Nolo’s Quicken Willmaker & Trust 2023 Review

Nolo’s Quicken WillMaker is one of the oldest and most popular legal solutions providing software. Quicken WillMaker & Trust is a helpful software if you want to create or customize your online will and forms. 

With WillMaker, you can create wills, living trusts, powers of attorney, and more for everyone in a few minutes. Let’s do the Quicken WillMaker review to check how much is it worth for you?  

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Our Conclusion Of Nolo’s Quicken WillMaker Review

Quicken Willmaker is easy-to-use, estate planning software for Americans. With this, you can create Wills or Forms in a few minutes and customize them anytime. Quicken help to create Wills, Living Trust, Healthcare Directives, Final Arragrement, and many more legal documents.  

It has all the features that the best estate planning software needs and it is the Number 1 estate planning software in America. Million people’s trust, 50 years of experience, security, and bind with the law makes Quicken special from its competitor. 

It is an affordable way to plan your estate, also it helps you to save money from heavy legal and attorney fees. In our Quicken WillMaker Review, we found that it is a great software for personal or business finances. Let’s start the Quicken willmaker & trust coupon code and understand is quicken willmaker a good product form you?

Besides this, you can also checkout its new product called DivorceNet which has simple affordable online DIY divorce services. With this product, you can file a divorce simply and get it accepted by the local court.

Is Quicken WillMaker Legal To Use?

Quicken WillMaker is a product of Nolo that serving legal solutions to the American people for the last 5 decades. Quicken WillMaker is a reliable and legal software that is verified and accepted by all the US states except Louisiana. 

Law is the part of State in the US and the law of Louisiana is driven from Napoleonic Code. So, Louisiana state doesn’t give acceptance to Nolo’s WillMaker Wills/Forms but it is legal to use all over the US. 

Quicken WillMaker 2023 Review Of Features

Quicken features are quite better compared to other estate planning software in the market. And I feel that Nolo’s 50 years of experience help it to create software that is easy to use for anyone. Let’s review the Quicken WillMaker features. 

  • Forms/Wills: You can create as many Wills and forms you want at any time, also you can multiple times customize a Will. 
  • Sleek Interface: Its sleek interface understands all the user needs and provides an easy solution to the customer. 
  • Easy To Use: It is very easy to use the software as if somebody who doesn’t have a law understanding can easily create forms/wills. 
  • Take Less Time: Nolo’s WillMaker cares about all your estate planning needs and its intuitive software eases your work and takes less time. 
  • Update: It will keep you up to date about the law by providing solutions to your everyday problem in a legal way. Also, it provides you with all the new updates in the law, tax, rules, regulation, etc legal stuff.      
  • Runs Without Internet: You don’t need the internet to use Quicken WillMaker, you can use it without the internet. However, the internet is required if you want to download or upload files.

We found these amazing features in our Quicken WillMaker review 2024 research. It almost covers all the basic to advanced features to sort down all the legal requirements for Wills and forms.

However, all its features are its glamorous side, but also like any other it has some downside too. Let’s review what you can’t do with Quicken  Willmaker & Trust

  1. The software doesn’t provide the option of charitable donation in your Will and forms. 
  2. Quicken WillMaker doesn’t support any digital assets transfers.
  3. Again features lack is that you can’t deed transfer for a property on it.

How does Nolo Quicken Willmaker work? Is It Easy To Easy For Beginners

Quicken WillMaker has sleek software that easily detects customer needs and evolves itself to provide high customer satisfaction. First, you enter the software and describe your need or case briefly. 

The software understands your requirement prepares a Will/legal Form as per your conditions. After that, you just have to check the documents are full-filling your need then you’re ready to go. 

If you are not fully satisfied with the documents or want to do some changes, then you can customize or create a new document. 

What Does Nolo’s WillMaker Provide- Product of Nolo

What Quicken WillMaker Cover is an important part as the company claims itself the number 1 estate planning software in America? It must contain all the forms and wills for every estate plan to satisfy every customer.

See what does Quicken WillMaker 2023 offers: 


Quicken WillMaker provides an easy method to create your online will. Will is an important element in estate planning, Will is also named as the heart of the estate plan. As it gives you control of choosing your successor and taking care of your children after you. Also, it allows you to name an executor to carry out wishes and a reliable person for managing the property after your death. 

Health Care Directives

In this, you can mention your wishes for medical care and name a person to carry out your wishes. It also includes the health care power of attorney and a living will. 

Living Trust 

In a living trust, you easily distribute your assets and provide property management after your death. While keeping your family from being tackled in lengthy and expensive ways. 

Durable Power Of Attorney 

A durable power of attorney ensures that your reliable partner or your agent will be there after you to manage practicals, financial tasks, etc. 

Final Arrangements 

In final arrangement documents, you can plan funerals and other ceremonies after death and help to ease down the burden from your family in difficult times. Also, describe your preferences for burial, cremation, memorials, Antyesti, obituaries, and more.

Information To Caregivers

Organize and collect all your information for survivors so you don’t have to do so. With these documents, the customer provides all his credentials information to his/her Caregiver. Provide information about everything like bank accounts, passwords, important documents, and information to caregivers.  

Letter To Survivors 

Use the Letter to Survivors, to give explanations to your loved ones about your decision of giving some special treatment or something else. For example, you might want to express why you give certain benefits or gifts to a particular person. Also, it helps you to tell your life thou

In our Nolo Quicken WillMaker review, we come to know that it is a one-stop solution for your legal documents. As the quicken competitors only offer two or three legal documents, it is a complete suite of legal documents. 

Advantage and Disadvantage Of Quicken WillMaker- Is Quicken WillMaker a good product?

Pros Of Quicken WillMaker 
  • Software is approved & examined by qualified attorneys. 
  • It is an easy-to-use and intuitive software available in the market.
  • Quicken WillMaker Software comes with 50 years of experience with Nolo. 
  • WillMalker provides more unique features that you can’t find on  other software like
  • It covers a large variety of topics in this software. For instance, Wills, legal forms, trust, and more. 
  • It can use several times to create and customize Will and forms. 
  • WillMaker earns the trust of more than a million people. 
Cons Of Quicken Willmaker
  • You need to download the software which is a bit confusing for some customers. You can’t access your plan from Nolo’s Quicken WillMaker Website directly. 
  • The software is all about the law and in plain English which makes it boring for some customers.
  • It is costlier and few people not able to afford it but it is a one-time investment.

How Good Customer Support of Quicken WillMaker Is?

Customer Support is an important key point to assist in such type of law software. Assistance is needed if the customer is new to software or service. Let’s do the Quicken WillMaker review of Customer support.  

Nolo Provides customer support through email support and phone the phone call. The customer support is provided only in working for 9 to 5 which quite short time. However, the company only provides service to the USA which makes it easy to handle customer issues. 

You can connect with Quicken WillMaker team via this and Phone number: (800)728-355. Nolo also provides a specific FAQ section to answer common questions in a short time. One more nice thing about Quicken WillMaker Customer Support is that you can search for the technical team from  Nolo’s Contact Us platform.

What Is The Pricing Structure Of Quicken Willmaker- Which Plan Is Best For You

Quicken WillMaker provides 3 plans and all three plans are one-time purchases. It offers Starter, Plus, and All Access plans, let’s review Quicken WillMaker plans.

Starter Plan 
As the name suggests it is the starter plan which provides you with basic assets and health care legal documents. Its price starts at $149 that includes Wills, Final Arrangements, and Health Care Directives. 
Plus Plan
With this plan, you can make comprehensive estate planning. It is a Plus plan that includes all the features of Starter and also includes Durable Power of attorney, Letters to survivor, and Living trust. It has a pricing of $229 for a lifetime. 
All Access
This is the premium plan quality-wise as it gives you all the access to features that Quicken WillMaker provides. It has all the features of the Plus plan and it provides the benefits of the Everplans. 
With Everplans collaboration, you can organize, secure, and share important documents with trusted people. With digital storage vault features, it has a pricing of $299. 
Quicken Willmaker & Trust Coupon Code 2023
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Frequently Asked Question-Related To Quicken WillMaker Review

Is WillMaker Legal?

WillMaker is online software, so people have some trust issues plus the biggest doubt that it is legal or not. So, let me tell you that Quicken is approved by all the state law authorities of the USA except Louisiana. 

Is Quicken WillMaker State specific?

Legal forms are state-specific in the US and the law related to them are also state-specific. Plus Quicken WillMaker is also state-specific that creates your Will or Form as per your state law. Quicken has a team of experts to update legal documents as per law. 

Is Quicken WillMaker a subscription?

No, Quicken WillMAker is not subscription-based software, it provides its service on a one-time payments option. As Will or legal Forms are long-term concepts, the company decide to offer only a one-time purchase option.

Does Quicken WillMaker include power of attorney?

Yes, Quicken WillMaker includes the power of attorney in its legal documents. However, not only this, but it also includes Wills, Living Trust, HeHealthcare Directives, Final Arrangement, Letter to Survivor or Caregiver. 

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