StrongVPN Review 2024 – Is StrongVPN Safe To Use?

StrongVPN is one of the highly-rated VPN and is known for providing top-security security and streaming features. However, there are still some areas where this VPN lacks. By doing the detailed StrongVPN review 2024 we will compare both positive and negative aspects of this VPN to know whether you should go with it or not.

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StrongVPN comes with a bundle of tools and offers some astounding features to its users. Choosing this VPN can be worth it for you if you want to:

  • Get top-quality security and encryption
  • Unblock country-specific websites
  • Stream some major OTT platforms including Netflix in HD quality
  • Get amazing internet connectivity speed

To know more about this VPN, you can have a look at our detailed StrongVPN review below.

What Is StrongVPN?

Trustpilot Rating: 4.7

StrongVPN is a very nice VPN brand and was initially released in 2004. It is headquartered in the United States of America. This VPN is capable of securing your device traffic along with streaming OTT platforms with the least ping. It is also among those few VPN brands that also offer encrypted cloud storage to its users. To know more about this VPN, we have analyzed various aspects of this further in this Strong VPN reviews.

How Much Does StrongVPN Cost?

The initial StrongVPN price is very low as compared to other VPN brands. It offers monthly and annual plans and the pricing of these plans is $10.99/month and $3.66/month respectively. By using the latest StrongVPN Coupon Code, you can avail amazing discount on this VPN.

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StrongVPN is quite a simple and very decent VPN available in the market. The main perspective to use this VPN is to ...

Now, let’s check, what features does StrongVPN offer in respect of these prices.

StrongVPN Reviews – What Features Does StrongVPN Offer?

There are numerous features that are supplied with the StrongVPN plans. So, to do a StrongVPN review, let’s have a look at the major features out them:

  • Anonymity: StrongVPN boasts to provide anonymity to its users. It uses various protocols for hiding or masking the IP address of its users.
  • Secure Public Wi-Fi: Using public WiFi can prove to be risky for you. Through it, hackers or snoopers can not only know your IP address but can also see your online activities and browsing histories. However, StrongVPN lets you securely connect to the public WiFi and keeps your traffic encrypted.
  • No Data Logging: Stealing and selling of data are one the most common problems with VPNs. However, StrongVPN operators on a No-log policy and promises not to track your activities.
  • Bypass Internet Censorship: StrongVPN is one the best VPN for accessing geo-restricted sites. It allows you to access the sites that are banned in a specific region.
  • Kill Switch: It also offers a kill switch that can prevent your IP address from getting leaked if the connection to the VPN drops. However, this feature is provided only with desktop StrongVPN apk versions.

So, these are the major features offered by StrongVPN. In the later parts of this Strong VPN review, we have analyzed its features one by one.

Strong VPN Review – Analysis Of StrongVPN Features

Here, we have assessed the various features of StrongVPN to know whether this VPN stands up to the expectations or not.

Is StrongVPN Safe?

In terms of security, it is no way behind some of the top VPNs of this industry. It is one of the strongest VPN of this industry and is capable of masking your IP and encrypting your traffic.

It uses the industry’s best AES-256-bit encryption for securing your traffic by converting it to gibberish. Besides, it uses various kinds of protocols:

  • WireGuard: macOS, Windows, iOS, Android
  • IKEv2: macOS, Windows, iOS, Android
  • OpenVPN: macOS, Windows, Android
  • SSTP: Windows
  • IPSec: macOS, iOS
  • L2TP: macOS, Windows

All of these protocols are considered among some of the best VPN protocols. So, all these things show that StrongVPN is capable of protecting your data from your hackers.

Does StrongVPN Keep Your Data Private?

If you are concerned about privacy then always choose a VPN on the basis of several factors like the data logging policy, country in which VPN is headquartered, who manages the servers of that VPN, previous data breach records, etc. For doing StrongVPN Review Reddit, we looked after all these factors.

StrongVPN keeps your data private

As mentioned earlier, StrongVPN operators on a zero-log policy and only collects your name, email, and billing details for creating and managing your account. The best part is that StrongVPN manages all its servers on its own which reduces the risk of logging your data. We also didn’t find any past data breach incidents related to the StrongVPN.

However, the only negative thing that we found is that StrongVPN is based in the USA that is a part of the 5 Eyes surveillance alliance.

How Flexible StrongVPN Is?

In this section of this Strong VPN Reviews, we will look at the range of servers provided by StrongVPN. This is one of the major StrongVPN issues where some improvements need to be made. It has only around 950 servers that are very low as compared to some top-class VPN brands like Surfshark or CyberGhost VPN. Besides this, these servers are also not evenly placed and most of these servers are situated in the American and European countries.

strongvpn server locations

Its servers are placed in 30 countries and the major StrongVPN locations are the USA, UK, India, France, Switzerland, etc.

How Fast StrongVPN Is?

For checking the speed of StrongVPN we tested the speed of the UK and US-based servers on a 100 Mbps connection. In our tests the speed of StrongVPN was good and it performed like some of the fastest VPNs like VyperVPN.

On US-based servers, StrongVPN provided an average speed of 81.46 Mbps whereas its speed on UK-based servers was around 69.93 Mbps. This speed is quite reasonable and can also help you in steam shows without buffering. In our StrongVPN review speed test, we have found that you can use this VPN for streaming easily.

Can I Access Country-Specific Websites With StrongVPN?

Streaming has become one of the most important parts of day-to-day life and many users only use a VPN for entertainment purposes.

strongvpn for streaming

So, first, we analyzed does StrongVPN work with Netflix. In our tests, StrongVPN was able to unblock the various libraries of Netflix including the US, UK, and Japanese libraries. Besides accessing StrongVPN Netflix, it also provided amazing connection speed while streaming Netflix.

Besides, it can also help you to stream many other websites including YouTube, Spotify, SkyGo, Kodi, etc.

Does StrongVPN Allow Split Tunneling?

Split tunneling is one of the unique VPN features that is provided by only a few VPN brands. This feature allows a user to access both private and public connections at the same time.

strongvpn split tunneling feature

StrongVPN supports split tunneling means, by using it, you can simultaneously access both regional and international content. However, this feature is only limited to the Android device only. You are not allowed to enjoy this feature on a device other than having Android OS.

Is StrongVPN Good For Torrenting?

The last aspect of this StrongVPN review is that we are going to check is whether it supports torrenting or not.

Yes, StrongVPN supports torrenting. It is one of those few VPN service providers that let you securely share files between two peers. All of its servers are optimized for torrenting and by using them you can share files without any worry from any device.

StrongVPN Review – Device Compatibility And Simultaneous Connections

You can use StrongVPN on a wide range of devices including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc. Besides, you can also use it on FireTV, routers, and gaming consoles. With the single subscription, you can also use it on a maximum of 12 devices at a time.

StrongVPN Review – User Support Of StrongVPN

Like most of the other VPN brands, StrongVPN offers email support to its users. Its support team usually replies within 1 to 3 hours. For solving minor issues you can take the help of its FAQs or live chat with its 24/7 available bot.

Pros And Cons of StrongVPN

Pros Of StrongVPN:

  • Uses the industry best security
  • Provides safer WiFi connections
  • Provides amazing browsing speed
  • Capable of bypassing the Geo-restricted website
  • Plans are quite affordable
  • Support P2P file sharing

Cons Of StrongVPN:

  • Kill switch supported only for the desktop version
  • It is headquartered in the USA
  • Don’t provide any free version
  • Split tunneling only works on Android devices
  • It has a limited number of servers

Is Strong VPN Free? Can I Use StrongVPN For Free?

No, you cannot use StrongVPN for free. There isn’t any StrongVPN free version or StrongVPN trial version. So, for using the features of this VPN, you have to purchase any of its paid plans. 

Is It Worth Using The StrongVPN?

Through this StrongVPN Review, we tried to tell you about each and every aspect of the StrongVPN. And as we have recommended earlier, this VPN can prove to be useful for you if you want a powerful tool for high-quality streaming. However, if privacy is your concern then you can choose any of its alternatives like NordVPN, Turbo VPN, and CyberGhost VPN.

StrongVPN Review 2024 – FAQ

Here are the top queries regarding Strong VPN that is asked by many users.

How good is StrongVPN?

StrongVPN is one of the most secure VPN and also provides streaming-rich features. For knowing more about it, you can have a look at our detailed StrongVPN Review. We have also compared StrongVPN Vs ExpressVPN.

How do I use StrongVPN with Netflix?

For using StrongVPN with Netflix, you have to just do the StrongVPN download on the desired device. After that open the VPN and connect to the server of the region of which Netflix library you want to stream. Now simply open the Netflix app and enjoy streaming.

Where is StrongVPN based?

StrongVPN is based in the United States of America and was founded in 2004.

Is there any StrongVPN lifetime subscription?

No, StrongVPN offers only two kinds of subscriptions, i.e, monthly and annual subscriptions.

How to do StrongVPN download?

It is very easy to download StrongVPN. You have to just visit the official website and there you will find the StrongVPN download option.

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