Tenorshare 4uKey Review 2024: How Does It Work?

Tenorshare 4uKey is a third-party tool that could fix multiple issues that you are facing on your iPhone or iPad. If you have lost your password and have no access to it then you must consider the 4uKey tool of Tenorshare. So here we have come up with the Tenorshare 4uKey review to know how does it work.

There must be many third-party tools that claimed to fix this issue. But I have personally tested it and was impressed that the tool undoubtedly provides the features that the company mentioned. Thus, in this Tenorshare review 4uKey, you will get to know the authenticity of the software tool and is it worth or not.

About Tenorshare 4uKey Review

About 4uKey

Tenorshare 4uKey is a screen passcode unlocker that effectively removes your iPhone, iPad, and iPod users’ passwords if you forgot them. Using this you will be able to remove 4-6 digit passcode, android passwords, pattern, fingerprint, and much more. 

This tool has developed by Tenorshare and it is widely used by more than ten thousand users. 4uKey has even been listed as the top 5 iPhone password unlocking software. 

It is 100% legal, safe and secure to use with no virus after installing the software tool on your device. So, just download the 4ukey on your device and you will be able to unlock your device in a minute. And know more about it in this 4uKey Tenorshare review below.

What Does 4uKey Password Unlocker Do?

Here are the 4uKey Tenorshare features that we have summarized. Take a look for your better understanding.

  • You can easily use 4uKey to unlock your Android, iPad, iPhone, or even iCloud.
  • Along with the touch ID and face ID, you can remove the 4-digit/6-digit screen password.
  • Without iCloud, you can access the locked/disabled iPhone or iPad.
  • You can remove the Apple ID without the passwords.
  • This software supports every iPhone, iPad, and iPod compatible with the latest iPhone 13 and iOS 15.1.
  • Using this 4uKey software, you can bypass the MDM lock on your device with just one click.

This is how 4uKey works on Android, iOS devices, Windows, and Mac versions. To know about every aspect, continue reading this Tenorshare 4uKey review for all the relevant details. 

Limitations Of 4uKey Tenorshare Password Manager 

Since we’ve already mentioned the positive aspects of 4uKey for iOS let’s take a look at the drawbacks of 4uKey:

  • While using this software, my iPhone automatically upgraded to iOS 15 and erased all my data.
  • As this is a paid tool the trial version didn’t allow me to use every feature until I purchased it.
  • 4uKey doesn’t support my iCloud lock as its lock is prone to any reset process of Tenorshare.

These are the drawbacks we have summed up in our review of Tenorshare 4uKey.

What To Do If 4uKey Tenorshare Not Working After Installation?

To fix this issue there are various tools but Tenorshare 4uKey is the best suitable software available. This tool has been used by several individuals globally so you can trust 4uKey to remove the locks from Android. The solution to this problem is noted down:

  • Check for the update.
  • Uninstall & Reinstall the software.
  • Contact the support to help.

Here we have elaborated the solutions in our Tenorshare 4uKey review guide. 

Firstly check whether you are using the updated version of the software or not. If any version is available upgrade it and relaunch to see the difference. Even after upgrading, it’s not fixed you need to uninstall and reinstall the 4uKey software. 

After following both steps if the tool is still not working then you need to contact support. The support team will guide you and provide you with the best possible way to find the solution. This is how you can resolve the issue if 4uKey Tenorshare not working properly. 

How Much Does 4uKey Cost?

The basic monthly plan for Tenorshare 4uKey starts from $35.95 per month. Besides this, there are two more plans available which are:

  • 4uKey 1-Year License: $39.95 [1PC, 5 Devices]
  • 4uKey Lifetime License: $49.95 [Free Lifetime Upgrades]

Prices are a very important factor in the 4uKey review. Although these prices are not so high as compared to other 4uKey alternatives. But still, the company provides Tenorshare 4uKey coupon code to grab a maximum discount on this tool.

Besides this, the company also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee after Tenorshare 4uKey cancel subscription. In case you are not satisfied with the product and its features then apply for its money refund policy.

Can I Use Tenorshare 4uKey Android Unlocker?

Yes, you can use Tenorshare 4uKey on Android online. It supports more than 60,000+ android phones including Google, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, HTC, and many more. 

Although 4uKey doesn’t support Oppo, Sony, and OnePlus currently. They conveyed that research is on and will develop in the future. That we will mention in this Tennorshare 4uKey review.

Does 4uKey Tenorshare Erase All Data?

It depends upon the situation if you are removing the screen time passcode Tenorshare 4uKey won’t erase anything. However, if you are removing the Apple Id it will factory reset and erase every data from your device. So, it is much better to back up all your data and files before the process.

How Does Tenorshare 4uKey Work?

Here we have written the footsteps of how 4uKey Tenorshare works, follow the steps below to apply on your device:

  • Install 4uKey password unlocker on your PC or Mac.
  • Join the iPhone on your computer or any other device.
  • The software will detect it & click on the next button.
  • Download the firmware package.
  • Click on ‘Start to remove’ to start removing the iPhone/iCloud password.
  • Reset the passcode and set a new password.

By following these easiest steps Tenorshare 4uKey iCloud Unlocks all the passwords on iPad, iPhone, iPod, and iCloud. To fix disabled iPad, iPhones, and iPods without iCloud 4uKey is the best software currently on the market.

Final Words: Tenorshare 4uKey Review

We highly recommend you download the 4uKey tool and unlock all its features. The Tenorshare 4uKey is a great tool to remove the password from multiple devices. If you didn’t have any access to your devices 4uKey can do it in a few simple steps. The user interface is quite fast and powerful. The best part about 4uKey is its decent price which makes it a great value for money. 

Hope after reading this review of 4uKey Tenorshare you have got a deep understanding of this iPhone password unlocker software.

Can Tenorshare 4uKey Be Trusted?

Yes, 4uKey is absolutely safe and secure with 4.24 rating stars from 999 customers. In addition to that, it has been ranked 1st among other sites.

Can I Use Tenorshare 4uKey For Free?

Yes, the 4uKey trial version is free to use. But it has very limited features that we have covered in this 4uKey Tenorshare review.

Can 4uKey Unlock Disabled iPhone?

No, 4uKey cannot unlock disabled iPhones, or iPad without a passcode. Because if they did you will lose your data but if you have a backup file then you can restore your files.

Does Tenorshare 4uKey Provide Free Trial For Android?

Yes, Tenorshare 4uKey for android free trial is available for you to use. Though the free version doesn’t have many options, to unlock all the features you have to upgrade it to the full version.

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