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Zenfolio is a platform specially built for photographers to create a website or an e-commerce website. They can go beyond their talent and can sell their photographs via the website. Zenfolio offers unlimited upload to photographers along with a bundle of marketing tools that help them to promote their business. Use the Zenfolio Coupon Code for being a member to create your website on Zenfolio and start selling your work. 

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Zenfolio is the software available for photographers either beginner or professional. This software brings an opportunity for people to showcase their talent in front of the world. Here, ...
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About Zenfolio Company

Zenfolio is an all in one photography platform for beginners as well as professionals. Zenfolio gives power to the photographer to build their work/portfolio/personal website without any prior technical knowledge. Therefore, people can recognize your website or check out your work and can approach you or your company.

The company was found in 2004 by Alex Peyzner. Their headquarters are situated in Menlo Park, California, United States. Zenfolio is part of the Art.com Inc family of brands which aim is to make art available for everyone. 

Zenfolio is not just a photo hosting website but it also builds a connection between you and highly professional photographers and enhances your network. 

What Is Zenfolio Website Builder?

This software offers a wide range of themes and professionally designed layouts. Zenfolio competes with website builders like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and also with photography website builders like Format, Carbonmade, and Smugmug. 

Zenfolio provides an all-in-one solution for photographers who need to grow their business with the help of modern easy-to-use templates and with eCommerce features that allow you to sell your photography work from your website.

It offers amazing menu options to select what type of photography you do and gives you access to the selection of themes that you can change or customized later. 

Zenfolio helps beginners who have no design or development experience and those who want to get their photography work to publish on a good-looking website easily.

Why Choose Zenfolio Coupon Code?

Zenfolio Coupon Code & Promo Code

Zenfolio allows you to keep in touch with professional photographers across various categories. Using Zenfolio Coupon Code you will have a chance to get listed your photos on the photographer central. This will make it easy for visitors that can contact you immediately if they like your photography work. By this, you can build a huge network of new clients. 

Zenfolio allows you to interact with various custom or build-in pages. So, as well as standard pages such as a guest book, you can specifically discuss your requirements for specific custom web pages on your website such as contact us, blog, and so on.

Grab great deals and offers using Zenfolio Discount Promo Code for your photography business. 

Zenfolio Website Templates

Zenfolio Website Theme

Zenfolio offers a wide range of beautiful themes and allows you to have complete control over your website's customization like background, buttons, text, and so on.

Therefore, you can access different stylish themes and build your professional website. Zenfolio webpage editing offers custom pages in different languages such as German, French, and English. 

Themes like Rosevelt, Ezra, or Winston, and many more are specially designed to make your photographs the center of attraction. These templates come in ready to use and only require some customization that makes it well-suited to your brand.

Zenfolio hosts their website themselves. This means you don’t need to worry about searching for a web hosting provider or about how to handle traffic or visitors on your site. 

Zenfolio Ecommerce Features

Zenfolio allows publishing unlimited galleries to those who want to sell their photography work online. These galleries are designed with a modern layout to give a very interesting layout. Anyone can shop these galleries and share them on social media. You can share these galleries with specific users or can protect them with passwords. 

Zenfolio provides a shopping cart to sell your photographs. It also makes an easy payment process as they accept major credit cards or PayPal. You can also use Zenfolio’s partnered photo labs to sell photo gifts such as phone cases or mugs or so on. Protect your photographs with a custom watermark so that no other person can use your stuff without payment. 

 Zenfolio Marketing Tools

This software also offers marketing tools that enhance your reputation among the users. You can create a mailing list so that your website’s visitors get notifications regarding any sale or any discount deals. Offer Zenfolio Coupon Code to maintain goodwill with your customers that bring back to your work. 

For customer interaction or to improve SEO, Zenfolio includes a blog section which also a significant part of content marketing. Tools like Google Analytics, Stat Counter, and Webmaster are incorporated with your website which helps you to analyze trends.

You will have to use SEO tools so that Google will rate your website as high as possible and boost its ranking in the search engines. 

Zenfolio Pricing

Without entering your credit card details you can access the Zenfolio 14-day trial period for free. All of the plans provided by Zenfolio include a personalized website and forum, HD video hosting, unrestricted photo storage, and password access controls. Here are the three Zenfolio subscription plans mentioned have a look at them. 

Zenfolio Discount Code Plans Features

Zenfolio Customer Service

Zenfolio Customer support available  24/7 or 365 days a year. You can simply request your query by submitting it on the Zenforlio Contact Us page. There are some plans available where you can get live customer support or can attend their live YouTube sessions where any Zenfolio’s team member will answer your questions. Your query will be resolve within a few hours. Before, submitting your query please cross-check whether it was already answered at the Zenfolio support center. 

If you are a newcomer to a photography professional then Zenfolio is one of the best options for you. You can start with a minimum subscription plan using Zenfolio Discount Coupon Code to build your website. With the increase in your business growth, you can switch to other Zenfolio plans. 

FAQs: Zenfolio Promo Code And Coupon Code

Is Zenfolio Any Good?

Zenfolio has a bundle of amazing features and tools for both newcomers or professional photographers. No matter whats your skill level, Zenfolio helps to build a photography website to showcase your talent. Above article has discussed how Zenfolio is good among other website builders. 

How I Cancel My Zenfolio Account?

If you want to cancel your Zenfolio Account, send a cancelation email to cancel@zenfolio.com and for photographer services, you must have an active credit card to sign up and to make any further payments.

Which Is Better Zenfolio Or Smugmug?

Zenfolio provides an image file size of about 64MB and 3GB for videos. Whereas, Smugmug offers a larger picture size around MB. 

How Do I Download Pictures From Zenfolio To My iPhone?

Click the image and make it bigger. Then select Download >> get options >> download all the images and then you will get an email link to the zip file.