Sibelius Vs Sibelius Ultimate: Which Version Is Better?

Sibelius is a scorewriter software and it is developed by Sibelius software limited (now it is part of Avid Technology). You can do multi work with it such as creating, editing and printing music scores. Avid has three types of Sibelius software but all have different features. That we will cover in this Sibelius vs Sibelius Ultimate article. We have done the research on Sibelius and Sibelius Ultimate based on user reviews and other sources.

Here we have compared Sibelius ultimate vs Sibelius on features, pricing, and other points. So that you can choose the right Avid Sibelius software and have an amazing experience.

What Are The Features Offered By Sibelius Vs Sibelius Ultimate?

Know the benefits of Sibelius and Sibelius ultimate, based on different points. You will get to know “what is the merger different between Sibelius Ultimate and Sibelius. It will help you a lot while choosing the best music software. 

Unlimited Instruments And Staves

You can add up to 16 basic popular instruments in Sibelius but on the other hand, Sibelius Ultimate offers to add as many instruments as you want. If you don’t need many instruments then Sibelius is good for you. However, AS/A level students and professional composers need extra instruments so they can go with Sibelius Ultimate. 

Edit And Print Instrument Parts

While making pieces, and so on for a chamber group or symphony you really should print off each part – Sibelius Ultimate elements ‘dynamic parts’ which permits you to rapidly change between the full score to each instrument part – basically edit an instrument part and it will refresh the full score as well as the other way around. In Sibelius this is beyond the realm of possibilities as you can edit or print the ‘full score’ and subsequently you can not print off individual instrument parts.

Magnetic Layout

You can quickly edit the score with a magnetic layout, it can compose, and arrange with it.  it automatically moves the marking so that it does not overlap any other markings/notation. ‘Magnetic layout’ is fully customizable so you can fine-tune it to your requirements. If you manual process with Sibelius then it takes extra time. You can save your extra time with Sibelius Ultimate and there are some key differences between Sibelius vs Sibelius Ultimate.

Versions & Annotate Feature

Sibelius does not have version and annotating features. In Sibelius Ultimate you can create versions of scores and easily compare them with the previous versions of your scores. There is an “annotate” feature as well that you can use to create reminders for you and notes for others when collaborating with others.

High-Quality Playback

Sibelius Ultimate has lots of advanced features and there is a vast sound library that can be used to make high-quality scores. So that it feels more realistic and gives good sound quality. It also has an “Espressivo 2.0 playback engine” which you can use in Live tempo, which allows you to conduct the playback using a key on your computer. 

Sibelius has very basic sounds that will not give as good a sound as Sibelius Ultimate. If you require more features then you should go with Sibelius Ultimate.

Advanced Notation & Symbols

Sibelius Ultimate advanced Notation and Symbols feature. Unusual instruments, lines, text and other notations. To give a couple of models; quarter-tone accidentals, note head changes, and extraordinary images. Talking, by and large, it’s elusive something that Sibelius Ultimate can not do, even in the most current syntheses. Sibelius is focused on essential documentation for section-level arrangements for tiny gatherings and solo works

Pricing Comparison Sibelius Vs Sibelius Ultimate

Sibelius and Sibelius Ultimate have two types of plans Monthly and Yearly. It can be used by students/teachers and professional users.

Sibelius Artist

Sibelius Artist has paid plans for its users, it can be used on both mobile and Desktop. There are verius types of plans which you can buy for Individual and Teacher or Student.

PlansPricePaid Time
1 year subscription$99.00Paid Upfront
1 year subscription$9.99/per month 1-year payment
1 month$12.99/per month Per month

Sibelius Ultimate

Sibelius Ultimate has different plans for new users and there are plans for Individual, Students & Teachers, Enterprise & Institutions. So get the right paid plan for you after viewing the price of Sibelius Ultimate.

PlansPrice 50% offPaid Time
1 year subscription$99.00Paid Upfront
1 year subscription$9.99/per month 1-year payment

If you are a student of secondary school, college or university then it is very beneficial for you. Not only students but also teachers can get benefits from Sibelius Ultimate. Students and Teachers can get massive educational discounts on very paid plans.

Professionals also can get a discount on Sibelius ultimate by applying the Sibelius coupon code. If you are not qualified for the academic discount then don’t worry because Avid provides big off for enterprises and institutions as well. If you want to get discount on pro tool then use Avid Pro tools promo code.

Which Is Better Sibelius Or Sibelius Ultimate For Notation Music?

As we have discussed the features of Sibelius vs Sibelius Ultimate so we get to know Sibelius Ultimate has more features. Sibelius is a very cut-down version of Sibelius Ultimate therefore it has some limited features. On the other hand, Sibelius Ultimate also has advanced features and these features are really time-saving. if you are looking to go onto AS/A Level music and/or a music degree then you will need Sibelius Ultimate.

Sibelius VS Sibelius Ultimate, Which Software Supports More Devices?

Both software supports a different number of devices at the same time. Sibelius is allowed to install on one device at a time. If you want to use it on another device then you have to sign out from the first one. 

On the other hand, Sibelius Ultimate can be used on two devices simultaneously. It has a lot of new and advanced features than Sibelius. If you want to use it on a third device then you need to sign out from previous activated devices. Because it can maintain only two simultaneous devices.

Conclusion – Sibelius Ultimate Vs Sibelius

This is the compassion for Sibelius and Sibelius Ultimate, we did compassion based on some major points so that you can choose the better notation software. After analysing different metrics we found that Sibelius Ultimate is better than Sibelius. So if you want to get more advanced features in notation music software then choose Sibelius ultimate. There are lots of extra features in Sibelius Ultimate compare to Sibelius.  

Is It Worth To Buy Sibelius Ultimate?

Yes, Sibelius provides an excellent option for professionals in writing music. There are lot of advanced features that you will get in Sibelius Ultimate therefore it is really worth your money.

How Many Computers Can You Install Sibelius Ultimate On?

You can install Sibelius and Sibelius Ultimate on as many computers as you want. But both software are differently and capable to use simultaneous connections.

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