Top 10 Best Cloud Server Providers 2024 for Host Your Website

If you are looking for a perfect cloud hosting provider then, you have come to the right place. This hosting can be an ideal option for you and, Cloud hosting is the best for most websites. So if you are interested in learning about cloud hosting providers then let’s start. We will explain the Top 10 Best Cloud Server Providers and about their features and prices. We hope after reading this article you will be able to decide you’re the perfect cloud hosting companies. You can enjoy many features in cloud hosting such as data protection and recovery, scalability, and no upfront capital cost. According to many sites cloud hosting is the best for fast-growing websites. Because of its flexible pricing and good uptime offer it is so attractive for users. Cloud hosting offers fully managed solutions and a highly available environment with constant monitoring of all websites.

List of the Top 10 Best Cloud Server Providers

  • We listed some of the small, mid-range, and enterprise cloud service providers
  • Easy to analyze the performance, features, and support of the companies
  • We compare packages of pricing and value for money

1. Hostinger: Hostinger cloud hosting offers many features and the main thing which attracts most of the peoples is a free domain name. With its hosting, you can experience 3x faster-loading speed and lightning speed website performance for your users. You will get daily backup by default so don’t worry about any type of data loss. All plans provide you a dedicated IP and isolated resources. If you pay for one year plus membership you can get a free lifetime SSL certificate. Last but important, it is so affordable for everyone who is not able or not in a condition to buy VPS hosting.

Features of Hostinger Cloud Hosting Plans:

  • Unlimited Websites: You will get unlimited websites in all plans of its cloud hosting.
  • Free Domain and SSL: A free SSL and domain name is available in all plans.
  • Speed Boost: you can get 1x, 2x, 3x speed boost according to your plan.
  • Plan Options: you can choose between three types of plans Cloud startup, professional, and Global.
  • SSD storage: you can get up to 200 GB SSD storage according to your plan.
  • Bandwidth: All plans offer unlimited bandwidth.
  • CPU core: Hostinger offers up to 2, 4, and 8 CPU cores in different plans.
  • 9% Uptime guarantee: Provides a guarantee of 99.99% uptime to every user.

2.Hostgator: This companies cloud hosting is an upgraded version of its shared hosting. According to the Hostgator officials, it is faster and scalable than their regular hosting plan. With the loading speed of 399ms, your users can experience the fastest websites and data. The company’s friendly customer support and free website migration make it more attractive for many users. But just be aware of the plan renewal pop-up and its extra fees. You will enjoy the extra feature which many providers don’t offer. The company also gives exclusive discount offers for new users that make the pricing so down and interesting. Also, you can save maximum with Black Friday cloud hosting deals.

Features of HostGator Cloud Hosting Plans:

  • Free SEO Tools: HostGator includes free SEO tools that are free of cost to increase your online visibility.
  • Free Domain and SSL: The Company offers a free SSL certificate and domain name to its customers.
  • Memory: it provides 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB memory to customers according to their plan choice.
  • Data mirroring: HostGator cloud hosting automatically generate three copies of your data to ensure safety.
  • Integrated caching: your page will get a high reloading speed due to optimal caching configuration.
  • Domain Quantity: for some extra domains you can upgrade your plan and can get unlimited domains.
  • Variety of plans: You will have a choice of three plans hatching cloud, baby cloud, and business cloud.

3. A2 Hosting: A2 Hosting provides a cloud server with features like minimized downtime, reasonable pricing, customization options, and minimized downtimes. It can easily handle heavy loads on the fly and can add more clusters. It is a reliable alternative with additional features for your website hosting. You will experience a high loading speed of 305ms and a guarantee of 99.9% uptime. You will never feel discomfort with its friendly and helpful customer support. Providing 24/7 server monitoring and malware scanning for a more safe environment. 

Features of A2Hosting Cloud Hosting Plans:

  • RAM: A2 hosting offers up to 1 GB RAM for its users, depends on which plan you have.
  • SSD Storage: you will have three options for SSD storage that is 20GB, 30GB, and 50GB.
  • Root Access: All of the plans come with root access availability in them.
  • CPU Core: A2 Hosting includes up to 4 cores in its cloud hosting plans and you can get them according to your needs.
  • Software customization: You will have the freedom of adding custom applications.
  • 24/7 support: Every question and problem can be solved with its support team, which works 24/7 for customers.

4. SiteGround: This Company provides four types of cloud hosting plans for its users with some exciting features. Plans divided into Entry, Business, Business Plus, and Superpower. You will get guaranteed resources and fully managed services like easy scaling and easy management of sub-accounts. The resources make sure that you get efficiency and speed for your site.

Features of SiteGround Cloud Hosting Plans:

  • Data transfer: you will get 5TB data transfer in all of the four plans.
  • SSD Space: You can take up to 120 GB SSD space according to your convenience.
  • Support team: You can ask about any problem at any time with its 24/7 support special support team.
  • CPU Cores: The Company offers up to 9 CPU cores, according to the plans.
  • Memory Space: You will have the option of 6 GB to 12 GB memory space.
  • Daily Backup: With the help of daily backups you don’t need to worry about your data.

5. Bluehost: Blue provides several great products for its customers. The company offers a domain registration coupon for the first year of the package. You can scale up your RAM and CPU at any without a reboot. This gives you the right resources at the right time when you need them. With Bluehost cloud hosting you don’t have to worry about security patches and port access.

Features of Bluehost Cloud Hosting Plans:

  • Storage space: you will get 100 GB and unmetered storage space according to your needs.
  • RAM Availability: you can choose up to 6 GB RAM among all plans.
  • Email Accounts: company offers 100 or unmetered accounts in its three plans.
  • Spam Experts: you can choose between one or two spam experts in the last two plans.
  • Free SSL: you will get a free SSL certificate with all of the plans.

6. DreamHost: The Company offers three types of plans in its cloud hosting. 512 MB RAM servers, 2 GB RAM servers, and 8 GB RAM servers. You will get full control and full access options and can use devolved tools you loved. You will experience a good speed of servers and lots more. Use this web hosting for your personal website with lots of amazing features.

Features of DreamHost Cloud Hosting Plans:

  • vCPU: you will have a choice to choose between 1v and 4v CPU.
  • Free Bandwidth: The Company offers free bandwidth with all plans of cloud hosting.
  • Block Storage: All the plans include 100 GB of block storage in them.
  • SSD Storage: you will get 80 GB of SSD storage in all plans.
  • Suitability: All plans have different places for them such as ideal for tinkering, websites, and database.

7. Liquid Web: This Company offers three plans for its cloud hosting server. Such as standard professional and premium. It is fast to launch sites and provides a fully encrypted environment for work. You can enjoy the 10G network of the company and it is easy to add resources and nodes with it.

Features of Liquid Web Cloud Hosting Plans:

  • SSD Storage: you can choose up to 1440 GB of space for your website according to your needs.
  • Data Storage: You will have 10TB for data transfer per VM.
  • Load Balancer: All of its servers have a load balancer for users to provide a great balance.
  • NFS Replication: Every plan includes an NFS replication system in this.
  • Acronic Cyber Backup: With the help of Acronic cyber backup your every single file is safe with us.

8. Inmotion Hosting: Inmotion hosting company offers reliable uptime to its customers. Only by one click, you can manage your complete server. You can do infinite configuration when you use root access. The company offers hardware with high performance and low-latency servers.

Features of Inmotion Hosting Cloud Hosting Plans:

  • Bandwidth: you can choose up to 82TB bandwidth for your website.
  • Free Backups: You will get free backup with every plan you will buy.
  • Root Access: with the help of the root access feature you can customize and configure your site infinite times.
  • Free Domains: For all 6-12 Months plan you will get a Free Domain name with it

9. Servermania Hosting: Servermania provides a complete redundancy to its all users. This company offers hosting which is flexible and scalable. You can instantly scale up your resources whenever you need it. The control panel is so easy to use for every cloud hosting user.

Features of Servermania Hosting Cloud Hosting Plans: 

  • RAM: You can choose up to 128 GB RAM for your work and according to your plan.
  • CPU Cores: You also can take up to 24 CPU cores by paying some extra money.
  • Storage: you can upgrade your storage up to 3TB space.
  • Bandwidth: You can take up to 20 TB bandwidth according to your plan.

10. Turnkey internet Hosting: This hosting company provides a 100% uptime guarantee and 30-days money-back guarantee to users. You will get an automated reboot and a password manager for your safety and protection. Users can enjoy 50+ operating systems and more.

Features of Turnkey Internet Hosting Cloud Hosting Plans:

  • CPU cores: you can choose up to 10 CPU cores according to your needs.
  • RAM: Company offers 4, 6, and 10 GB RAM in its three servers.
  • Linux or window server: Every plan of the company has Linux or Windows servers.
  • SSD storage: You can get 40-100 GB SSD storage for your website in a higher plan.
  • Firewall setup: You will have a separate firewall for your website in every plan. 

Which Top 10 Best Cloud Server Providers are worthy of your money?

You can choose any cloud hosting provider from the above and any plan according to your needs. Choosing a perfect provider and plan is all about your budget and the price of the plan. Here is the price of plans from lowest to highest for all the above-mentioned providers.

ProvidersCheapest Plan Expensive plan
A2 Hosting$5$371
Liquid Web Hosting$59$189
Inmotion Hosting$34.99$119.99
Servermania Hosting$5$650
Turnkey Internet Hosting$4$99


Q.1 why cloud hosting is the best?

Ans. Because it provides maximum uptime guarantee and features to customers. You can increase your resources according to your needs.

Q.2 is there any free Cloud server provider?

Ans. Yes, you have many options for your free cloud hosting such as Gear host, Heroku, and Microsoft Azure.

Q.3 is cloud hosting is better than shared hosting?

Ans. Instead of one server, your website is hosted on clouds and so it is more dynamic than shared hosting. Cloud hosting performs better than shared hosting and it also performs better.

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