshark VPN 3 year deal.


Below are some of the popular queries that people usually ask about Windscribe. In case, you want to know more about it then check out these questions.

Q1. Does Windscribe hide our IP?

Answer. Definitely Yes. The basic task that a VPN does is to hide our IP to provide anonymity. And same is with Windscribe. It masks our IP so that we can browse freely.

Q2. Does Windscribe sell our data?

Answer. Well, the paid VPN doesn’t sell your data to third parties. And this can only happen when you are using a free VPN. Windscribe is very secure and doesn’t sell any of your info.

Q3. Does Windscribe work with both Netflix and Amazon FireTV?

Answer. Yes. By using Windscribe you can access both Amazon FireTV and Netflix.

Q4. Can I use it as a browser extension?

Answer. There are a few VPN that supplies this option and Windscribe is one out of them. You can add Windscribe Chrome Extension to your device. It will work with other browsers too.

Q5. Will I have to pay extra if I use both Windscribe App and extension?

Answer. For providing an additional layer of security, Windscribe allows you to use both its app and extension. And for using both of these, you don’t need to pay extra charges.

Q6. Will I get Free Data on Windscribe? How do I get 50 GB of Windscribe Data?

Answer:   Yes, You will get Free Data on Windscribe, as soon as you create an account on it. Windscribe off 2GB of free data on every new user. This data can be increased by adding and confirming the email address. After confirming the email address your data will be increased to the limit of 10 GB per month. Once you confirm the email now you can upgrade to free 50 GB per month of bandwidth.

To Get a 50 GB of Windcribe of data you have to login into your account. On the top of the My Account section, you will see a voucher for 50 GB of data available there. Just Click the Button and enjoy your access to 50 GB of data. The data will be reset every month.

Q7. How Do I Claim Voucher is Windscribe?

Answer: To Claim vouchers for Free data you have to create your account and verify your email. Now Under the My Account Section, You will see Vouchers, here you can claim them for free

Q8. How to Cancel your Paid Subscription in Windscribe?

Answer: You have to login into your Windscribe account, Under the My Account Section You will have a lot of menu items, click the Cancel button for canceling the Paid Subscription.

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