Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Updated in July 2016

It is privacy statement which will tell you how WebTechCoupons share or use your information. We will make it simple which can be understood by you.

Where do we ask for your information?

Email Address

There are only two places where WebTechCoupons ask to share emails Ids with subscribe newsletter and Contact Us form.

Phone Number

In contact Us form, we also ask the users to share their phone number, which is not mandatory.

How we Use You Information?

We use this information to update you with the newsletter and attractive deals through Email for double Opt-in users only who subscribed our newsletter.

Contact Us page information is used to reply query and to solve a user problem. The mobile phone is used to communicate with the user if needed.

Do we share you Data to anyone?

No, We never share our user’s data to any individual or organisation.

Can we share your data with anyone?

Only legal bodies are liable to share information, that too with a proper legal notice and reason.

WebTechCoupons know how important is individual privacy. If you share any significant detail with Us, We make sure to keep it private and used only for the purpose you opted with Us.

What if WebTechCoupons update the Privacy Policy?

When we update our privacy policy, We will inform all users with our Email subscription, only in case if we changed our information sharing policy. So that user can see changes and if He or She is not comfortable with the same, can opt-out with our Email subscription.